Updated December 1, 2016 – The Collapse of Obamacare Was Planned

I have heard people say that the collapse of Obamacare was pre-planned ever since its inception and implementation. However it was only in recent months that I became convinced that this is absolutely true! It is common knowledge that a long time dream of the liberal Left is to replace ALL healthcare in America with a single payer, Government run VA style healthcare program. When a “single payer healthcare system” is established there will NOT be any private healthcare providers or institutions left operating in America. That means that everybody in America will be forced into that single payer plan, including people currently enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, private insurance, and people who are currently uninsured.

However the Liberals knew that the increase in healthcare premiums and deductibles, for everybody every year since Obamacare was implemented, would not be enough to force everyone into a single payer healthcare system. So at the same time that Obamacare was implemented they implemented the second part of their carefully planned effort to take over healthcare in America. The second part of their plan is to increasingly deny healthcare to patients and increasingly reduce reimbursement to health care providers for services rendered (which will eventually force them out of business).

My conclusion that there is a twofold plan being executed to take over healthcare in America is based on my personal healthcare experiences in recent years, especially this year, plus conversations with friends and health care providers about their healthcare experiences since Obamacare was implemented, and now recent reports that Obamacare premiums will increase as much as 116% in some states January 1. Here are a few examples:

  • I was forced into Medicare when I turned 65 by my private healthcare coverage provider.
  • My Medicare premium, which is deducted from my Social Security check is being “means tested” What that means is that I am charged more than the basic monthly premium each month based on my and my wife’s annual income and it is going up another $40 each month on January 1 (our income has not increased?).
  • I chose to also pay for a second healthcare provider in addition to Medicare to assure I had full coverage. This second coverage provider has changed every year since I signed up for Medicare except this year. I am currently Medicare/United Health Care (UHC) with UHC being the secondary coverage and administrator for my coverage for both plans.
  • My wife’s health care provider has changed every year since Obamacare was implemented except one. She will be forced into Medicare with UHC as a secondary carrier when she turns 65 this month. She got a letter from Medicare yesterday informing her that both of our Medicare premiums will go up $12 a month this month because we file a joint tax return?
  • My wife and I lost our individual, $1,000, preventive care budget on January1 the year after Obamacare was implemented and our deductibles increased (we were not on Obamacare).
  • In September one of my healthcare providers tried to get approval for a critical back procedure for me over the phone. My insurance providers refused to approve it over the phone so I had to wait two weeks, in pain, for the procedure.
  • My health care coverage providers required me to have an extensive evaluation before they would approve any more treatments for my accelerating back problems. I say again, it was a required evaluation. Last week I got a letter from UHC informing me that they were declining to pay for the required extensive evaluation and I was responsible for the total cost of $912.
  • I was scheduled for a new MRI to evaluate my treatment options for my increasing levels of back and hip pain. My health care provider approved the procedure and it was scheduled. Two days after the MRI I got a letter from UHC informing me that the procedure was approved however “ This approval did not guarantee that the plan will pay for the service(s).”
  • Out of my total medical expenses this year (YTD June end) that were billed by my medical care providers (which have been considerable), my combined healthcare coverage paid a total reimbursement of 08% and I had to pay 01% including my up-front deductibles. Some charges were reimbursed at a slightly higher percent, others at a lower percent and some were reimbursed at “.00” %! Note, I just received my September YTD medical care summary and the total reimbursement for medical services billed dropped to .06% with my combined healthcare coverage providers only paying .05% with me being responsible for the other .01% including my upfront deductibles. There were more treatments and procedures reimbursed at .00% in the 3rd quarter than there was in the first six months of the year! Update, just got a notice that one of my healthcare providers filed an appeal and received additional reimbursement for some of my medical care but the total reimbursement is still significantly below what was billed. And as a condition of accepting health care coverage reimbursements the healthcare providers cannot require the patient to pay more than their plan’s deductibles, or other charges their healthcare provider dictates (like the $912 example noted above). They are also requiring so much “red tape” that many healthcare providers cannot comply. Even if you consider some healthcare providers may be overbilling for certain services, no healthcare provider can stay in business with this level of reimbursement.  Especially when you consider the patients who cannot pay their upfront deductibles (I have witnessed this repeatedly while sitting in waiting rooms).
    • > My primary care Doctor sold his practice to the local hospital chain and left the profession.
    • > My eye Doctor stopped treating patients with any combination of Medicare insurance coverage so I have to pay him cash for my annual checkups.

As noted above I am now absolutely certain that the liberal Left is executing their carefully calculated plan to destroy America’s Healthcare system and replace it with their “dream single payer healthcare system”! It is also undeniable that a single payer healthcare system is the centerpiece for Socialism!

Note, the liberal Left referred to here is the Obama Administration since day 1 of his presidency and the Democrats in Congress since January 20, 2006 (when they had a veto proof majority during the last two years of President (43) Bush’s administration.

This election is our last chance to save our Republic!  I am repeating what I said last week. If you voted for Obama and still support Hillary, please look at history! No form of Communism/Socialism (no matter what it was called) has been successful since mankind began recording our history!


As noted above I have been “means tested” since I was forced into the Medicare program when I turned 65 in 2012. My Medicare premium has increased several times over the years even though my income has not increased? According to the Social Security Administration (SSA) the $40 increase noted above on January 1, 2017 is the result of the IRS notifying the SSA that I had TAX FREE income from tax free municipal bonds (I originally invested in them while I was still working years ago). My wife was forced into Medicare when she turned 65 this month (November).

In addition to the two recent SSA letters noted above regarding increases in our Medicare premiums since my wife was forced into the program, on November 25 we both got identical 4 page (printed on both sides) letters from the SSA explaining our Medicare monthly premium status and how it is calculated. The calculation process is referred to as “IRMAA” (income-related monthly adjustment amount).

According to these letters, based on our current joint IRMAA calculations both of our premiums will increase an additional $112.70 on January 1, 2017!

On January 1, 2017 we will be paying more for Medicare than we were paying for a family healthcare plan, that we were very satisfied with prior to me being forced into Medicare in 2012. That coverage was available to us through my wife’s employer provided group coverage plan (she was and still is working). Unfortunately the plan requires people on the plan to sign up for Medicare as their primary coverage when they turn 65.

For those of you who are still “in mourning” over the election, do you really want our healthcare system to continue down this path of destruction!


On November 21 I had an appointment at the spine center for a reevaluation of my options for treatment for my back problems. I had to pay a $95 co-pay since I was seeing a specialist. Based on my latest MRI and recommendation by my orthopedic surgeons (I have permanent, inoperable back problems that are accelerating), I was scheduled for a pain block injection procedure this morning, December 1. Tuesday afternoon the center called to confirm my appointment and that I was fully aware of the pre-procedure prep requirements, “nothing by mouth after midnight, etc”. Yesterday at 3:45 the center called again and informed me that my insurance, UHC/Medicare had informed then that the procedure was not approved and that I needed to come in this morning for another evaluation and  to provide more personal information! The additional information that was needed was information I have provided literally dozens of times already this year to all my medical care providers, including the Spine center every time I have been there this year, including during my appointment on November 21 (so it was already in my current and past records).

I paid another co-pay, answered the same questions again, watched the Doctor’s assistant verify that the information was already in my files (with a somewhat perplexed look on her face) and  was rescheduled for another procedure on December 19th.  So I will spend the next 18 days with Tens unit pads on my hips and lower back for 12 hours a day!

I am beginning to think I am being personally targeted……


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