The “Stench” Coming out of the Department of Injustice is Unbearable


Over the years I have noticed that the DOJ did not always function as the “Department of Justice”. I have written about this in several previous articles. However, in recent months it has become obvious that the DOJ is a totally racial, political, and ideology driven organization and that it is assuring every other Federal agency follows suit (including the formerly highly respected FBI).

I first noticed open racial politics and corruption in the DOJ in early 2009 when one of Eric Holder’s first official acts as AG was to throw out the blatant voter intimidation convictions of the Philadelphia Black Panthers, which happened during the 2008 Presidential Election. This action alone generated a noticeable increase in voter intimidation complaints during the 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections, with no follow up action by the DOJ.

As I paid more attention to what was happening at the DOJ during Obama’s first term it became clear that everything the DOJ did was racially and politically motivated. In October of 2011 a former career DOJ Attorney, J. Christian Adams released his book, “Injustice”. It details how immediately and openly corrupt the DOJ became when Obama was elected.

Here is part of what I wrote about the DOJ in a recent article about voter fraud and intimidation. Under Eric Holder the Department of Injustice ”policy” regarding voter fraud and voter intimidation became, “there is no such thing as voter intimidation or voter fraud if it is against white people”. As noted above, J Christian Adams documents this in his book. Here is one quote from the book, “Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of many DOJ attorneys, DOJ officials have repeatedly chosen not to enforce the law faithfully – and often deliberately take the side of the wrongdoers –in corrupt displays of racial and political favoritism”.

I recently discovered another fascinating book about the corruption of the DOJ. It was published in 2014. It is, “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice” by Sidney Powell. She is a Constitutional, career defense attorney who has successfully argued a number of cases before the Supreme Court. This is a long, detailed and even more upsetting book than the book “Injustice “. As I read it I realized that it confirmed in infinite detail what I had already noticed and written about extensively, which was how quickly the DOJ had become so corrupt and how widespread the corruption is. The only way this was possible was because President Johnson planted the seeds for that to happen but Bill Clinton actually created the “Department of Injustice” during his two terms as President.

In addition to making sure the DOJ was staffed with as many partisan attorneys as he could during his two terms in office, President Clinton also authorized a big hiring push late in his second term. Most of these people managed to stay with the DOJ during President Bush’s two terms because it is practically impossible to fire a U.S. Government employee. Additionally the Bush Administration had to deal with 9/11 happening only 7 months and 21 days after he was sworn in as President. Plus the long term effects of that tragedy as well as the long term effects on the U.S. economy of the “housing bubble bust”.

There is ample data to confirm that “911” and the “housing bubble bust” were in fact the results of Bill Clinton’s policies and actions during his two terms in office. One was how he used the DOJ to force banks to take subprime loans and then signed an executive order in 1995 allowing the banks to package these subprime loans and then sell them as securities. The housing bubble would not have happened without the DOJ being involved.

In her book Sidney Powell writes in detail about how it is not just the DOJ now. The DOJ corruption has actually spread down into every level of our judicial system. Toward the end of the book she writes about how frustrating it had become for her to continue to practice law! It is easy to see how that would be the case with an honest and ethical lawyer when you have U.S. Government attorneys doing things like lying under oath, withholding evidence, fabricating evidence, conspiring with judges to influence cases and getting away with it while refusing to prosecute blatant Federal crimes like the IRS illegal targeting of conservative groups, “Fast and Furious” and NOW “Emailgate”

When you look at every department in the Obama Administration and both houses of Congress, it is obvious that it is not just our legal system that has become so corrupt that it is dysfunctional. None of this could have happened without a totally corrupt DOJ!  It is also obvious that the Clintons have played a major role in bringing us to where we are in America, while enriching themselves and their friends at the expense of people who could least afford it (like the starving and dying people in Haiti).

Trump is certainly not perfect but the alternative is absolutely unacceptable!



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