The left Stream Media Bias, Complicity, and Corruption

It has been obvious for many years that most of the media is liberal and left leaning. However it was not until Obama’s first campaign for President that much of the media stopped even pretending that it was actually trying to be unbiased in its “reporting”. This past weekend I saw the most blatant example of media bias I have ever seen. The mass media was so obsessed with the eleven year old Trump tape that I had to turn off my TV and leave it off most of the time from Friday night until Sunday night. It was so bad that even Fox was hard to watch since most of their programming features a split screen with people from the Left and Right “debating”. Over the weekend most of what I heard when I did watch Fox was the people on the Left loudly expressing their fake outrage over the Trump tape.

There were two different things that clearly made the media’s obsession with this ONE tape be undeniable proof that they are seriously biased to the point of being unethical if not criminal. First, obviously the tape is distasteful but what about when you compare it to everything the Clintons have done over the last 40 years! And second it is even more astonishing that while the mass media was frantic in its obsession with the Trump tape, WikiLeaks was steadily releasing hacked emails with some of the most damning information released to date about Hillary, Hillary’s Campaign staff, the Obama Administration, and the Democratic National Committee Regarding the Clinton’s history, I have written a number of detailed articles about their lies, scandals, corruption, and now treason and posted them here on my website.

It was not just the broadcast media that was obsessing about the Trump tape. My internet home page is Yahoo. I use it because the news articles featured on it are from a broad mix of publications which allows me a quick look at what is being, or has been published about current events from a variety of print media sources. Every time I went on line during the time frame noted above the main article that popped up was about Trump and the tape, and several of the articles featured below the main article were also about Trump and the tape. The WikiLeaks releases were being totally ignored here too.

Beginning on Monday some media outlets began to report on the information in the WikiLeaks documents while some continue to ignore them. I strongly suspect that if it was not for FOX, twitter, Facebook and a few public forums like iPatriot we still would know very little about the damning information in the continuing WikiLeaks documents release.

When you add the information in the current WikiLeaks documents about the Clinton’s, the Obama Administration, and their staff and supporters’ corruption to the information in previous documents released by WikiLeaks, Gufficer 2.0, and another anonymous hacker group in Washington, it is undeniable that the “Left Stream Media” has been complicit in the corruption.

Regarding the words “complicit” and “corruption”, I choose to use them here because, by definition that is exactly what has been, and is happening.

Some of the Information in the documents in the current WikiLeaks releases detail:

> How the Clinton campaign, The Democratic National Committee, the Obama Administration, and staff and their supporters (including some in the media) conspired against Bernie Sanders to assure that Hillary was the “anointed one”.

> That Hillary had at least some of the debate questions in advance. Members of the media and journalist (I use the term loosely here) were regularly sharing other confidential information with the Clinton campaign and accepting proposed articles and news report from the Clinton campaign to use as their own! And no one has been fired or even suspended!

> The Obama administration, including Hillary’s State Department was illegally arming rebel groups in Libya working through two allies, Saudi Arabia and Qartar, with the arms winding up being used against us and even going to ISIS and other established terrorist groups (details about this are in an email from Hillary) .This confirms why that CIA safe house was in Benghazi and staffed with ex-Special Forces “contractors”. They were sent there to try and regain control of the arms.

> The Clinton campaign staff constantly strategized about how to make Emailgate disappear. When it became obvious that it was not going to disappear, even with help from the “Left Stream Media” who ignored it or minimized it, they turned to the Department of Injustice to bury it.

> The Clinton campaign staff constantly strategized about how to make Hillary look like a warm and likable people person and to hide her obsession with secrecy and her dislike and disdain for people in general.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg of information contained in the continuing WikiLeaks document release, and the previous releases noted above, yet it continues to be ignored and/or minimized by the Clinton campaign with help from the “Left Stream Media”. The typical Clinton response to any of it is to deny, deflect, ignore and then lie and lie some more, which works only because they have the support of a compliant and complicit “Left Stream Media”.

Whether or not you like or support Trump, he is our last chance to save our Republic on November 8!