Ideology and Extremism in American Politics Today

Thanks to mass media and the 24 hour news cycle we can now be virtually consumed by “information”. So much that many people simply turn it off or selectively filter it. If you step back and consider all this “information” from a somewhat analytical point of view, you will see that it will appear to be one of the following categories:

1. Actual news

2. What is in the best interest of the people of America

3. Ideological.

In recent years it has become increasingly obvious to me that too often the “information” does not fit into the category in which it was presented. More often than not it will actually be what is in the best interest of the presenter. It has also become obvious to me that many of the “ideologues” in America have morphed into “extremist”, causing tremendous anger and turmoil in America.

If you look at American history you will see that our political system has never been as heavily influenced by ideology as it is today and certainly not by extreme ideology! However this is something that has happened throughout history on a regular basis in other parts of the world. Some of the common names used were Collectives, Cooperatives, Socialism, Democratic Socialism, and Communism. In reality it makes very little difference what you call it. The core ideology is the same under each, NO private ownership of property is allowed. The only exception to this core ideology was when some Cooperatives allowed very limited and highly regulated group ownership of some property.

When I was in high school some teachers lectured that history has proven Communism always moves toward Capitalism and that Capitalism always moves toward Communism. It was an even more popular theory with some of my college professors. And now research for this writing has confirmed that history has proven this to be factual. History also shows that every time a society moved from one form of Government to another the process varied dramatically as to how long it took and how violent it was. The motivations for the people leading the change also varied but they were always extreme ideologues and produced the same results over time.

In recent months it has become clear to me that America is on the verge of being pushed into the final stages of the Capitalism to Communism category. Some of the “politically elite” in America, with the support of media, have been working  a long time to accomplish this and they are prepared to use the elections in November to take us there. Unfortunately it looks like the odds are in their favor, especially if people do not stop and really look at what is happening and what they can do about it!

The current two party political system in America and the Constitutionally mandated Electoral College process for ultimately electing the President and Vice President are certainly not perfect, BUT LOOK AT THE ALTERNATIVE!


“Heaven on Earth, The rise and Fall of Socialism” by Joshua Muravchik

From the internet:

Ideology – a collection of doctrines of beliefs shared by members of a group or visionary theorizing

Extreme –very great in degree

Extremism –advocacy of extreme measures or views

The difference between Socialism and Communism from a lifelong, blue collar Democrat:

He said, “I really wanted to vote Democrat in this election but I cannot vote for Hillary under any circumstance and I certainly cannot vote for a Socialist. I have been trying to explain to people that the only difference between Socialism and Communism is the spelling”. Pretty simple but based on my research it seems just about right.






6 thoughts on “Ideology and Extremism in American Politics Today”

  1. So, if historically capitalism always moves toward communism, and communism toward capitalism, then the Change for the U.S. is inevitable…right?

    Now the world is MUCH different than it has been throughout much of history. With the tremendous advancements in travel and technology in the last 100 or so years, the world is much more connected and interdependent. I wonder how this cycle phenomenon plays out on the world stage.

    Berine is a good litmus test for the the U.S.’s acceptance of full blown socialism. He’s sure crushing it with the millinials…

    1. Lets hope that you are correct about the world changing so much that history will prove to be wrong. Unfortunately current events do not look good for us avoiding communism. You are correct about Sanders. Unfortunately this is an indication of how shallow too many people are when they make big decisions and that our education system is not educating our young people, at least regarding history and economics. If our young people were knowledgeable about history and economics they would not be so eager to support a 74 year old lifelong socialist.

      1. Oh, I didn’t mean that the world has changed and you’re wrong. I meant that because the world is much more connected now than it has been throughout much of history, it’s going to be interesting to see how the cycle phenomenon begins to happen on the world stage rather than on a national stage.

        Yeah, I think it’s too late for the US-we’re going to be communist to one degree or another-it’s only a matter of time-just look at the demographic that Bernie is scooping…the millinials…our next generation…and they love all of the socialist government programs that he’s pushing…it’s just a matter of time.

        1. To paraphrase Jefferson; If you want government to provide everything, then you should expect government to take everything.

      2. Simple Man makes a great point about the perspective of our young. Every family has a story that in some way connects to the struggles and triumphs, the heartbreaks and joys of the past. There has always been a “weight” to carry….what we carry “together” is more profound, more connecting, more valuable to the soul.

        Try Jamey Johnson “In color”.

  2. As long as WE remain whole….the general US population will remain politically in or near the CENTER…in attempt to balance the extremes we experience politically on the Right and Left. We have clear regional, cultural, and personal belief differences….My response is….SO WHAT! Yes, pundits can and will overload the truth….but the fact remains….we are not a weak, non-connected society. We have a history of SOLUTION, otherwise polio would still be a great risk to our young, or the yellow starch pad would still be a main business tool, and the average family sedan would weigh more than 6,000 lb. and get 12 miles per gallon.

    We ALL want a future and hold the belief that more than just survival is possible in some way….and the only thing about “some way” it is unworkable in the EXTREMES…it only works in the CENTER where the compromises of life are made.

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