Trump Derangement Syndrome has Morphed into Mass Hysteria!

Merriam Webster definition of hysteria: behavior exhibiting unmanageable fear or emotional excess

Recently it appears that some of the corrupt, criminal in many instances, activities that happened regularly during the Obama Administration, especially at the top levels of the DOJ and FBI are being exposed! Some of the activities that have been made public will result in criminal charges being filed against some Obama Administration officials. As a result the “Trump Haters” are becoming increasingly hysterical. Here are some examples of what has been made public recently:

  • Peter Strozk, a top FBI official who worked on the emailgate investigation team and on the Mueller team, was removed from the Mueller team, demoted and assigned to work at a desk in the FBI’s HR department. This was a result of information uncovered by an IG investigation into his obvious bias for Hillary’s presidential campaign and against the Trump presidential campaign. On Friday, June 15 he was “perp walked” out of FBI headquarters after his gun, cell phone, and FBI credentials were confiscated. Apparently he is still on the FBI payroll but is in the process of being fired and having criminal charges filed against him.
  • An IG report confirmed that two top FBI and DOJ officials, ex-Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe and former Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik had “connections” to Hillary Clinton during the emailgate investigation and when the alleged Trump campaign Russia collusion investigation was opened. McCabe was fired with a recommendation that criminal charges be filed against him.
  • Loretta Lynch’s confidential travel plans were leaked to the Clinton campaign so Bill could “accidentally” be in a private plane on the same airport runway at the same time that she was.
  • Jim Comey’s actions as head of the FBI during the Clinton emailgate investigation are the subject of a new IG investigation.

All indications are that these examples are just the “tip of the ice berg”, with some information indicating that the corruption in the Obama Administration did reach all the way to Obama himself.

Here are a few examples of the “mass hysteria” I referred to above:

  • Zac Petkanas, a democratic strategist, was one of the guests on Martha Maccallum’s show one night recently opposite Cory Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager and co-author of the recent bestselling book, “Let Trump be Trump”. Zac completely lost emotional control. At one point in the debate he was bouncing up and down in his chair and screaming at Cory that Trump is individually and totally to blame for the chaos at our southern border.
  • Peter Fonda, Jane Fonda’s brother posted two tweets that are beyond disgusting. On one he said that the President’s 12 year old son “should be torn from his mother’s arms and be put in a cage with pedophiles”! In another he said that Kirstjen Nielsen, the head of DHS, should be kidnapped, stripped, put in stocks in Lafayette Square and publicly whipped! Both tweets immediately got hundreds of likes.
  • After Fonda’s tweets went public Juan Williams, on “the Five”, actually tried to justify them by blaming President Trump for his administration’s enforcement of existing immigration laws! Juan’s claim was immediately repeated by various Trump haters on social media while others defended Fonda saying he was just exercising his free speech rights.
  • In addition to Trump supporters being called White Supremacist, Anarchist, Xenophobic, Fascist, Misogynist, Homophobic and Deplorable, Nazi, Storm Trooper, Demonic, Deranged, Uneducated, Uninformed, and Stinking have been added to the list.
  • The First Lady was viciously attacked repeatedly on social media after she tweeted about how much she enjoyed visiting with the Queen of Spain where they had tea and talked about ways that they could help children around the world.
  • A picture of an immigrant child in a cage crying is being circulated on various news media with references to Nazi concentration camps. FOX NEWS researched the origin of the picture and determined that IT WAS STAGED! Other pictures of immigrant children in chain link pens are being circulated that WERE ACTUALLY TAKEN IN 2014, DURING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION!
  • Senator Feinstein wrote a bill that prevents any border enforcement within 100 miles of our southern border, and every Democratic senator signed it.
  • While a FOX NEWS reporter was doing a live on-camera interview at an immigrant detention center in Texas a woman walked by him slowly in the background doing a “middle finger salute” with both hands.
  • A long list of Hollywood “A Listers” have joined together to continuously and viciously attack FOX NEWS and specific host on a variety of media outlets. They are claiming that FOX and most of its host are dishonest, and that FOX NEWS viewers are uneducated and uninformed.

For the first time in a long time I am beginning to believe that some “Obama and Hillary people” will actually go to jail!  We must stand up and support conservative Republicans on November 6, 2018 to keep this momentum going.






The Democrats are Eating Their Own!

For decades, especially beginning with the first Clinton Presidency, the Democratic Party has been very unified and disciplined regarding its public policy positions and messaging. This unity and discipline continued through most of the Bush 43 presidencies and was reinforced with the election of Obama to his first term in the White House. As I watched politics over the last few decades it seemed obvious to me that the only way the party could be this unified and disciplined was if the DNC was providing daily talking points and public policy statement updates with very specific language to all party members. This has become more obvious recently as more Democrats have “stumbled badly” as they try to blindly stick to the current talking points about the DNC, Hillary and her campaign.

As more information about the DNC becomes public it is inarguable that the DNC is, and has been for several years, in a state of TOTAL DISARRAY. In 2014 it was practically bankrupt with $24 million in debt left over from the Obama 2012 reelection campaign and was being run like a third world dictatorship by Debbie Wasserman Shultz and then the Hillary Clinton campaign. The old debt was especially surprising to me when you consider that Obama, who raised billions during his campaigns with no regard for various Federal regulations, and spent tremendous amounts of money funding various tax exempt organizations, left the DNC practically bankrupt and totally mismanaged! This is the guy who got a $60 million advance for a book he has not even started writing yet!

There is so much information coming out now about illegal and unethical activities by Clinton, her campaign and DNC officers and staff that Democrats are really having trouble following the standard Democrat play book when asked about any of the new revelations. According to the Democratic play book they are supposed to deny, deny, deny, deflect and then attack Trump and Republicans. Unfortunately this response is simply not working well for them now. This is becoming an increasing problem for the Democrats even with the MSM openly colluding with them.  Jeff Zucker, the president of CNN actually met with senior staff to devise a plan to discredit Donna Brazile’s allegations of problems at the DNC and in the Democratic Party. Brazile is loudly fighting back publicly with the release of her new “tell all” book and a very busy news and talk show schedule, including several appearances on FOX NEWS!

Here are just a few of the Obama and Clinton scandals with new information that is becoming public daily, and sometimes hourly:

  • Democrats rigging the primary.
  • Democrats colluding with the Russians .Yes,, it was actually the Democrats who colluded, but no one can remember who authorized the millions of dollars in payments for what they call “innocent opposition research!”,
  • The Clintons “Uranium One” deal.
  • Even more seriously damaging information about Clinton, and her staff’s, Federal e-mail crimes (treason), and the Obama Administration’s corrupt handling of “emailgate”.

Yes, the Democrats are “eating their own” with Donna Brazile leading the way!

Will We Ever See the End of the Clinton’s and Obama’s Corruption? I Think Yes!

There is an old saying, “the best defense is an aggressive offence”.  Since this is obviously the only defense the Democrats have, they are playing it hard 24/7, with the enthusiastic support of the Main Stream Media (MSM) and dishonest, in some instances traitorous, Obama “holdovers” still in Federal Government positions! This is how the Democrats are protecting the Clintons, Obama and all their irrational supporters, but I am beginning to believe that this strategy is not going to work indefinitely. There are just too many of us “middle Americans” who are becoming more disgusted every day with the Democrats, RINO Republicans and MSM. It also amazes me that the Democrats are completely oblivious to the growing backlash that is building against them in large parts of America. I sincerely hope the Democrats keep wearing those “rose colored glasses” and ear plugs!  Note to Democrats: you are now 0 to 5 in Congressional special elections (and you still think you can take back the House and Senate in 2018?). Clearly these Congressional special elections proved that Democratic money cannot buy everything.

Here is a small sample of the Democratic offense:

On the day of the ball park shooting 200 Democrats in Congress signed a law suit against President Trump accusing him of “abuse of power” (usurping Congress’s authority). Odd that was not an issue when Clinton and Obama were in office?

Two State’s Attorneys General have filed suits against President Trump claiming that his international businesses are illegal including using his status as President to increase revenue at his hotels.

Maxine Waters, the obviously deranged Congresswoman continues to pop up everywhere screaming that she is going to impeach President Trump. This insane rhetoric from a Representative who lives a lavish lifestyle in a private gated community that is not in her district. She should be in Federal prison for illegally manipulating Federal bank bailout funds to save a bank that she and her husband owned stock in.  She has gotten away with illegal and irrational behavior like this for years because the California legislature drew her district lines so she cannot be defeated for re-election no matter what she does.

Eric Holder publicly announced that he is formally joining the “Resist Trump” movement and is considering running for President in 2020. This ridiculous declaration from a man who was the most openly corrupt, America hating Attorney General in decades. He ignored a Congressional subpoena, lied to Congress repeatedly (under oath), and buried evidence in major corrupt “Department of InJustice” operations. He was so dishonest in his various testimonies before Congress that a Contempt of Congress charge was filed against him with some Democrats voting for the charge, but, of course, the Department of InJustice simply ignored the charge. In spite of all the Obama Administration’s support of Holders blatant corruption as the Attorney General, Holder was eventually forced to resign.

Obama refused to allow GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS on many illegal actions during his administration to be released to legal FOIA request. The latest example of this was a blatant abuse of power just before he left office. He sent the White House records about the illegal “unmasking” of Trump campaign and transition team members to the Obama Presidential Library in Chicago (which is not built yet), which seals the documents for five years!

The Democrats in Congress actually announced earlier this week that they are going to initiate a “work slowdown” in Congress.

The Washington Post recently published a lengthy article about how all the Obama “alumni” are so distressed about Trump being in the White House that they feel like they have a “dagger in their hearts”!

The organized, paid, masked anarchist continue to violently attack conservatives publicly at every opportunity, claiming they are a legitimate “anti-fascism” movement! “antifa” is short for anti-fascism and is the official name this group of anarchist has adopted to identify itself on an international level.

Everybody on the Left, Rino Republicans and the MSM continue to scream about the Trump Russian collusion but none of them can produce any evidence other than un-named sources. I did not hear any complaints from the Left, RINO Republicans or MSM about Obama using tax payer money to send people to interfere with the Democratic elections in Israel and Macedonia?

Everybody on the Left, the RINO Republicans, and the MSM continue to scream about alleged corruption in our election process that supported President Trump, against Hillary. But they are all ignoring a recently released report that documented there were 5.7 million illegal votes in the 2008 election!  Yes the 2008 election!

As noted above, this is only a small sample of the Democratic offensive attacks on President Trump and Conservatives. In fact the Left’s attacks on everything Trump have become so relentless that President Trump, many members of his campaign and transition team, many members of his administration and even some members of his family have been forced to hire private attorneys to defend themselves, at their own expense. Also as noted above, I am increasingly convinced that this will hurt the Democrats and the Rino Republicans in 2018 and 2020!

You can find all my detailed articles about what I have written about in this article and other similar subjects here on my website.

The Democrat’s Glaring Double Standard and Obsession with Russia

The Democrat’s Glaring Double Standard and Obsession with Russia

The Democrats love to loudly and repeatedly accuse Conservatives of doing what they themselves are ACTUALLY DOING, and the Main Stream Media (MSM) obsesses with the Democrat’s claims.

Clearly the Democrats and MSM refuse to accept that they lost the 2016 Presidential election and many state level elections. They are obsessed with their insistence that the loss was because of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, rather than Patriotic Americans rising up and rejecting the Democratic agenda for America and MSM’s overwhelming support of the Democrats.

Here are a few random examples of the Democrat’s disdain for America and the Constitution, and the MSM’s dishonest and obsessive support of the Democratic agenda:

A former Obama official, Evelyn Farkas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, said during an interview with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski on March 2 that she encouraged Democrats in Congress and people in the Obama Administration to “get as much intelligence as you can” on Trump before Obama left the White House. Earlier this week she tried to “walk back” what she said in the interview after she began to be questioned about it and legal experts on FOX NEWS strongly suggested that she should hire a very good lawyer immediately!

Recently multiple sources reported that Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser, was involved in the “unmasking” of President Trump, members of his campaign staff, and members of his transition team when they were “caught up in eave dropping of phone conversations”. She strongly denied this on PBS on March 22 when she said that she, “did not know nothing about it”. When she was “given time” on MSNBC to deny it again so much information had been made public about what she did, that she had to acknowledge that she did in fact ask for “unnamed Americans” to be unmasked” (identified) in various intelligence reports. She insisted this was done only because she needed to know who they were so she “could do her job”. After this “admission” regarding her involvement in the “unmasking” she denied that she had anything to do with the “leaking” of the names. However there are some reports that she may have been spying on the Trump campaign and transition team for months, and was actually keeping spreadsheets on various Trump team communications (and sharing the information with other people). Obama doubled down on this blatant illegal activity two weeks before leaving office by quietly issuing an Executive Order for all this “unmasking activity” to be shared with all U.S. Intelligence Agencies. Does anyone but me wonder why we have as many as 17 intelligence agencies?

The Democrats loudly claim that the Susan Rice story is “fake news” to distract from the real story about Russian intervention in the election. The MSM is aggressively supporting this Democratic position with some MSM media personalities issuing formal “on air” statements that the “Susan Rice story:” is “fake news”! One guest on MSNBC even angrily said that the attacks on Rice were because she “was a woman” and another said it was because she “was a black woman”! These absurd claims have since been repeated by Democrats on other cable news channels!

In spite of all the months of illegal “eaves dropping” of President Trump’s campaign, transition staff and Administration, there has not been any actual confirmation that any of them did anything wrong or that Russia actually influenced the election. In fact all indications are that it was the Democrats who were actively working to illegally influence the election! The FBI and other Intelligence Agency heads testified before Congress that they could not see any evidence of Russia influencing the election. FBI Director Comey testified that the Russians DID NOT give the hacked Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Podesta documents to WikiLeaks. Yet the Democrats and the MSM continue to obsess with the (alleged) Trump “Russia Connection”.

Top staff members at the DNC rigged the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders. Some sources believe that the DNC documents were given to WikiLeaks by other DNC staff who supported Bernie in an effort to level the playing field. This supports Comey’s testimony that the Russians DID NOT give the DNC documents to WikiLeaks. But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

Bill and Hillary had extensive personal financial ties to Russia during her time as Secretary of State and even after she left office, including ties to SHERBANK, a major Russian bank involved in international deals like the sale of 20% of AMERICA’S URANIUM STOCK TO A RUSSIAN BUSINESS MAN WITH TIES TO PUTIN! THE SALE WAS ARRANGED THROUGH A CANADIAN BUSINESS MAN WHO ALSO MADE A LOT OF MONEY IN THE DEAL, CONTRIBUTED HEAVILY TO THE CLINTON FOUNDATION AND ARRANGED LUCRATIVE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS FOR BILL! But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

When a Democrat FOX NEWS contributor was asked on a FOX NEWS afternoon show on April 3 about the Clinton’s ties to Russia, with the Uranium deal noted above as an example, he loudly denied it. When the Conservative guest on the program responded to his denial, with specific details about the Clintons profiting heavily from the deal, the Democrat literally “screamed” a total denial.

The Clinton’s close associate, and Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta was a partner in an international consulting firm that had close ties to various Russian individuals and companies. The firm also “employed” a number of other close Clinton associates. But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

Obama spent $350,000 of U.S. taxpayer money openly interfering in Israel’s last Prime Minister Election trying to keep Netanyahu from being re-elected. Obama actually sent some of his former campaign staff to work for the opposition. Obama also helped fund and supported efforts to organize an Israeli/PLO peace agreement (which would have been a disaster for Israel) using US taxpayer money that “disappeared”. But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

Prior to Obama’s re-election he was caught on an open mic telling a Russian diplomat that after he was re-elected he would have more freedom to work with the Russians. But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

Most of the reporters at the daily White House press briefing continually obsess about the (alleged) Russian tampering in the election and Congressman Nunes’ trip to the White House to review confidential information confirming President Trump’s claim that he and his team were illegally “surveilled”. The MSM reporters in these press briefings  constantly obsess with these two topics while completely ignoring all other news that may be detrimental to the Democrats (like the current Susan Rice news).

Congressman Nunes has been questioned viciously in the media and in public forums, called a liar and accused of breaking the law regarding his handling of information about the “unmasking” situation. It has recently been made public that Congressman Nunes was actually made aware of this information in early January by a “whistle blower” but the Intelligence agencies “slow rolled” him when he tried to verify it. It was very interesting to me that Congressman Schifft (a Democrat) could not stay away from TV cameras ranting about Congressman Nunes’ actions, the Republican’s “cover up” of the (alleged) Russian connections to Trump and his supporters and the Russian meddling in the election, until Congress Schifft was given access to the information that Nunes saw!!!!!!!! He suddenly lost his desire to spend all his time in front of TV cameras?

4/06/2017 Left Wing groups filed formal ethics charges against Congressman Nunes!

On a FOX NEWS afternoon show on April 5 a former Clinton staffer declared that the problems in Syria are President Trump’s fault. He actually said, “WHERE IS TRUMP”? REALLY? President Trump had been in office 76 days at the time with Democrats “RESISTING” everything the Republicans are trying to do! The Democrats, with the help of the MSM, are becoming increasingly obsessed with taking the Trump Presidency down and destroying America, no matter what they have to do to accomplish this! They view the Trump election as an “unexpected” and highly undesirable obstacle to their final (expected) step in their long push to destroy America’s Constitution and make America a part of a “One World Order”.

Every day now I ask myself, “Can the Democrats get any more deranged?”

Conservatives have 18 months until the 2018 elections to keep standing up and supporting the actual Conservatives in Washington IF WE WAVER WE WILL MOST CERTAINLY LOSE OUR COUNTRY FOREVER!


!st 2016 Presidential Debate (Also Known as Candy Crowley Times Four)

If you are not familiar with the “Candy Crowley” controversy she was the CNN moderator during the second 2012 Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Obama. During the debate it was obvious that she was part of a preplanned effort to make Mitt Romney look bad regarding one of his statements about Obama refusing to refer to the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans as a terrorist attack. When Romney brought this up during the debate Obama, with a smirk on his face asked Candy to read back what he said after the attack in a white House press conference. She “just happened” to have a piece of paper on her moderator desk that was supposed to be a copy of exactly what Obama said at that press conference about Benghazi. It was not exactly what Obama said but was so carefully altered that you really had to be paying attention to notice it. Consequently it did accomplish their goal of making Mitt Romney look stupid. I was actually watching the debate and when that happened two things instantly came to mind. One was that I wondered how Candy just happened to have that piece of paper on her moderator desk and the other was that what she read was not exactly what Obama said about the Benghazi attack in that press conference (I watched that press conference too). Unfortunately for Candy some people in the media saw the same things I did and began to publicly ask questions after the debate, which resulted in Candy, a career CNN journalist being forced to resign ”to pursue other interest”. Please note that I use the term “journalist” loosely when referring to people who work at CNN.

Sharyl Attkisson is one of the journalists who exposed Candy Crowley’s involvement in the manipulation of the 2012 debate. She has also written about how the “main stream media” was involved in the cover up of Benghazi and a lot more corrupt and criminal activities committed by the Obama Administration in her book, “Stonewalled”. The book details how she went from being a nonpartisan, award winning journalist to being forced to walk away from her career at CBS under questionable circumstances. Prior to leaving CBS Sharyl  experienced attempts to set her up as a criminal with planted evidence on hacked computers, tapped phones and various other specifically orchestrated efforts to destroy her life because she “would not go along with the rest of the media” regarding reporting on the Obama Administration’s activities. Please note that CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes who is Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications. Ben is one of Obama’s inner circle and was a key player in the writing of the White House Benghazi “talking points” (it was a protest because of an internet video).

Candy Crowley’s actions while moderating the 2012 debate are why the recent Hilary Trump debate is being informally referred to as “Candy Crowley Times Four”. In addition to interrupting Trump repeatedly in a controversial tone, versus rarely interrupting Hillary, Lester Holt asked Trump questions and then interrupted, and literally debated him in a confrontational manner on four specific issues. It was obvious that Holt was following a preplanned agenda to make Trump look bad and Hillary look good:

  • Holt asked Trump about his previous position regarding the Obama birther issue. Trump has acknowledged this was no longer an issue in his mind. When Trump answered the question Holt made repeated efforts to demonize him on the issue.
  • Holt questioned Trump about the status of his tax returns and would not accept any of Trumps replies.
  • Holt argued with Trump about his support of the Iraq war and literally called him a liar repeatedly. Based on Sean Hannity’s , and other people’s public confirmations that Trump did not support the Iraq war Holt was incorrect
  • Holt questioned Trump’s position on “Stop and Frisk”, argued with Trump about it and insisted that “Stop and Frisk” is unconstitutional (it is NOT and has dramatically reduced murders and other crimes where it was used properly).

Holt also failed to ask Hillary any questions about Emailgate, Benghazi, or The Clinton Foundation. He compounded his favorable treatment of Hillary when he did not ask her any follow up questions when she repeated her original lie about using one devise for convenience when Trump brought up Emailgate.

When you consider the facts detailed above and the Obama Administration’s history of lies, manipulation of facts and corruption, with the support of the “main stream media”, it is pretty easy to see why so many people are questioning Holt’s moderation of this debate.

There was also the appearance that Hillary’s campaign had the debate questions well in advance. Both campaigns and the public knew what the debate topics would be in advance but not the specific questions. It seemed clear to me, and a lot of other people, who watched the debate that Hillary’s answers to every question were too quick and too perfect. Historically this has not been typical of her public responses to questions.

The unethical and maybe illegal moderation of this debate was actually not a surprise to me based on the Obama Administration’s history of corruption and the “main stream media’s” history of obsessively supporting the Obama Administration. I am so looking forward to the third and final debate, which is moderated by Chris Wallace and then Election Day!