The “Deep State” is Still Alive and Well in the “Washington Cesspool”!

The “Deep State” is Still Alive and Well in the “Washington Cesspool”!

The “Deep State” is sometimes referred to by some experts on Washington politics as the “Permanent State” since it appears to be permanent and many of its “members” no longer make any effort to hide their identity or even what they do at times.

I refer to what some call the “Swamp” as the “Washington Cesspool”. It is not occupied by just Washington Democrats who hate America and openly work at destroying it. RINO Republicans, the Main Stream Media, Washington bureaucrats at every level, and everyone else who consider themselves to be part of the Washington “elite” are also full time occupants of the “Washington Cesspool”!

The “Washington bureaucrats at every level” are the people who are doing the most damage to America by their actions. They are also being used by the rest of the “Washington Cesspool” to hold onto their power and influence over what happens in America. To quote Dr. Sebastian Gorka, “Today, we have a very large number of people in the U.S. Government, not just Senior Executive Services (SES) but Government Services (GS) individuals who think, “I’ve been doing this for 15 years, I’ll be here when the president leaves, I know better”. This bureaucratic “rogue” mindset has been happening for a long time but became noticeably more active during the Clinton Administration and got totally out of control during the Obama Administration.

The “Washington Cesspool” has done everything in its power (which is immense) to prevent President Trump from being elected, disrupt his transition team, prevent him from taking office, and prevent him from functioning in office while openly working to remove him from office. The verified examples of all this are countless with more becoming public every day. Many of these activities actually rise to a level of treason.

  • According to Dr. Gorka there were 125 verified serious leaks during President Trump’s first 126 days in office.
  • Every government agency, especially the State Department, DOJ and FBI still refuse to honor legal “Freedom of Information Act” request.
  • Top officials in every department openly worked to prevent Trump from being elected or sworn in. Actual text messages proving this reached all the way to the Obama White House have recently been made public.
  • Obama used closed records laws to hide documents that prove that his administration flagrantly violated a wide range of federal laws to spy on the Trump campaign and then leak confidential information to try and prevent him from being elected. After he was elected the Obama Administration then worked at disrupting his transition team’s efforts leading up to his inauguration. Just before he left office Obama sent the documents to his Presidential Library in Chicago, which has not been built yet. This allows him to shield the documents for five years.
  • It was actually the DNC and Hillary campaign that conspired with the Russians, with the Obama Administration’s help, not the Trump campaign!
  • Members of Congress, including RINO Republicans, are still conspiring to delay Trump Administration appointees from being confirmed so the remaining Obama bureaucrats can continue to work at destroying the Trump Administration.

President Trump is working tirelessly to drain the “Washington Cesspool” but with so many people firmly entrenched in it this will not be a fast process. Two glaring examples of this are:

  • John Koskinen was not removed from his position as head of the IRS after the Lois Lerner scandal and the IRS’s deliberate destruction of records during his tenure. Instead he was allowed to retire at a time of his choosing in November 2017.
  • The “Washington Cesspool” is still screaming for President Trump to be forced to testify before a Grand Jury, be impeached and sent to jail for alleged Russian collusion and now alleged obstruction of justice. But Hillary was questioned by selected FBI agents about her obvious, deliberate treason without being under oath, with no notes taken and with her aides and lawyers present (some of whom were given immunity and allowed to destroy documents and electronic devices). All this was carefully orchestrated to assure that Hillary could not be charged with anything. For those of you who are not familiar with Grand Jury testimony, there is a saying that a prosecutor “can indict a ham sandwich using a Grand Jury”. That is correct. If you go before a Grand Jury you are all alone. Neither your attorney nor anyone else can be present to support you when you are interrogated by the prosecutor before the Grand Jury. The interrogation is recorded by a court reporter. If you even accidentally say anything wrong you can and will be charged with lying under oath. This is why Hillary was questioned the way she was. No chance of any charges! There is a definite double standard of justice in America! One for the occupants of the “Washington Cesspool” and one for the rest of us!


The Left’s Arrogance Has Become Incomprehensible

Merriam Webster definition of arrogance: an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims and assumptions

Merriam Webster definition of incomprehensible: having or subject to no limits

As I watched FOX NEWS and the Yahoo news feed on my internet home page over the last few days I noticed that the Democrats and RINO Republicans in the “Washington Cesspool” have totally lost touch with America and reality. Either that or they simply do not believe that they are accountable to voters, or they believe the majority of voters are too stupid or uninformed to understand what is really happening in Washington, D.C.

Instead of working on bi-partisan immigration reform and a reasonable U.S. government budget while the Government was shut down, there was a three day battle to see which of the “Washington Cesspool” occupants could get the most TV camera time. They spent their TV time saying the most ridiculous and irrational things about why the Government shut down. While this was happening I asked myself several times if these people are aware that there is always TV tape and audio recordings of everything they say and do publicly. These recordings clearly prove they are constantly contradicting themselves, and they have no concern what so ever that anything they say or do will have any consequences for them in future elections. Arrogance is the only word I could think of to describe this mindset.

After our Government reopened with a ridiculous short window, open only to February 8, the Democrats and RINO Republicans continued to publicly demonstrate an incomprehensible level of arrogance toward the American voters.

  • When the Democrats and RINO Republicans choose illegals over our SERVICE MEN AND WOMEN, AND THEIR FAMILIES, and brag about it in front of TV cameras, that is the “height of arrogance”!
  • When the mayors of major sanctuary cities boycott a meeting at the White House with President Trump to talk about the country’s infrastructure needs over the rights of illegals in their cities, and brag about it in front of TV cameras, that is the “height of arrogance”!
  • When top ranking FBI personnel exchange thousands of text messages, on Government issued phones, about how to prevent President Trump from being elected, or a ‘back up plan‘ if he is, and then a month’s long block of those text disappear, that is the “height of arrogance”!
  • When a long list of Democrats go to great lengths to get in front of TV cameras to insist that President Trump’s new tax plan did NOT help the middle class, that is the height of arrogance”!
  • When a long list of Democrats go to great lengths to get in front of TV cameras to insist that everything good that happened in America during President Trump’s first year in office was a result of Obama’s eight years in office, that is the “height of arrogance”!

Obviously this list could run on for many pages, but the examples I have listed here confirm that there is an epidemic of arrogance in the “Washington Cesspool”.

Those of us that truly care about the future of America must remain vigilant and active to assure we are victorious on November 6, 2018!

How Can the Democratic Party and the MSM be so Dishonest?

As I try to follow current events in America and the rest of the world I constantly realize that I would have to suspend reality to actually believe the majority of what is being “reported”. Please know that I use the word “reported” very loosely in this article.

The Trump Russia Collusion story is a perfect example of how far to the Left the Democratic Party and MSM have gone. We have a special prosecutor that is accountable to no one and has an unlimited budget (of taxpayer dollars). He can investigate, and possibly file criminal charges against anyone he chooses. He is an egomaniac that has assembled one of the most biased and expensive group of lawyers in the history of the “Washington Cesspool”.  All because the Obama Administration and the Democrats claimed that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 Presidential election.

Yes, Russia does “meddle” in other countries elections and lots of other things, but the U.S. and many other countries do that too! If you want to know which country is the “meddler in chief” just do a goggle search, “the U.S history of interfering in other countries elections”.  You will be amazed to find how much WE have been doing that and how long!  There are several articles that list six specific examples of the Obama Administration interfering in foreign elections, including Israel’s last Prime Minister election and Macedonia’s Democratic Presidential election. Obama actually spent U.S. tax payer dollars, and in some instances sent Americans to work on election campaigns of the people he preferred to win those six elections!  Hillary was the Secretary of State when some of this U.S. involvement in other countries’ elections was happening. Where were the Democrats and the MSM when these events were actually happening?

Another example of the Left’s and MSM’s obsession with twisting the truth to make it fit their desired outcome is the constant and loud stream of misinformation they are “reporting”.  The vocal Democrats and the MSM “reporting” is all about how bad everything is in America, how unpopular President Trump is and how many seats the Democrats are going to win back in the U.S. House and Senate in Nov 2018. I also noticed that they rarely provide much information to validate the “polls” they are referring to in their effort to prove their points?  I would think that they would have learned in November 2016 that this is not a winning strategy!

I began this article with a specific question because I simply do not believe that there are that many Americans now who are so uninformed,, or totally Left leaning Liberal that will believe the Democrat’s and MSM’s massive “lie and redirect” campaign. However, after I thought about it more I realized that the Left is using basic advertising techniques in their efforts to take back control of our government. A key rule of advertising is to maximize “reach and frequency”, which means how many times you’re advertising will be seen or heard by what people. The more times your target audience sees or hears your message the higher the odds are that they will positively respond to it. The Democrats and the MSM know this and are obviously making a concerted effort to convince enough people in America that they are right and to vote for their ideas! If we Conservatives do not stay vigilant and active they just might take back America with these tactics!

Washington is Rotten to Core! Shut it DOWN October 1!

Congress, and consequently the entire Federal Government, has been increasingly dysfunctional for decades. Unfortunately eight years of the Obama Administration took the level of dysfunction to a “point of no return”. Democrats and RINO Republicans (Republican in name only) are equally at fault.

It is obvious that the Democrats and the Main Stream Media (MSM) are already painting a bright target on the chest and back of every Republican that is up for re-election in the mid-term elections in 2018.  What the President and Republicans do, or do not do between now and November 2018, will not change that.

I have written a number of articles where I said that the Democrats get up every morning with a daily message waiting for them with the specific Democrat Party talking points and marching orders for the day, and the Democrats all stick to those talking points and marching orders no matter what happens. The opposite is true for the Republicans. Some Republicans are actually trying to listen to their constituents and the rest (RINOs) are playing the “Washington Game” (how do I stay in office and how do I get more rich while I am here).

Elected members of Congress alone are not the entire “Washington problem”. Many people appointed to positions of power are also part of the “Washington problem”. Federal Judges who “legislate from the bench” and people like Jim Comey who use their position to assure that they continue to be an integral part of what they see as the “Washington Elite”. The Democrat’s comments and Comey’s testimony during the Congressional hearings on Wednesday, May 3rd were a perfect example of what is happening in Washington now. I watched part of the hearing while eating lunch and got so upset that I had to turn the TV off! One example of how ridiculous some of the things Comey said was his explanation of why Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Wiener were not prosecuted for mishandling classified documents. Comey said that the FBI had no way of knowing if Weiner read any of the classified documents Huma sent to the unsecured computer that she shared with Weiner. It was his (Comey’s) understanding that all Weiner did regarding the shared classified documents was “to print them for Huma”. Yes, Comey actually said that, as absurd as it was. He did the same regarding questions about Hillary and the rest of her staff’s mishandling of classified documents. He said that he did not believe the FBI could prove “intent” in the mishandling of classified documents!  REALLY!!! If Comey had even an ounce of integrity in his body he would have resigned and held a public press conference explaining why he resigned when he was ordered by Obama, through Loretta Lynch, to NOT attempt to build a prosecutable case against Hillary or any of her staff. UPDATE: JIM COMEY, FIRED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP, MAY 9, 2017. DRAINING THE SWAMP!

Two more perfect examples of the “Washington problem” are Tim Kaine and Bernie Sanders. I have written about the actions of these two before but it is important to keep people aware of the fact that they, and other people like them, are openly inciting violent anarchy in America! Senator, and VP candidate Tim Kaine recently stood before TV cameras and said, “Democrats must be willing to fight Republicans in the streets”.  Senator and recent Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just completed a 10 day speaking tour around America calling for a “revolution”. This from a 75 year old declared Socialist who has never had a job in the private sector except for being a “community organizer”. He has spent almost all of his adult life in politics on a local and national level, and gotten very rich along the way!  I have a simple question for Kaine, Sanders, and all their supporters. Do you really want to start a revolution in America and “fight Republicans in the street”? I, and I am sure millions of other Americans like me, really do not think that you do!

It is inarguable that Congress does not remotely resemble what our Founding Fathers planned for it to be. The Founding Fathers believed that elected officials should serve America out of a sense of patriotism. They should go to Washington, do their job and then go back home to their family and personal businesses. THEY WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BECOME PROFESSIONAL CAREER POLITICIANS!  ESPECIALLY NOT POLITICIANS THAT PROMOTE VIOLENCE!

Why did I say in the title of this article, “SHUT IT DOWN October 1”?  Because I am now convinced that shutting the Federal Government down is the only way to begin to fix it (other than an actual revolution).

There are two points regarding a Federal Government shut down that are important to know:

  1. Critical services continue to function during a shut down. Anyone who says things like old people will not get their social security checks if we shut the government down is an absolute liar!
  2. Government employees are still paid when they are not working due to a shut down! This should not happen!

President Trump, please do not agree to anything Congress proposes that does not meet the mandate you were sent to Washington to do. Shut the Federal Government down October 1, 2017 and keep it shut down as long as necessary to force needed changes (no more Federal budget “continuing resolutions”). Use your “phone and pen” to conduct Washington’s business until you are convinced that Congress may be willing to actually do what it is supposed to do. Direct your Cabinet Secretaries to cut their departments like you proposed for them to do, not what Congress wants. Stop trying to “fix” Obamacare. Let it collapse and then replace it. INSIST on a Constitutional Amendment establishing TERM LIMITS for all members of the U.S. Congress and Senate! And please keep tweeting regardless of who suggest that you stop. You are communicating directly with Americans and not allowing the corrupt, deranged Main Stream Media to “filter” what you say! I am absolutely convinced that there are enough people in America now who have “had enough of the Washington problem” and will fully support you ANY WAY THAT IS NEEDED to fix the “Washington problem”.

Liberal’s Astonishing “Tax Exempt Group” Corruption

Note, the “tax exempt groups” referred to in this article are the groups that apply for, and are approved for tax exempt IRS designation 501(c)3.

Recently I learned that “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) was given tax exempt status by the Obama Administration and  received a $100 million commitment from the Ford Foundation and $50 million from George Soros. This is very troubling to me. Especially when you consider that during the Obama Administration there were hundreds of conservative groups’ tax exempt applications illegally delayed, with many never getting approved. When I became aware of BLM being designated as a tax exempt group I researched IRS tax exempt group requirements and activities. What l found was very “troubling”!

David Horowitz provides a lot of details in his new book, “Big Agenda” about the astonishing imbalance that exist regarding liberal tax exempt groups versus conservative tax exempt groups. For example, liberal groups have more than $100 billion in assets. This is more than 10 times the assets that conservative groups have. The significance of this huge asset advantage is the liberal groups’ annual income from their assets is more than 10 times the annual income the conservative groups have from their assets!  And this does not count the huge annual contributions the liberal groups get from wealthy, America hating liberals like George Soros. What is even more frightening is that some of the data Horowitz referenced was from 2012, which is the latest data available when he wrote the book. From everything I have read and heard, during Obama’s last four years the GAP between the number of liberal tax exempt groups and conservative tax exempt groups, and their funding, got much bigger!

Here are two specific examples from Horowitz’s book that indicate, by comparison how overwhelming the liberal group numbers, and revenue, was in 2012:

  • There were 117 liberal tax exempt organizations that devoted more than 50% of their activities to advocating for open borders and citizen rights for illegal aliens. There were only 9 conservative groups opposing the liberal groups’ agendas.
  • The liberal groups noted above had $306.1 million to support their agendas while the conservative groups had only $13.8 million to support their efforts to oppose the liberal groups’ agendas.


How did such an imbalance in tax exempt groups happen? As you can see from the following information taken off the IRS website there is ample opportunity for IIRS and DOJ personnel to make a BIASED DECISION regarding a group’s eligibility for tax exempt designation, or if they can keep their tax exempt designation if they already have one.

According to the IRS website in order to qualify for tax exempt designation, organizations “must be organized and operated exclusively for tax exempt purposes “. They “may not be an action organization, ie., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against  political candidates”. “The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interest”.

“Exempt Purposes – Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)

The exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3) are charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering national or international amateur sports competition, and preventing cruelty to children or animals.  The term charitable is used in its generally accepted legal sense and includes relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged; advancement of religion; advancement of education or science; erecting or maintaining public buildings, monuments, or works; lessening the burdens of government; lessening neighborhood tensions; eliminating prejudice and discrimination; defending human and civil rights secured by law; and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.”

As noted earlier it is easy to see how the requirements for tax exempt designation are somewhat “open to interpretation” by a racist and corrupt IRS or DOJ.

In his book Horowitz also points out that many of the liberal tax exempt groups have non tax exempt arms where they openly conduct partisan activities, sometimes with the same personnel doing both tax exempt and non-tax exempt activity. Who decides where the lines are drawn in these situations? The IRS or the DOJ!

Obviously the frightening imbalance in liberal tax exempt groups versus tax exempt conservative groups was not a creation of the Obama Administration, but it did get much bigger during Obama’s two terms in office. It actually began during Bill Clinton’s two terms in office. In one of my previous articles I detailed how the DOJ became the Depart of Injustice during the Clinton Administration, remained that way to a degree during President  Bush’s two terms (due to 911 and the resulting war on terror consuming practically all the Bush Administration’s time and efforts), and then became the Department of Injustice on steroids as soon as Obama was sworn in to his first term in office. Having an openly racist and corrupt Department of Injustice was a critical component of the explosion of liberal tax exempt groups and the open suppression of conservative tax exempt groups during Obama’s two terms in office

I originally thought that the suppression of conservative groups applying for tax exempt status during Obama’s first term in office had a significant effect on the 2012 presidential race. Now that I know what an imbalance we have between tax exempt liberal groups and conservative groups, I am convinced that this situation did play a major role in Obama’s re-election. It is also easier to understand how:

  • The protest movements like Occupy, BLM, and the Anti Trump Woman’s March were so large and well-coordinated.
  • Hillary, the most flawed Presidential candidate in history got so many votes.
  • The absurd efforts in Washington to disrupt the Trump Presidency are so persistent.

The tax exempt status of all special interest groups must be reviewed and corrected immediately. If it is not America cannot survive!

As I said in closing some of my recent articles, getting President Trump elected was only the beginning. We must continue to support him, his staff and the actual Conservatives who are in Washington so President Trump can continue to do what he set out to do and pledged to do. Stay informed and involved. Communicate with your elected representatives and demand changes regarding term limits, open public records, transparency in all government activities, fiscal responsibility, and reasonable performance standards for all government employees.







America is a Constitutional Republic, Not a Democracy or Any Other Undesirable Form of Government

Over the last few weeks I have seen an increasing number of Liberal, agenda driven people, posting on social media and speaking anywhere they could get in front of a microphone or TV camera. These people are completely irrational, uninformed or worst, deliberately working to destroy America and make us part of George Soros’ “One World Order”. Regardless of which of these three categories they fall into they all have one thing in common. They are all insisting that America is BAD because we elected Donald Trump as President. Some of them are even comparing President Trump to some of the world’s worst dictators, current and past. One example I saw was a lengthy post on Facebook where the writer compared America today to the early stages of the horrible situation that exist in Venezuela today, and compared President Trump to the now deceased Hugo Chavez. The writer used these comparisons to strongly recommend that people in America” RISE UP” against President Trump!  Unfortunately the writer of this post, as misguided as he is, is not alone in his beliefs and desires for the destruction of the Trump Presidency, and consequently the destruction of America!

Regardless of whether the people opposing the Trump Presidency are uninformed, irrational, or really want to destroy America, it is obvious that they do not understand America at all. In America it does not matter who you ARE, what you WANT, or what you DO, you do not get to make America be what YOU want it to be! The Obama Administration was a perfect example of an individual or group that is obsessed with making America be what they want it to be. The reason an individual or group cannot make America be what they want it to be is because our brilliant and far seeing Founding Fathers made sure that cannot happen when they wrote our Constitution and got it ratified creating the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. As long as our government functions as a Constitutional Republic we will continue to be a free nation. When our Constitution is ignored by agenda driven people in power, and they get enough support for their actions, we will cease to be a free nation and will self-destruct into anarchy.

Under our form of Federal Government we have three co-equal branches of Government. The three branches are the “Executive” (the President), “Legislative” (Congress, the House of Representatives and Senate) and “Judicial” (the Supreme Court). There is also an elaborate system of checks and balances in place to keep the balance of power between the three branches in place. Sometimes these checks and balances get a little “fuzzy” when people in positions of power are too “self-centered”. As noted above, the Obama Administration was an example of an administration that was opposed to America’s Constitutional Republic form of government and it’s built in “checks and balances”. The Obama Administration made repeated attempts to bypass the other two branches of our Government and  ignore our system of “checks and balances” while trying to force their chosen way of life on America’s citizens, especially during Obama’s second term.

On November 8, 2016, as a result of the Obama Administration and his sycophant supporter’s disdain for our Constitutional Republic form of government the Patriotic American voters stood up and said “NO MORE”! On that day our Constitutional Republic form of government began to work again like our Founding Fathers intended it to work.

In addition to our Constitutional Republic form of Government America has one more thing that other countries do not have. That is the most patriotic, freedom loving, and heavily armed population in the history of the world. Combine that with qualified patriotic people in positions of power in our Constitutional Republic Government and America is going to be a “shining example” to the rest of the world again.


Our State Governments are also modeled after our Federal Government which makes our entire system of Government better than any other Government in the world, past or present.

Here is a link to an article explaining the difference in our Constitutional Republic form of government and a Democratic form of government:

Facts for Michael Moore, Madonna, Katy Perry, Ashley Judd, et all

Fact 1: You have the right in America to free speech and peaceful assembly. However the right to free speech does not allow people to publicly say things like Madonna said at the rally in Washington, “I have thought a lot about blowing up the White House”! You also need to be aware that you do not have the right to declare an election for the U.S. President invalid because you do not like the results. You DO NOT speak for all of America. At the regret of sounding arrogant “obamaish” I will repeat what he rudely said to Senator John McCain in one of the extremely rare times he actually made a weak attempt to do his job and held a bi-partisan meeting at the White House. Obama said, “Elections have consequences, I won”.

Donald Trump won this election with a big Electoral College margin. That is not going to change. Regarding the Electoral College, I have written and published articles about the Electoral College several times in recent months and about how brilliant and far sighted our Founding Fathers were when they created it over 200 years ago. It was created as a way to form the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I firmly believe that without the Electoral College, the Constitution would not have been ratified by all the states that existed at the time. I am also convinced that the Electoral College is as critical to our way of life today as it was then. It prevents California and New York City from having the final say in who our President is and what our national and international policies will be! The Electoral College is part of our Constitution and is NOT going to be changed!

Fact 2: The Democratic Party is DEAD. You Liberals killed it and are in the process of making sure it cannot be revived in any of our lifetimes. You lost the White House, both Houses of the US Congress, most of the State Governments and you are going to eventually lose the Supreme Court, regardless of what Senator Schumer said! You reappointed Nancy Pelosi as House Minority leader, you are about to appoint Keith Ellison (a RADICAL RACIST AMERICA HATING MUSLIM) as head of the National Democratic Party. You have twenty two Democratic Senators up for reelection in the mid-term elections in 2018. Many of these Senators are in states that President Trump easily won. In case you do not understand what will likely happen in the 2018 elections in these states? It means that after these elections the Democratic Party will be even more DEAD than it is now!  With 65 to 70 of the 100 Senate seats filled by solid Republicans after the 2018 elections no one can prevent President Trump’s picks for the Supreme Court from being approved, and there will likely be at least three of the nine replaced in the next four years!

Fact 3: President Trump’s Cabinet choices are the most successful, qualified, patriotic picks that I have ever seen. Schumer can grand stand for the TV cameras and the rino Republicans can let him get away with delaying their approval but he cannot stop their approval. They will serve America WELL! I wrote about what an extraordinary group of people they are in my article published last week.

Fact 4, my final note in this article: No democratic country has ever survived when it stopped being a strong two party country! You self-centered pompous asses are destroying our country and the “sheeple” are following you!  For example the LGBTQ “dance party” on Vice President Elect Pence’s front lawn DID NOT HELP YOUR CAUSE! Look in the mirror and WAKE UP before it is too late!

The Final Days: Obama Adds to his “LEGACY” and the Obama/Hillary “HYSTERIA” Peaks

Early in Obama’s first term as President, Charles Krauthammer, a psychiatrist made the observation that Obama was a pathological narcissist. If there was ever any doubt about that diagnosis, everything Obama is saying and doing in his final days as President will leave no doubt about it.

The behavior of Obama and Hillary supporters leading up to, and especially after the election, also leaves no doubt that you simply cannot reason with a liberal Obama or Hillary supporter.

Here are just a few recent examples that confirm these two observations:

Obama “LEGACY”:

Obama went on an expensive world tour where he held a press conference in every country he visited, and then held a lengthy White House press conference when he returned with the same message.He bragged about how much safer and more stable the world is now after his eight years in office! REALLY?

In a recent interview Obama said that he advised President elect Trump to work with Congress and avoid issuing executive orders! REALLY?

Obama publicly praised President Bush for strictly adhering to the American tradition of only having one President at the time after he left office. Obama then said he would do the same, but added “unless my accomplishments are threatened”!

Obama plans to stay in Washington after he leaves office. He has rented a 20 room Washington mansion from a wealthy liberal friend and has his staff and supporters working around the clock establishing a “shadow government” with the express purpose of opposing the Trump Presidency and continuing to push his anti-American agenda.

The Obama family takes another, one of the most expensive, vacations in presidential history. This forces many people to work during the holidays and interrupts many Hawaii resident’s holidays.

Obama announced five new major regulations at the EPA and Department of Energy. It is estimated that these new rules will cost American businesses about five billion dollars a year in compliance cost including about 350,000 man hours a year just completing paperwork.

Obama issued an executive order putting into place some of the most sweeping and restrictive drilling regulations in history.

New releases from Gitmo are scheduled just before Obama leaves office.

Obama signed  231 Federal prisoner pardons and sentence commutations, a one day record..He claims these are low level drug offenders who were sentenced to harsh prison sentences unfairly due to their race. In every case I have seen where the details were made public this is absolutely not true. They were career criminals who dealt in hard drugs and even illegal guns in some cases. In addition to being non- white they all plea bargained to avoid being prosecuted for additional charges.

The Obama Administration quietly encouraged a surge in illegals with the majority allowed to stay with unrealistic court dates scheduled (for which they will most likely never show up).

Obama eliminated the “male Muslim immigrant from specific countries registry requirement” that was established after 911. This regulation has not been enforced since Obama has been in office.

The US abstained from a UN vote allowing a pro PLO anti-Israel resolution to pass, which cannot be undone.

Obama/Hillary “HYSTERIA”

Jill Stein was used as a “front” and given millions of dollars to try and force recounts in three states. This effort actually caused Hillary to lose votes, Trump to gain votes and uncovered voter fraud in some precincts.

Personal information about Electoral College delegates pledged to Trump, and in some cases their family member’s personal information was made public, resulting in them being barraged with letters, phone calls and emails attempting to get the delegates to NOT cast their vote for Trump. In many instances the delegate or their family members were threatened with financial or physical harm and even death.

When the recount attempts and efforts to force the Electoral College to elect Hillary failed (she actually lost more Electoral College votes than any previous candidate since 1822), the rabid Hillary supporters are now trying to determine other ways to prevent Trump from being certified or otherwise prevent him from serving as President. Efforts being publicly discussed are getting Vice President Biden, as president of the Senate to refuse to certify him or filing a wide variety of criminal complaints/ charges against him. If everything else fails their “last ditch” plan is to file so many law suits against him and his family that he cannot function as President (this actually worked against Sarah Palin when she was governor of Alaska).

New efforts to do away with the Electoral College, or find a way to avoid it are being launched in Congress and eleven states.

MTV posted an online video that was one of the most racist, un-American and disgusting videos that I have ever seen. It featured young people saying things like, “America has never been a great place unless you were an old white guy” and insulting Fox News. This is what our young people are being taught in America now?

No Washington high school has applied for a permit to march in the inaugural parade.

Major performers are not willing to participate in the Trump inauguration.

Massive boycotts and protests are being organized for inauguration day in Washington and other major cities.

In spite of the long standing tradition of Presidents getting to pick their cabinet members and department heads Senate Democrats are already planning to try and  block an unprecedented number of President elect Trump’s picks.

Sanctuary cites are “doubling down” plus allocating tax payer dollars to provide increased legal assistance for illegals fighting deportation.

A Hillary supporter verbally assaulted Ivanka Trump while she was traveling in coach on a Jet Blue flight with her husband and three children. The verbal assault was so vicious and disruptive that the man, who was carrying a small child at the time, was removed from the flight before it left the gate. The man’s partner was twitting and posting on Face Book about what they were doing in advance and during the verbal assault

A New York artist saw a picture of Ivanka Trump with a piece of his art on the wall behind her and issued a public demand that she remove his art from her home.

Some famous designers have publicly stated that they will not “dress” Melania Trump.

Obama played more golf than any President in History by a substantial margin, yet some of the media criticized Trump for playing golf with Tiger Woods one afternoon this week?

Eric Trump was forced to shut down his St Jude charity foundation due to “conflict of interest” accusations. He has raised over a million dollars for St Jude with 97% of all money raised going to St Jude.

STAY TUNED FOR THE FINAL WEEKS! It is going to get much worse with each passing day!

The Obama Legacy: Worst American President and Soon to be the Worst American Past President in U.S. History

Note, this is the 50th article posted on this website. The other articles go into more detail about everything listed in this article and more.

We have the worst Labor Participation Rate since the 1960’s. By some estimates as many as 95 million Americans are not counted as being part of the U.S. labor force.  We need about 250,000 new jobs in America every month for the unemployment rate to STAY THE SAME! The Obama Administration brags about creating 12 million new jobs during Obama’s two terms in office. That is actually about 12 million short of the minimum number of new jobs needed for the unemployment rate to be the same as it was when Obama came into office. Regardless of this fact the Obama Administration claims they have steadily lowered the unemployment rate to 4.6%!  One month earlier this year the number of new jobs created was only 38,000 but the Obama Administration lowered the unemployment rate from 5% to 4.9% and actually took a “victory lap” at a White House press conference to brag about it! In November we only had 178,000 new jobs (and that included seasonal jobs) but the Obama Administration bragged about a new unemployment rate of 4.6%! And let’s not forget the “underemployed” (people who are only working part time, temporary jobs, or jobs that they are over qualified for because that is the only work they can find)..

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. A 3 per cent annual GDP growth rate is considered by most economists as the minimum annual growth rate necessary to meet the minimum needs of the expanding U.S. population. The U.S. has NOT reached a 3% Annual GDP growth rate any year during the Obama Administration’s time in office.

Our National debt will be about 20 trillion dollars when Obama leaves office. This is more than double what it was when he was sworn in as president in January 2008. Our national debt has increased more during the Obama Administration than it has under EVERY previous president combined, with less than half of this increase due to foreign wars and our fight against terrorism. It is even more concerning when you consider that our Government managed to accumulate this much debt, and continues to add to it while the national Interest rates have been at historical lows for years. Imagine what our National Debt annual growth rate will be if our government continues to operate like the Obama administration has, as interest rates increase.

The United States 2015 year end National Debt as a percent of the U.S.2015 GDP was 104.17 percent (total GDP divided by total National Debt). Most economists believe that a national debt that exceeds a countries annual GDP is an almost insurmountable economic crisis, especially if that county’s’ GDP growth is anemic like ours is now. Both of these economic measurements indicate the U.S. economy will be even weaker on December 31, 2016. An interesting side note to this situation is that at one point during his presidency Obama and key members of his staff were bragging to the media that, “we are reducing the deficit at the fastest rate since the end of WWII”, and no one called them out on it!

One in five households in America does not have a single person with a job.

One in six males aged 18 to 34 in America are incarcerated or living with relative’s because they are unemployed. The number is even higher among non-white males.

Home ownership is at a 51 year low. Even with historically low interest rates since 2005 the American dream of owning your own home is out of reach for an increasing number of people.

Thirteen million more Americans are on food stamps than when Obama was sworn in to his first term as President.

Eight million more Americans are living in poverty than when Obama was sworn in to his first term as President.

Overall the Obama Administration has delivered the worst economic recovery since 1940.

The Democrats had a veto proof majority in both houses of congress during President Bush’s last two years of his last term in office. Obama also had a majority in both houses during his first two years in office. Even with this advantage the only major thing Obama and the Democrats managed to accomplish in that ten year period was “Obamacare”, which is in the final stage of its designed collapse.

The number of veterans who are homeless, hungry and dying due to a lack of proper medical care is increasing while the Obama administration spent hundreds of millions of dollars participating in international “man-made” climate change meetings, including the recent Paris meeting, where Obama pledged three billion U.S. dollars to help other countries fight “man-made” climate change.

In addition to wasting all this money and effort to combat what is called  “man-made” climate change (with more scientist beginning to question its existence), the U.S also gives economic aid to 96% of the other countries in the world. Some of it is labeled humanitarian aid but a lot of it is military aid.

Race relations are worse than they have been in remembered history. And they are worse in a different way. It is no longer non-violent protest over discrimination like it was in the 60’s. Now non-violent protests are being replaced with violent and destructive protests organized and led by paid anarchist with unreasonable and irrational demands.

Anti-Police violence is at an all-time high in America. Six police officers were shot in six days in Georgia, two fatally.

Gun violence is at record high rates in cities like Chicago, with some of the most restrictive guns laws in America. On average someone is shot in Chicago every two hours, yet Obama stood before TV cameras at a White House press conference and said that it is a fact that the cities with the most restrictive gun regulations have the lowest gun related crime rates.

International relations have been an absolute disaster under the Obama Administration. Benghazi, the current horrible situation in Syria, ISIS, Russia’s aggressive military actions in other countries, and China’s aggressive military build-up including building a man-made, high tech island military base are just a few examples of how dangerous our world has become during Obama’s two terms in office.

Obviously this article is not all-inclusive regarding the Obama legacy. However just what is listed here proves how inept and destructive the Obama administration has been.

What is still amazing, and terrifying me is the number of people in America who not only refuse to acknowledge how close America is to being destroyed, they are literally obsessed with keeping us on this path of destruction!

The Electoral College is Still a Critical Part of Our Constitutional Election Process

Every time I thought about the Founding Fathers throughout my life I always came to the same conclusion. These men were absolutely brilliant and their ability to understand human nature and predict the future was phenomenal!  The Electoral College is just one example of that.

The Electoral College was included in the Constitution to solve a significant set of problems that existed at the time, but when you consider the demographics of America today the Electoral College is still a critical part of our election process.

When the Constitution was written America had thirteen fiercely independent states, spread out over a thousand miles of the eastern sea coast, with a total population of about four million people. When you consider the fact that no formal established means of communication existed between the states, developing a method for holding fair and equitable national elections was a daunting task. That is why the Electoral College became part of our original Constitution. Without it certain key states would have carried such a majority of the votes that other states would not have had a voice in national elections, national affairs, or international affairs, and the United States of America would not have HAPPENED! 

The following explanation of the Electoral College process is posted on the US Government Archives

The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution in 1787 as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.

The selection of the electors, the meeting of the electors, where they vote for the President and Vice President and the counting of the electoral votes by Congress are all part of the process.

Today the Electoral College has 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President. Your state’s allotment of electors equals the number of members in its Congressional delegation: one for each member in the House of Representatives plus two for your Senators.

Under the 23rd Amendment of the Constitution, the District of Columbia is allocated 3 electors and treated like a state for purposes of the Electoral College. For this reason the word “state” also refers to the District of Columbia.

Each candidate running for President in your state has his or her own group of electors. The electors are generally chosen by the candidate’s political party, but state laws vary on how the electors are elected and what their responsibilities are.

Any changes to the Electoral College process require a Constitutional Amendment, which is NOT going to happen!

Today the lack of a formal established means of communication that the Founding Fathers faced has obviously been solved, but the demographics of America still justify the Electoral College process for choosing our President. Here are a few examples of why that is true:

  • California has approximately 12% of the total U.S. population.
  • Approximately 40% of the total U.S. population lives on the west coast and the central/north east coast.
  • Six of the states that issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants are on the west and central/north east coast, which adds to the potential voter rolls in those states.

These three statistics alone make it clear that without the Electoral College all our national elections would be decided by the states on the west and central/north east coast. Which means all national elections, and consequently national and international affairs would be decided by these states. That is the America our Founding Fathers were so afraid of!








How Can Trump “Drain the Swamp” When He Cannot Say “Your Fired” to Anyone in Washington? Here is How!

There are actually two distinct groups of people in Washington who cannot be fired, which is practically everyone there. The first group is our elected representatives in the U.S. House and Senate. They can only be “fired” (in an election) by the people they are supposed to be representing, which rarely happens because most of the people in Congress have gotten really good at staying in office. The second group of people who cannot be fired is Federal Government employees. Theoretically they can be fired but it almost never happens because they are protected by the most powerful, and corrupt work place rules governing employee discipline imaginable. Federal Government department and agency heads, managers, and supervisors DO NOT have the authority to discipline, much less suspend or fire subordinates. If someone in a position of authority in our Federal Government wants to discipline, suspend or fire a subordinate they must refer the employee to a committee of their peers to investigate the “alleged” misconduct and make recommendations for actions that may be taken against the employee. The committee’s review and recommended actions are then forwarded to a mediator for a final decision on recommended disciplinary action. There are three problems with this process. First, it takes too long for the process to be completed. Second, during this long drawn out process the person making the “allegations” against the employee and requesting disciplinary action is almost always subjected to various forms of workplace harassment and “work slowdowns” by other Federal Employees who want to prevent any future employee referral’s for disciplinary action.  And third, the process rarely results in any recommendations for discipline of any sort because the process is corrupted at every level. For instance at least some of the people on the review committee will be people who are determined to maintain the status quo regarding Federal Government employee “job security”. Consequently Federal Government employees are rarely referred to a committee for disciplinary action.

Some time ago I actually watched the Head of the VA testifying before a Congressional committee regarding his total lack of authority to discipline, suspend or fire anyone in the VA. It was actually infuriating to watch politicians on both sides of the aisle putting on a loud show of indignation as they pretended they did not know that was the situation and insisting that they would do something to change the “Washington” work place rules responsible for this situation. The truth is that Congress is actually responsible for such ridiculous work place rules being a fixed part of the Washington “culture” so I will really be surprised if anything about this situation changes in the near future, but we did get Trump elected to the Presidency, so there is hope.

So here is how President Trump can “drain the swamp”.

> First he can sign executive orders repealing Obama’s executive orders that empowered Federal agencies to go on a new rule making rampage of their own.

> Second he can “request” the resignation of existing Federal department and agency heads throughout the Federal Government. Some will resist but some will comply allowing him to replace them with better business people.

> Third he can appoint strong, ethical, constitutionalist to head all Federal Government departments and agencies with a mandate to “root out corruption” with referrals to the FBI for investigation and the DOJ for prosecution for criminal action. Note, this will be the first time in approximately 24 years that we will actually have a Department of Justice! Bill Clinton turned it into a “Department of Injustice” so he could use it to carry out his personal agenda items. President Bush could not fix it because 911 happened seven months and 21 days after he was sworn in. As a result the efforts to fight terror while rebuilding our intelligence service and national defense capabilities consumed all of Washington’s time and efforts throughout most of his two terms as President. And then Obama immediately elevated it to a “Department of Injustice” on steroids with every other Federal department and agency immediately following suit. As soon as President Trump appoints a new Attorney General and  Federal Government employees start getting prosecuted for criminal behavior, I feel certain that we will start to see some people in Federal government jobs begin to “clean up their act and others voluntarily resigning.

> Fourth, President Trump can begin to work with Congress on a serious Federal Government reorganization plan beginning with the elimination of the Department of Education.

Why do I think these four steps will begin to “drain the swamp” and continue at an accelerating rate? Because President Trump is a strong negotiator and the “mood” of the American electorate, which was initially visible in the 2014 mid-term elections and then made abundantly clear on November 8, 2016 sent a clear message to Congress that they want the “swamp drained” now!




The Big Lie, About Obama’s Approval Rating

For some time now I have been hearing about Obama’s approval being at “record highs”. This morning I heard that it was at 58%. I find it odd that very few who report on Obama’s approval rating, including Fox, acknowledge who provided the report and its origin. or dares to publicly question it? This is just one more example of the media being PC. The price for the media to not be pc is simply too high. It is extremely rare for anyone to dare to publicly question anything about Obama personally! I have also noticed that on the rare occasion when people in media do question any Obama  actions they usually preface their comments, or end them with saying how much they admire Obama, or a similar statement. The price to do otherwise is apparently too high in American media.  A perfect example of this is Charles Krauthammer, a regular Fox News contributor. He is a Dr. (Psychiatrist) who has never been intimidated by anything, including being permanently paralyzed from the neck down when he was in medical school. He still graduated with his class with honors, married his long time sweetheart, has children,  drives his own specially built car which he operates entirely with only his fingers on his right hand, has a very accomplished  career as a columnist  and Fox News contributor, and writes bestselling books. In short he is a very successful person and the consummate professional. During Obama’s first term he said that in his professional opinion Obama was a “pathological narcissist”. A few days later he made the public observation that he would not be making a public analysis of anyone again. The firestorm he must have endured to be “cowed” to this point is inconceivable! Note, I actually researched the term “pathological narcissists” and it seemed to me that it was a “text book” diagnosis for Obama.

The Fox report on Obama’s approval ratings this morning was in  the context that he was the first President in history to be the ”star”  in a Presidential campaign when he was not the candidate. On a side note they did report that Obama mentioned himself 207 times in recent campaign speeches including saying that if Trump is elected the Obama legacy will be destroyed!

Anyone who has been interested in history and followed current events at any level over the last few decades, or even in recent years has to be amazed at how biased (corrupt) and arrogant the Main Stream Media (MSM) has become in their reporting and opinion of the “average citizen” in America since Obama became a presidential candidate. The Obama approval rating and how the MSM reports on it, and Obama personally are glaring examples of how Politically Correct (P.C). America has become.

When anyone who supports Hillary is asked a simple question,, “can you name one thing Hillary accomplished as Secretary of State” they cannot  answer the question. The same thing happens when you change it to “her 30 years in public service”. The facts are that she did accomplish a lot, but none of it was good! I believe that history will show that Obama’s record will be SIGNIFICANTLY worse than Hillary’s (unless she is elected President) because he had unlimited opportunity to build a public record during his two terms as President of the United States of America. Unfortunately getting elected President, and reelected, was his only “positive” accomplishment (the first person of color to be elected to be President of the United States of America).

I am absolutely certain that history will show that Obama was the WORSE President in American history. He will leave America in such a weak position in every way that it is doubtful that we can recover! Yet he and his rabid sycophant supporters continue to “scream” about his extraordinary accomplishments? It is still astonishing to me that so many people not only believe this but angrily argue that this is true?  We have clearly reached the epitome in PC politics in America.

I first became aware of how being PC was becoming more noticeable in American politics when I got more involved in politics during the Jimmy Carter years. I noticed that America was becoming more polarized politically and I am sorry to say less patriotic. I was happy and proud to see that this changed to a noticeable positive degree during the Regan years with more Americans being less political and more focused on what was good for America. Political polarization came back with a vengeance during the Clinton Presidency but largely disappeared during President (43) Bush’s presidency when Americans put America first and rallied around the president after 911. However this welcome reduction in being PC and the surge in patriotism only lasted into the first part of President Bush’s second term. Then PC politics began to “rear its ugly head” again, exploded during Obama’s Presidential campaign and went on steroids during his time in the Oval Office. As I studied and wrote about the Obama Administration’s obsession with PC politics it became clear that throughout history there has been a direct correlation between a rise in PC politics and a direct decline in Patriotism.  This is very obvious anytime you are exposed to the MSM in America today.

Obama’s legacy in history will be that his Administration was so obsessed with being PC that his Presidency was an absolute failure in every way. For some time now I have been convinced that the Obama Administration will leave America in such a weak position in every way that it is doubtful that we can recover. I am so convinced of this that I began to research, document and write detailed articles about it earlier this an effort to educate people about what is really happening in America. This will be my 45th article to date and hopefully not my last (depending on the current election results).

I normally do not post articles that have what could be too may distracting links. Consequently I am posting only links to two of my 44 recent articles at the bottom of this article in an effort to make my case that the Obama Administration has been an absolute failure in every way. Equally disappointing is that the Obama Administration and their sycophant supporters, including the MSM literally scream about all the great things this administration has accomplished (ABSOLUTE LIES). One obvious example of the ridiculous lies is, “we are reducing the deficit at the fasted rate in history”! Really!!!???  And I have not seen anyone in the media, except some people on Fox News, call the Obama Administration out on this ridiculous lie?

The first article I linked below is about our national debt exceeding our Gross Domestic Product.(it is not as complicated as it seems. Please read the article). To put this in perspective the only time in history this has happened in America was late in WWII and we lived in an entirely different time then patriotically and politically. Throughout history it has been extremely rare for a country to survive a national debt crisis like this. The Liberals love to “blame it on Bush” and now “blame it on Republicans”: but the facts prove otherwise.

The second article linked  below is about the real unemployment rate in America. The Obama Administration loudly brags about how many jobs it has created and that they have brought unemployment down to 4.9%. Really!!?? The facts prove it is the opposite!

Counting this one, there are now 45 articles posted on my website and on two other public forums that I write for but I think these two adequately explain why America cannot survive a Hillary Presidency.



Obamacare was Designed to Collapse so it Could be Replaced with Government Run Healthcare for Everyone

I have heard people say that the collapse of Obamacare was pre-planned ever since its inception and implementation. However it was only in recent months that I became convinced that this is absolutely true! It is common knowledge that a long time dream of the liberal Left is to replace ALL healthcare in America with a single payer, Government run VA style healthcare program. When a “single payer healthcare system” is established there will NOT be any private healthcare providers or institutions left operating in America. That means that everybody in America will be forced into that single payer plan, including people currently enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, private insurance, and people who are currently uninsured.

However the Liberals knew that the increase in healthcare premiums and deductibles, for everybody every year since Obamacare was implemented, would not be enough to force everyone into a single payer healthcare system. So at the same time that Obamacare was implemented they implemented the second part of their carefully planned effort to take over healthcare in America. The second part of their plan is to increasingly deny healthcare to patients and increasingly reduce reimbursement to health care providers for services rendered (which will eventually force them out of business).

My conclusion that there is a twofold plan being executed to take over healthcare in America is based on my personal healthcare experiences in recent years, especially this year, plus conversations with friends and health care providers about their healthcare experiences since Obamacare was implemented, and now recent reports that Obamacare premiums will increase as much as 116% in some states January 1. Here are a few examples:

  • I was forced into Medicare when I turned 65 by my private healthcare coverage provider.
  • My Medicare premium, which is deducted from my Social Security check is being “means tested” What that means is that I am charged more than the basic monthly premium each month based on my and my wife’s annual income and it is going up another $40 each month on January 1.
  • I chose to also pay for a second healthcare provider in addition to Medicare to assure I had full coverage. This second coverage provider has changed every year since I signed up for Medicare except this year. I am currently Medicare/United Health Care (UHC) with UHC being the secondary coverage and administrator for my coverage for both plans.
  • My wife’s health care provider has changed every year since Obamacare was implemented except one. She will be forced into Medicare with UHC as a secondary carrier when she turns 65 this month. She got a letter from Medicare yesterday informing her that both of our Medicare premiums will go up $12 a month this month because we file a joint tax return?
  • My wife and I lost our individual, $1,000, preventive care budget on January 1 the year after Obamacare was implemented and our deductibles increased (we were not on Obamacare).
  • In September one of my healthcare providers tried to get approval for a critical back procedure for me over the phone. My insurance providers refused to approve it over the phone so I had to wait two weeks, in pain, for the procedure.
  • My health care coverage providers required me to have an extensive evaluation before they would approve any more treatments for my accelerating back problems. I say again, it was a required evaluation. Last week I got a letter from UHC informing me that they were declining to pay for the required extensive evaluation and I was responsible for the total cost of $912.
  • I was scheduled for a new MRI to evaluate my treatment options for my increasing levels of back and hip pain. My health care provider approved the procedure and it was scheduled. Two days after the MRI I got a letter from UHC informing me that the procedure was approved however “ This approval did not guarantee that the plan will pay for the service(s).”
  • Out of my total medical expenses this year (YTD June end) that were billed by my medical care providers (which have been considerable), my combined healthcare coverage paid a total reimbursement of 08% and I had to pay 01% including my up-front deductibles. Some charges were reimbursed at a slightly higher percent, others at a lower percent and some were reimbursed at “.00” %! Note, I just received my September YTD medical care summary and the total reimbursement for medical services billed dropped to .06% with my combined healthcare coverage providers only paying .05% with me being responsible for the other .01% including my upfront deductibles. There were more treatments and procedures reimbursed at .00% in the 3rd quarter than there was in the first six months of the year!  And as a condition of accepting health care coverage reimbursements the healthcare providers cannot require the patient to pay more than their plan’s deductibles, or other charges their healthcare provider dictates (like the $912 example noted above). They are also requiring so much “red tape” that many healthcare providers cannot comply. Even if you consider some healthcare providers may be overbilling for certain services, no healthcare provider can stay in business with this level of reimbursement.  Especially when you consider the patients who cannot pay their upfront deductibles (I have witnessed this repeatedly while sitting in waiting rooms).
    • > My primary care Doctor sold his practice to the local hospital chain and left the profession.
    • > My eye Doctor stopped treating patients with any combination of Medicare insurance coverage so I have to pay him cash for my annual checkups.

As noted above I am now absolutely certain that the liberal Left is executing their carefully calculated plan to destroy America’s Healthcare system and replace it with their “dream single payer healthcare system”! It is also undeniable that a single payer healthcare system is the centerpiece for Socialism!

Note, the liberal Left referred to here is the Obama Administration since day 1 of his presidency and the Democrats in Congress since January 20, 2006 (when they had a veto proof majority during the last two years of President (43) Bush’s administration.

This election is our last chance to save our Republic!  I am repeating what I said last week. If you voted for Obama and still support Hillary, please look at history! No form of Communism/Socialism (no matter what it was called) has been successful since mankind began recording our history!

Obamacare, Just One of Many Reasons Why this Election is Critical

As we get closer to the end of this election more information about the Left’s lies and corruption becomes public every day. These reports include details about rampant voter fraud and intimidation in many areas of the country with the Department of Injustice and Federal Election Commission ignoring the fraud, and actually facilitating it in some instances. Plus there is an endless stream of reports about incompetence, fraud and mismanagement throughout the government including the corruption in the FBI in its deliberate mishandling of Emailgate. With all that is happening and being reported by FOX and other select media, and then being shared on Face Book and twitter, it seems like Obamacare problems and issues are somewhat old news. However, with all that just became public about Obamacare it is obvious that this election will determine if Obamacare is replaced with something better or something worse. “Something worse” is a single payer system, which is government run healthcare like the VA for everyone!

The arrogant indifference to the truth and the rule of law displayed by the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress regarding the “Affordable Care Act” inception, approval, implementation and administration has been inconceivable from the beginning. To use an old quote, you would “have to be living under a rock” to have missed hearing the lies and insults to the “average American” made by Obama, Democrats and people like Johnathan Gruber. You would also have to be “living under a rock” to NOT be aware of the stream of illegal Executive Orders that Obama issued during the implementation of Obamacare. Some of the most notable lies/insults were:

  • We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.
  • If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.
  • If you like your health care plan you can keep you health care plan.
  • We are going to bend the cost of health care curve down.
  • Jonathan Gruber said at a conference about Obamacare, “the law was written to hide crucial details from an American public too dumb to understand.…..” (Gruber is the MIT professor who was involved in drafting the original Obamacare plan).

Of course none of these lies, or any of the other lies told over the years are even remotely true. What I and my wife have experienced since the implementation of Obamacare (and we are not even on Obamacare) is the absolute opposite of what was promised, and our experience has been mild compared to what many Americans have experienced. Our Doctor sold his private practice to the local hospital chain and left the profession, we lost our $1,000 annual preventative care allowance, our deductibles have increased, I have had to wait for approvals for certain treatments, it is harder to get appointments with our new primary care Doctor, our premiums have increased, we have been forced to change carriers every year except this year and our Eye Doctor stopped accepting our current coverage so I have to pay him in cash for my annual checkups (I am over 65  so I am Medicare/United Health Care). Regarding my Medicare coverage, my private medical care coverage provider required me to change to it as my primary coverage when I turned 65. My monthly premium for Medicare has been “means tested” (based on our joint annual income) since I signed up for the plan. What that means is that my monthly Medicare premium, which is deducted from my Social Security check, is $66 more than the normal base cost, and it will increase another $40 on January 1. My wife will be forced into the same situation when she turns 65 next Month.

Regarding premium increases, the Obama Administration now acknowledges that in January there will be a “double digit increase” in monthly premiums. When pressed by some members of the media, the Administration said the increases would “average 25 percent”. According to some reports I saw yesterday and this morning, in some states it will be well over 100 per cent, which basically makes it unaffordable for people and families who are not eligible for Government assistance with their premiums.

In addition to the illegal Executive Orders issued by Obama during the implementation of Obamacare let’s not forget the billions of dollars wasted on the development of state exchanges intended to manage Obamacare in each state, which have already failed or are now failing.

Regarding Insurance carriers who are participating in Obamacare and offering coverage in some states as a secondary partner with Medicare, the numbers are steadily declining and choices are constantly changing. As noted above, the insurance carrier that offered coverage for me as a partner with Medicare has changed every year since Obamacare was implemented except this year. This is another thing the Obama Administration continues to lie about.  The Obama Administration recently bragged about thirteen new insurance providers joining Obamacare in January in various states, but did not mention the 83 carriers that are dropping out of the program on January 1.In some states that will leave only one insurance provider in the program.

And one more new lie is that over 20 million people who did not have insurance before Obamacare was implemented now have insurance coverage. The truth is that the number is actually only 13 million and the majority of those are on Medicaid, which is totally Government (tax payer) funded, and many medical care providers will not accept patients who are covered by Medicaid.

And last but not least, does anyone really know how many people are forced to work part time because their employer will not provide health care coverage or cannot afford to provide it?  Or how many people refuse to work overtime or earn extra income because if they do they will lose their Obamacare subsidy? Obamacare is not only destroying our healthcare system it is hurting our economy badly and limiting some working people’s professional growth!

As I have written in past articles, the choice is clear in this election! Like him or not Trump is clearly the only choice if we want to save our Republic. Note to those of you who are supporting Hillary, look at history. No form of “Communism/Socialism” has been successful since the beginning of recorded history….

p.s. The new Democratic talking point is, “The current Obamacare problems are the Republicans fault because they blocked proposed plan fixes” ! Really?