The Left Cannot Believe That it Lost the Election and Continues to lose!

In several of my past articles I noted that the Democrats get up every morning with a text message, voice mail or electronic memo telling them what the party’s talking points are for the day. All you have to do to recognize this is watch and listen anytime a Democrat steps up to a microphone. The Democratic Party leadership also keeps a tight rein on its member to assure that they stay “on” these talking points. Note to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tom Perez and Keith Ellison: This is NOT working well for your party now, but please keep doing it!

The Democratic Party’s obsession with “our way or else” has been happening for a long time, but now it has reached a point where the party’s leadership has completely lost touch with what is actually happening in America. It appears that the party’s leadership also still believes that anyone who helps carry out the party’s agenda is immune to any negative consequences, regardless of what they do.

What is happening in America now:

  • After many months of investigations by Congressional committees and the Special Council, and a waste of millions of dollars of taxpayer money, there has not been a single thread of evidence produced confirming any Trump Russian collusion, or any attempts to interfere in the November 2018 election. The “Russia, Russia, Russia Collision” story is not only dying, it is focusing unwanted attention on the Democrats (who did actually collude with Russia).
  • The “Russia, Russia, Russia Collision” story has been replaced with the Democrats loudly claiming that Trump “Obstructed” justice when he fired Comey in an attempt to cover up the “Russia Collusion”. The “Obstruction of Justice” claim includes a reference to it being the basis for impeaching Trump.
  • The Main Stream Media continues to help the “Washington Cesspool” attack everything Trump, including fabricating “news” that is very detrimental to the Trump Presidency and America. One recent “fake news” report caused a short lived stock market crash, forced CNN to issue a public retraction of the report and the “reporter” who wrote the “fake news” story was suspended.
  • Information is becoming public that Mueller and various high ranking people in the DOJ and FBI were involved in Hillary’s “e-mail gate” cover up. Hillary and her staff were basically given a free pass while General Flynn and several other people are being prosecuted for allegedly lying to the FBI (not colluding with Russia).
  • Undeniable proof is being made public about various ranking DOJ and FBI staff working to protect Hillary and defeat Trump, and now they are working to impeach President Trump. The information that was made public about their unethical, and in some cases criminal activities is so “damning” that some of the Clinton/Obama “holdovers” had to be “reassigned” to try and cover up their activities.
  • Four Clinton/Obama “holdovers” have been charged with and convicted of crimes for illegally “unmasking” Trump campaign staff, transition staff, or staff members after he was sworn in. Information obtained in the illegal “unmasking” was then illegally leaked to the MSM. This is just the cases that have been publicly acknowledged. I am sure there are a lot more that are still sealed.
  • There are currently 27 open active investigations about Clinton/Obama “holdovers” illegally “unmasking” Trump campaign staff, transition staff and staff members after he was sworn in, and then illegally leaking information obtained during the illegal “unmasking” to the MSM. This is just the number of cases that has been publicly acknowledged. I am sure there are a lot more that have not been publicly acknowledged yet.
  • Obama and his supporters continue to constantly and publicly blast President Trump and his supporters. In a recent speech at an international climate change forum Obama apologized for America not being part of the forum, said that absence was “temporary” and that it was due to America “being leaderless right now”! And we thought that Jimmy Carter was a mean spirited, small, little man after he left the White House!

This is just a small sample of what the “Washington Cesspool” is doing in its continuing efforts to destroy America and make it part of a “One World Order”.

The Left is really going to “freak out” after the November 2018 and 2020 elections!  Wake up “Washington Cesspool”.  Middle America is wide awake and angry.



The Obamaites are Still Doing Everything They Can to Destroy the Trump Presidency!

Urban Dictionary: Obamaite  – A blind follower of the prophet Obama. A person who pays no attention to his socialist policies or his radical associations with people like Bill Ayers and Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and will refute any negative claim about him, even if it is fact. He will say that you are smearing Obama, and that Obama never plays those political games.

Based on my observations the “Obamaites” have little to no concern that what they are doing is unethical, criminal, or even treasonous

“Obamaites” come from many segments of our population. Two things make them “Obamaites”:

  • An obsession with all things Obama.
  • An extreme hatred for any political belief that opposes Obama’s political views.

“Obamaites” usually fit into one of the following categories:

  • They are still working in various Federal Government jobs. These are Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Obama “holdovers” that have not been fired yet. Many of them are in positions of authority. These “Obamaites” are especially unconcerned that what they are doing is unethical, criminal or even treasonous. The number of “Obamaites” still working in Federal Government positions is slowly being reduced. It is being reduced slowly because of the depth and size of the “Washington Cesspool”.
  • Former Clinton and Obama Administration officials that have become public figures like Brennen and Clapper who are spending as much time in front of TV cameras as they can attacking everything Trump. Note: Brennen and Clapper were typical Obama Administration staffers. They lied to Congress under oath about their Department’s activities on more than one occasion.
  • Members of organized groups like “Antifa” and “BLM” with an expressed desire to destroy America and make it part of the “one world order”, and a willingness to accomplish this by any means necessary.
  • Elected officials whose only interest is self-aggrandizement regardless of the effect of their actions on America.
  • “Sheeple” – People who blindly follow the political entity that promises them the most freebies from the government.

Those of us that believe in the Constitution and America must do three things to assure that the “Obamaites” do not win.

  • Turn off and stand against the Main Stream Media.
  • Stay active politically to assure that there is a big turnover in elected officials in the November 2018 elections.
  • Give the Trump Administration the time it needs to drain the “Washington Cesspool”.

We can defeat the “Obamaites” if we preserver!


The Democrat’s, RINO Republican’s, and MSM’s Obsession with the Alleged Trump Russia, Collusion, is “Backfiring” Loudly Against Them!

After almost two years of intense scrutiny not a single bit of evidence has been found that proves there was any collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign regarding our 2016 Presidential election. In fact the opposite is true!  More evidence is being uncovered that it was the Democrats and “Never Trumpers” who “meddled” in the election with the enthusiastic support of the Main Stream Media. There is also more evidence emerging that indicates that the Clintons openly engaged in criminal activity (probably actually treason) when she was Obama’s Secretary of State, in exchange for huge amounts of illegal money from Russians! Her actions were approved by Eric Holder and the Obama White House and even “buried” to keep the American people from knowing about it.

Here are a few examples of the “Backfiring”:

  • It was recently revealed that Samantha Powers, Obama’s U.N. Ambassador, requested the “unmasking” of an extraordinary number of Trump campaign and transition staff members. During an extended period of time she averaged more than one request per day! This is not just unethical it is ILLEGAL! When questioned about it recently before a Congressional committee she denied making that many request and at one point in her testimony she even suggested someone else must have done a lot of those request using her name. She is the wife of Ezekiel Emanuel, who is the brother of Rahm Emanuel. Ezekiel was a co-author of Obamacare. He is a strong advocate of “Single Payer” (Government healthcare) with “death panels”.
  • Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor also requested the “unmasking” of an unprecedented number of Trump campaign and transition staff members. When originally asked about this on camera she loudly denied it, which proved to be an outright lie. She is scheduled to testify about this before Congress in the near future. She was also the “public face” of the Obama and Clinton Benghazi cover up, which ultimately prevented Obama from appointing her to the U.N. Ambassador position that went to Samantha Powers.  .
  • A “consulting firm”, Fusion GPS, whose primary partner is a former British MI6 agent, was hired to build a file that would prove that president Trump has deep Russia connections and colluded with the Russians to get elected President. To date Fusion GPS has not produced any actual evidence of President Trump, his campaign or transition staff colluding with the Russians. As of last week Fusion GPS was refusing to testify before Congressional committees or provide any information regarding who funded their activities!
  • The FBI suddenly found that documents about the infamous Clinton and Lynch tarmac meeting do actually exist and has agreed to turn them over to Judicial Watch in response to a FOIA request.
  • The Podesta Group, an international consulting company with extensive ties to Russian companies dating back several years, is now part of Special Prosecutor Muller’s “Russia Meddling” investigation. Initial indications are that the Podesta Group was not properly registered with the Federal Government, which was required for them to legally represent foreign entities in the U.S. John Podesta, Hillary’s Presidential campaign chairman was an active partner in the Podesta Group until he became Hillary’s campaign Chairman. At that time he “removed himself” from his “position”: with the organization.
  • The Clinton Uranium deal while she was Secretary of State is also the focus of new Congressional investigation. I am sure the investigation will become, if it is not already, a significant part of Special Prosecutor Muller’s “Russia Meddling” investigation. There has been a lot written about this over the last few months, including in several of the articles I have published. Hillary has loudly denied it happened including in an on camera interview on October. However the evidence is over whelming that it happened in exchange for huge sums of money being directed to the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton from Russian companies with direct connections to the Russian government. New information ties Eric Holder into the deal and now Loretta Lynch who helped silence a whistle blower with first-hand knowledge of the deal. And now even the ultraliberal New York Times is reporting that the deal happened and the uranium is illegally leaving the U.S. It has also come to light that Muller, who was the Director of the FBI at the time, had an open investigation into the deal that was ultimately buried by the Obama Administration. I am confident that more of the Main Stream Media will be treating this as “front page” news soon!


As noted earlier, after almost two years no one has been able to produce any credible evidence against the Trump campaign or transition staff indicating any collusion with Russia involving the Presidential election. However the evidence indicating Democratic Russia connections is starting to PILE UP!

President Trump is Decisively Dealing With America’s Problems!

Pesident Trump is taking bold and LEGAL action to solve many of America’s long running problems in spite of a worthless Congress. Trump’s actions are forcing our self-centered and “do nothing” Congress to take legal action to deal with these things like they were supposed to do originally. In addition to Congress President Trump is also working against a totally dishonest Main Stream Media that is obsessed with helping destroy the Trump Presidency.

He rescinded Obama’s illegal DACA order that Congress has not bothered to fix.  The recension gives Congress six months to solve the problem legally. With the clear understanding that Congress is going to have to negotiate with him or he will veto whatever they send to his desk.

He rescinded Obama’s illegal Obamacare subsidies, which Congress did not agree to or do legally. Congress still has a short window to repeal and replace Obamacare with something that could actually work for the American people.

He signed an Executive Order directing the insurance regulatory agencies to remove any regulations that prevented people or groups from buying insurance across state lines. The order also directed the regulatory agencies to allow individuals to form groups, or join existing groups so they could buy insurance at lower group rates and to allow individuals to buy lower priced insurance plans that did not require people to buy coverage they did not need, like single males being required to buy coverage that had maternity benefits.

He refused to re-certify the ridiculous Iran Nuclear Deal. This effectively throws it back into Congress’ lap to try and make it better for America and the rest of the free world.

He and his Administration have dealt quickly and decisively with multiple disastrous hurricanes, multiple disastrous California wild fires and the worse mass murder in modern U.S. history.

He has met, and positively influenced, more world leaders in his first few months in office than Obama did in his eight years in office. Many world leaders are beginning to respect America again, and in many cases actually work with us to solve some of the world’s problems. This is happening in spite of the Democrat’s and RINO Republican’s rants to the contrary, the Main Stream Media’s obsession with dishonest reporting and fake news, and Obama “holdover’s” who are continuing their efforts to sabotage the Trump Presidency.

Nine months after President Trump was sworn in the ISIS capital of Raqqa was taken by a U.S. backed coalition of fighting forces!  It is amazing what is being accomplished with a change in the Commander in Chief, new battle tested military Commanders with the authority to make the decisions necessary to accomplish their objectives, and a change in the “Rules of Engagement”!

President Trump is accomplishing all this and more in spite of the fact that many of his chosen appointees, to various top positions in his administration, are being deliberately delayed by the Senate. This is another way that President Trump has exhibited his Senior Executive and Manager skills. He simply appointed qualified people to “acting positions” and watched the results to assure that they are doing the jobs well.

This is only a sample of what an amazing job President Trump is doing in spite of an unbelievable number of road blocks being constantly thrown out in front of him by the America hating “Never Trumpers”. This is a classic example of the difference between a highly qualified, skilled and successful MANAGER (President Trump) compared to an incompetent loser who constantly surrounds himself with incompetent sycophants and fails at everything (Obama). I wrote a detailed article about this in April and posted it here:



Is Congress so Broken That It Cannot Be Fixed?

All indications are that the answer to that question is YES, but we are about to find out for sure.

Here are just a few of the things Congress must get done, many of them this month:

  • Hurricane Harvey relief
  • Probably hurricane Irma relief
  • Re-approve the FAA
  • Raise the federal debt ceiling
  • Renew CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program)
  • Approve a Federal budget.
  • Solve the DACA issue/Immigration Reform.
  • Fix or replace Obamacare
  • Pass comprehensive tax reform
  • Pass an infrastructure bill
  • Fix the budget cuts forced on the military, homeland security, and the VA by the 2011 Budget Control Bill (Sequestration)

When the Democrats held the majority position in both Houses of Congress and had Obama in the White House for two years, all they accomplished was to pass a badly flawed healthcare bill. In fact Obamacare was so flawed that Obama had to illegally modify it repeatedly with executive orders. When the Democrats lost the majority position in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 Harry Reid used his leadership position in the Senate to block practically every bill the House passed for the next four years. When the Republicans got a Senate majority position in 2014 Obama vetoed any bills that got to his desk that he or the Democrats did not like, which was just about all bills passed by the Republican controlled Congress. While Harry Reid blocked and Obama vetoed, Obama continued to “rule” America by executive order.

From 2010 through 2016 the Democrats and the Main Stream Media (MSM) constantly blamed a totally dysfunctional Federal Government on “Republican obstruction” when most Republicans were just refusing to support Congressional, Federal agency, and White House actions that they truly believed were not good for America. Now that the Republicans hold a majority in both Houses of Congress and a Republican is President many Democrats are publicly saying that they will refuse to support any Republican proposals regardless of what they are, but I am not hearing the MSM calling them “obstructionist”?

With some Republicans being RINOs (Republican in name only), especially in the Senate, I do not believe the level of dysfunction that exist in Washington today will change until 2019 (after the November 2018 elections). The “Washington Cesspool” has become too self-serving and too “tone deaf” to recognize what is happening in Middle America now. It is going to take another Conservative Patriotic turnout at the ballot boxes in Middle America in November 2018 to begin to empty the “Cesspool”.



Business Management 101, Trump Versus Obama! What is the Difference Between Successful Business Managers and Incompetent LOOSER Managers?

One of the most basic rules of business that is taught in introductory classes in Business Management schools is, “The most successful Business Managers are the managers that are always trying to hire their replacements”. The initial response to a college professor telling students this is always one of the following:

  1. A look of obvious dismay on the students face, followed by the question, “If I do that will I not always have to worry about them trying to get me fired so they can get my job”?
  2. A brief thoughtful expression on the students face, followed by an observation, “That makes sense because they will be constantly working to get ME promoted so they can be promoted”.

I still have clear memories of the college professor who explained the “rule” to my entry level Business Management class, and watching the other students in my class react to it. During my entire professional career in Manager and Senior Executive Positions I saw many managers whose management philosophy was clearly described by “reaction” number 1 or number 2 above. I never saw a case where a manager whose management philosophy was described by reaction number 2 who was not successful. Nor did I ever see a manager whose management philosophy was described as reaction number 1 who did not fail miserably while they were in a manager position.

When you think about these two business philosophies, “reaction” number 1 or 2, you will notice there is a simple way to describe successful business managers versus looser business managers. Successful business managers are totally driven to succeed while looser managers are obsessed with protecting their job.

How does this article’s introduction apply to President Trump and Obama? If you look at the two men as a whole, their training and education, their business and people skills, and their work ethic, it is undeniable that President Trump is a textbook “reaction” number 2 manager and Obama is a textbook “reaction” number 1 manager.

President Trump worked to educate himself and build a lifelong resume of business successes. His work ethic is remarkable. He regularly works 18 hours a day, and most of the time seven days a week. Even when he is not “officially” working he is still thinking about work and working at some level. He is constantly evaluating the people around him, listening to them, talking to them, advising them and empowering them. He is totally “success oriented”. He is a text book business professional, over achiever and American Patriot.

Obama’s education and work history was all “me focused”. None of it required any management skills or contributed to the development of any management skills. He is arrogant and self-centered. He has a terrible work ethic, he is lazy. When he was President he preferred to avoid hard decisions and have dinner with the family every day that he was not in “campaign mode”. He cannot be counted on to tell the truth when it does not fit his immediate agenda. He is an absolute text book example of “reaction” number 1. He is totally “me” driven versus being “success” driven. And he clearly dislikes America as it is today.

There have been endless books and articles written about these two men. Here is a small sample of both men’s past actions that confirm that President Trump is a “reaction” number 2 manager and Obama is a “reaction” number 1 manager:

President Trump:

Graduated from a prestigious business college.

Spent a lifetime building one of the most successful, international construction, property ownership and property management businesses in the world.

Works at surrounding himself with the most qualified and successful people in the business world.

Empowers people who report to him to make decisions and carry out all duties they are authorized to do to maximize the performance of their assigned departments or agencies.  Rex Tillerson’s, Jeff Session’s’ and John Kelly’s recent actions on the world stage are perfect examples of President Trump’s “reaction” number 2 business philosophy. Rex Tillerson actually stood in the Korean DMZ and quietly but very firmly stated America’s policy on international relations and keeping America safe.

Opened a very successful dialogue with China’s President regarding Korea and China being a better business partner with the U.S. Not only is the Chinese President taking action to help us with the North Korea crisis, he is communicating with President Trump and other top level Chinese officials are communicating with U.S. officials.


Had his college and law school records sealed, but from what has become public he was not an outstanding student. Nor did he complete courses or engage in any activities that helped him be qualified to do anything other than be a community organizer or “second rate” lawyer.

After law school he spent his time writing a self- aggrandizing book while “pretending to be a law school professor”, working as a “community organizer” and then making his first political move which was finagling a seat in the Illinois State Legislator.

As President he worked at surrounding himself with the most unqualified, ideological, sycophants imaginable. Van Jones is a perfect example of the people Obama surrounded himself with. Jones was a declared Socialist, “9/11 Truther, has a criminal record and had absolutely no qualifications to be Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar”.

Made sure that no one who worked for him at any level would dare deviate from the Obama “current public policy” on any issue.

Mismanaged America’s international relations so badly that no other country trusted us, respected us or feared us while he was President.

During his eight years in office Obama was the perfect person for the hard Left Democratic Party to use to solidify their unnegotiable goal to destroy America and make it part of the “One World Order”.

We have only 18 months until the 2018 midterm elections, but I am cautiously optimistic that President Trump with his staff and Cabinet Secretaries (when he finally gets all of them approved by the Senate), can fix many of the problems in America and insure that America will be a strong Constitutional Republic for many years to come. However, he still needs the support of every Patriotic American who stood up in November 2016 and said, “no more”. We cannot sit down and become silent if we want to keep the America we love and want today’s youth to have the privilege to grow up in it,  live in it and pass it on to their children.

Author’s note: I have researched, written and posted detailed articles about everything I have touched on here and more. You can find them all here on this website.

Successful Patriotic Federal Government Cabinet Members and Department Heads Versus Failed Idealogues

I have heard and read a lot of Liberal “displeasure” regarding President Elect Trump’s picks for his Cabinet.  Many Liberals are especially upset that so many of Trump’s picks have long and successful careers in the private sector and are wealthy. Why? That does not surprise me at all. It is just one more example of how irrational, incompetent, and in many cases corrupt Obama’s Liberal base is.

There are two basic rules that all successful business people follow. These rules have never failed to prove to be RIGHT. They are:

  1. You can delegate authority but not responsibility. This means that if you are the person “in charge” you are ultimately responsible for EVERYTHING that the people reporting to you do.
  2. The most successful managers are the ones who are always trying to “hire their replacement”. What this means is that the most successful people in the business world are the people who, when they have a job opening to fill, work very hard at filling that position with the most qualified and successful person they can hire.

There is never any justification for making exceptions to either of these two basic rules.

These basic rules do not just apply to the free enterprise business world. They also apply to our government beginning with the President. It is especially important when the President is making his picks for his Cabinet and Department heads. An obvious example of a President/executive who failed miserably at following these basic rules of business, numerous times, is Obama. He appointed sycophant ideologues to every position he had the authority to fill and then every time there was a major mistake made by, or worse a corrupt act carried out by, any branch of the Federal Government, he said that he first “heard about it in the news”.

All of the members of a President’s cabinet are absolutely critical to the Presidents success in taking care of America and positively influencing what happens in the rest of the world. Two that are especially critical are the Secretary of State and the U.S. Attorney General. 

Regarding the Secretary of State, when you compare Hillary and John Kerry to Rex Tillerson the difference in their resumes is SHOCKING!  Hillary’s entire adult life is a public record open book beginning with her being a devoted Saul Alinsky disciple in college, to her record of deliberate gross negligence, incompetence and treason while she was Secretary of State. John Kerry’s entire adult life is also a public record open book with the highlights being a failed Presidential run and ending with four years racing around the world being an Obama sycophant promoting Obama’s failed international policies. Rex Tillerson’s record is one of a lifetime of hard earned personal success in one of the most competitive (ruthless) industries in the world. He began his career at ExxonMobil as an entry level Production Engineer straight out of college. He spent his entire career there eventually working his way up the ladder to be the company’s top executive in 2006. Under his leadership the company has done extremely well including doing business in many foreign countries. One of the many reasons that ExxonMobil has been so successful doing business in many foreign countries is that it has its own private “State Department” in its corporate headquarters. Quoting “Bloomberg Business Week”, “Behind the walls of ExxonMobil’s secluded corporate headquarters outside Dallas, Texas a little-known intelligence unit works to keep top executives informed on economic, social and political situations around the world so they never walk into a foreign negotiation unprepared. The analysts compile risk profiles for every place Exxon has assets, personnel or may be considering investing”.  As noted earlier the differences in the resumes of Hillary, Kerry and Rex Tillerson are SHOCKING!  Rex Tillerson’s resume is a perfect example of what a Cabinet Member’s resume should be!

Regarding the U.S, Attorney General (AG), when you compare the resumes of Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and Jeff Sessions the difference is SHOCKING! The Holder family and Obama family have been connected by the same ideologies since their college days. Eric Holder’s wife and Michelle Obama were roommates in college and formed the first black only sorority. Eric Holder has been one of the most racist and corrupt Assistant AG’s (under Bill Clinton) and AG’s under Obama in the history of the Department of Justice. Holder’s racist and corrupt history has been written about extensively in a number of books and articles. I wrote about this in detail in one of my recent articles about the “Department of Injustice”. Loretta Lynch stepped right in and continued to lead the Department of Injustice just like Holder did but with less public visibility. Jeff Sessions also has a public open book resume. He has a long and distinguished career that makes him one of the most qualified potential U.S. Attorney Generals to ever be chosen for that position. His impressive biography is available on-line if you wish to read it.

When I look at every one of President Elect Trump’s picks they all have several things in common. None of them need the position they have been chosen to fill. They are all highly qualified for the position they have been chosen to fill. They all have money and have, or had power in their professional careers. They all are volunteering to serve their country, in very difficult and personally demanding jobs out of a sense of duty to their country. Many will be “dollar a year” people, which means they will only accept one dollar a year in salary. None of them is an ideologue or a sycophant or has ever spoken a negative word about America. When you compare every one of President Elect Trump’s picks to all of Obama’s the differences are SHOCKING! .

As I said in closing my article last week, getting President Elect Trump elected was only the beginning. We must continue to support him, his staff and the actual Conservatives who are in Washington so Trump can do what he set out to do. Stay informed and involved. Communicate with your elected representatives and demand changes regarding term limits, open public records, transparency in all government activities, fiscal responsibility, and reasonable performance standards for all government employees.






The Clinton’s Treason

Treason is defined in Section 3 of Article 3 of our Constitution. It says, “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

Some people say using the word “treason” to describe the Clinton’s activities is too harsh. When you look at many of the things the Clintons have done, all for money and power, I do not think that it is inappropriate to use that word. It should also be noted that everything they have done was coldly calculated and in most cases deliberately hidden and lied about when necessary to keep it covered up.

Remember Hillary’s brief press conference at the U.N in 2015 when the fact that she had a secret, illegal server became public?  She said that she chose to use one devise for all her communications, work and personal for “convenience”! Let me repeat that, “one devise for convenience “. We now know that she used multiple private, illegal servers, and as many as 13 cell phones, Blackberrys and IPads (that we know about). There was also at least one note book PC, and thumb drive memory devises with her communications on them, plus various devises that some of her staff used.

To make matters worse all her servers and electronic devises were set up and maintained by a variety of people who did not have a security clearance at even the lowest level! To put it in the simplest of terms, she deliberately chose to expose State Department communications for four years for MONEY, lots of MONEY, all funneled through the Clinton Foundation and Clinton bank accounts. One example is the State Department, while she was Secretary of State, approved the sale of U.S. uranium stock to Frank Giustra, a Canadian billionaire, who resold it to a Russian business interest. While this was happening Bill Clinton traveled around the world with Giustra to give very highly paid speeches. At other times Bill was given the use of Giustra’s private jet to travel to other countries to give highly paid speeches. Giustra was also a huge contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons, who supposedly left the White House “dead broke”, now have an estimated net worth of one to two hundred million dollars and the Clinton Foundation is estimated to have taken in around two billion dollars. No one knows for sure because of the “sloppy and incomplete” reporting of the Clinton Foundation.

Regarding the Clinton Foundation’s charitable work, no credible non-partisan charity rating organization will rate the foundation because of the “sloppy and inaccurate” reporting noted above and the minuscule amount of its income that actually goes to charity. One detailed analysis published recently indicated that in 2014 as little as six per cent of the Foundation’s income actually went to charitable organizations and most of that went to organizations the Clintons controlled. Most of the Clinton Foundation money goes to “administration” which means it goes to support the Clinton lifestyle and to their relatives and supporters in the form of bloated salaries, benefits and expenses.

While Hillary was Secretary of State she had two electronic devises destroyed, many others are not accounted for, and then she had tens of thousands of U.S. Government communications destroyed (after they were subpoenaed multiple times). Also I do not recall anyone saying what happened to her original, secret, illegal server? So how could she say that she “chose to use one devise for all her communications as a matter of convenience”?

It is absolutely undeniable that she coldly, deliberately and constantly put sensitive U.S information at risk of exposure to our enemies for FOUR YEARS for MONEY, LOTS of MONEY. When you consider the facts that no one really knows where all her State Department communications are today or who may have them, sensitive U.S information is still at risk today! And the corrupt Obama Administration continues to protect her!

And now we have Hillary openly accusing Trump of being the equivalent of an ISIS officer and giving “aid and comfort” to ISIS based on his rhetoric?

It is inconceivable to me that Hillary is not in Federal prison along with a lot of her staff, and even more inconceivable that she is one of the two top candidates for President of the United States of America! I ask again, how did we get to this place in America?

Obama, the Most Corrupt and America Hating President in U.S. History

Obama was elected for two reasons. One was the color of his skin, the first black U.S.  President, history was made. The second was that the America haters recognized that the timing was right for them to destroy America and he was the perfect “tool” for them to use to do it!

Last week I wrote about Hillary’s life of corruption and that she had never been charged with a crime. Obama also has a history of corruption, has never been charged with a crime, will never be charged with a crime and was elected to be President twice.  Obama has one other thing that Hillary does not have. Hillary does not care about anything but money and power. Obama, in addition to an obsession with money and power, absolutely hates America and everything about it. This last thing is what makes him the perfect “tool” for the people who are intent on destroying America, and as noted above the timing was right. Under Obama we have become so Politically Correct (PC) we cannot function, our economy is destroyed, our allies do not trust us, our enemies laugh at us and taunt us, our Government functions at a minimal level at best, lawlessness is rampant, especially in many of our major cities and even in most Federal Government agencies, and our state of readiness militarily is at an all time low. If you think I am overstating any of these issues Goggle it and then read the rest of the articles on this website. This will be the 27th article posted on this website. Each one of my previous articles details a part of how we got to this place in America.

The America haters have actually been steadily chipping away at the very fabric of American life for about 50 years. All their efforts have been carefully orchestrated with time on their side. They were perfectly willing to experience a minor setback from time to time as long as they got what they wanted in the end. And then along came Obama, an America hating man totally without a conscious. Everything he has done as an adult confirms that.

Let’s begin with Obama’s college years. Where are his college records? Why are they sealed? What are they hiding? Who spends a fortune (of other people’s money) having their college records sealed and keeping them sealed?

After college Obama claims that he was a Constitutional law professor. In fact he was only a part time lecturer who spent most of his time writing a book about himself.

Obama was a Saul Alinsky disciple and close friends with Bill Ayers. Some sources say that it was Bill Ayers who actually made Obama’s book readable and ready to be published while Obama became a community organizer. Saul Alinsky was the person responsible for creating the destructive community organizer movement in America. Bill Ayers was a member of the radical ”Weather Underground”  group in the late 60’s and  early 70’s. He went underground to escape prosecution for his part in several terrorist bombings the group did, re-emerged and became a tenured college professor!

During all his time in Chicago after college Obama sat in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s extremely radical, “God Damn America” church almost every Sunday.

Obama’s first step into politics was when he “finagled” an Illinois Senate seat, where he did very little except plan his next move to the U.S. Senate.

After Obama made it to the U.S. Senate, he again did very little except plan his Presidential run. When he did make a speech or vote it was always an anti-Bush media show.

During Obama’s first Presidential run every America hater pilled on and threw truckloads of money at him. And the main stream media enthusiastically signed on. “Fundamentally Change America” became their Holy Grail. Ethics, rules, facts or laws were not to be an impediment in any way.

As soon as he was elected Obama openly displayed a level of arrogance that is not fitting to the office of the President of the United States of America. During his first term, in one of his extremely rare bi-partisan white house meetings Obama said to John McCain, “elections have consequences, I won”. Immediately after his second election he moved from “fundamentally changing America” to “we are going to punish our enemies and reward our friends”.

After Obama was sworn in his promised “most transparent administration in history” became the most secretive and blatantly corrupt administration in history.

Obama appointed total sycophants to every presidential appointed position in the Federal Government, preferably as America hating and lacking in ethics as he was. He even created some new positions like a lot of new White House Czars. Some of the Obama administration’s appointments have actually been members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many state and local governments and Democratic Party organizations immediately followed Obama’s lead (Baltimore).

Throughout his two terms Obama continued to appoint people who he could depend on to blindly carry out his agenda, including illegal recess appointments. Additionally there is no end to the budgets, maximum allowable salaries and even bonuses for everyone who successfully plays Obama’s game (VA and IRS are examples). If anyone fails to publicly and blindly do what Obama wants they are “out” instantly. If anyone displeases Obama he does not hesitate to throw them “under the buss”. And God help a “whistle blower” no matter what the situation, in spite of specific Federal laws protecting them.

As President nothing is beneath Obama or his supporters in their efforts to destroy America. The list of “scandals” during Obama’s two terms is actually many pages long. Below is a brief explanation of some of the most corrupt Obama Administration actions.

A totally agenda driven and corrupt DOJ was created shortly after Obama began his first term. This was critical for the Obama Administration to do as it pleased with no fear of being questioned, let along anyone being charged with wrong doing. This began with the blatant voter intimidation convictions against the Philadelphia Black Panthers being thrown out by Eric Holder.

Obamacare was illegally implemented and changed with multiple illegal executive orders.

”Fast and Furious” was an illegal, poorly conceived, poorly managed, extremely costly, secret operation run by the DOJ and BATF. It was designed to discredit Federally Licensed Firearms dealers in order to set up an opportunity to take the first steps to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

The IRS illegally targeting conservative groups was a deliberate attack on the 1st Amendment. This massive and lengthy operation was a calculated and successful attempt to dramatically influence Obama’s re-election.

“Fast and Furious” and the IRS targeting operation were both orchestrated and covered up at the highest levels of the Obama Administration, especially at the DOJ. Eric Holder repeatedly lied to Congress about both, changed his “story” on multiple occasions and refused to turn over relevant documents. In fact he was so arrogant and dishonest in his interactions with Congress that he was charged with contempt (which had no effect on him since he is the chief law enforcement officer in America). Obama attempted to protect Holder and various records about these illegal activities with “executive orders” (which have been ruled illegal).

Operation “Choke Point” was another DOJ operation that was launched secretly using bank regulators to try and force banks to refuse to do business with industries the Obama Administration did not like. Firearm, coal and precious metals businesses were their specific targets. The effort was intended to shut down these industries by denying them banking services. Another agenda driven attack on the 1st and 2nd Amendments!

During his 1st term Obama began to establish a Federal police force (armed police that report to the Federal Government). They are armed and their uniforms and vehicles have “Federal Police” identification. Government agencies like the IRS are spending millions of dollars on guns and ammunition and designating employees who can become part of a Federal police force. The Federal Reserve refers to its security staff as Federal Reserve Bank Police. Their uniform I.D. is “FRB Police”.

During Obama’s 1st term in office his administration spent untold millions of dollars buying up and stock piling ammunition. This was a twofold operation. One objective was to have an unlimited supply of ammunition for the “Federal Police”. The second was to prevent U.S. Citizens from stock piling ammunition. For many months ammunition dealers were limiting the amount of ammunition a customer could buy (if they had any stock at all of some calibers). The Obama Administration also stopped selling surplus military ammunition to dealers and even stopped selling used bullet brass to bullet manufacturers to prevent them from producing bullets.

The Obama Administration’s auto industry” take over” was another massive and illegal operation. It openly violated a number of long standing Federal and state trade and DMV laws. They even went so far as deciding which dealers were terminated, without proper notice, and who got to keep dealerships based on their political affiliations and especially who supported and donated to Obama’s campaign. They literally created illegal monopolies for certain brands in some large geographic areas. Terminated dealerships were left with new vehicles on their lots that they could not legally sell to the public. And of course the unions were protected from being negatively financially impacted at the expense of secured lenders.

When the Inspector General for the Department of Agriculture found that hundreds of “Food Stamp” vendors were committing massive fraud the investigation was shut down with no action taken.

After Obama’s re-election the “Free Cell Phone” program was expanded by over a $100,000,000 with distribution contracts going to big Obama donors.

Under the Obama Administration “Legal Immigration” has basically been turned into a massive graft and corruption program to expand the Democratic donor and voter base.

Under Obama Illegal Immigration has been mismanaged and corrupted so it can be used as a political wedge issue by the Democrats to expand their donor and voter base.

Based on immigration alone you need over 100,000 net new jobs each month for the unemployment rate to stay the same. In May we only had 38,000 net new jobs yet the Obama Administration proudly announced that the unemployment rate fell from 5 to 4.7 percent!

Under Obama our economy has been destroyed. The 1st quarter GDP growth rate was only .005 (one half of one percent). We need a minimum of 3 percent to meet America’s expanding needs.

Our national debt is about to reach an inconceivable level of 20 trillion dollars ($20,000,000,000,000)! At some point in time we will not be able to pay the interest on this debt, let alone pay it off!

The “climate change fantasy” is an integral part of Obama’s corrupt administration. Billions of dollars were illegally given to green energy projects that failed immediately but benefited big donors, insider trading on green energy projects was rampant, and the EPA and other Government agencies took illegal steps to hurt the coal, oil and gas industries. And now the DOJ is planning to bring federal charges against “climate change deniers” using the Rico organized crime statues!

Under Obama we now have the worst level of national defense we have had in decades (even worse than it was under Bill Clinton). Every branch of our military is understaffed, underequipped, and run by political ideologies at every level. All the career patriotic warriors have been forced out from the top Generals to the line officers and senior NCOs.

Benghazi. While men were dying there was a meeting/conference call, which Obama did not participate in, with half the meeting time dedicated to developing the video story. NOT a single piece of military equipment moved while the brave men were fighting and dying except for one, hours into the battle, and it went to Tripoli, not Benghazi. The only help they got was a group of CIA folks who took it upon their selves to basically commander a plane in Tripoli to get Benghazi during the fight at the Annex (one of them was killed). BUT IT WAS ONLY 51 DAYS TO Obama’s RE-ELECTION AND HE HAD SINGLEHANDEDLY DEFEATED TERRIOSM….

As noted above this is only a partial list. Do not forget the Iran deal, Gitmo, the Bergdahl trade, and other Obama Administration actions that have damaged America and put us at increased  risk of attack here and abroad.

The real shame in all this is that it was all coldly calculated and deliberately executed with a compliant Congress, including rino Republicans!




Hillary’s Life of Emotional Instability, Pathological Lies, Misdemeanors, Felonies and Treason

It is hard to imagine how one person could do so much wrong and never once be charged with a crime. Even worse she was elected to the U.S. Senate, was nominated to be Secretary of State and confirmed to be Secretary of State by the U.S. Senate. Now she is about to be “anointed” the President of the United States of America by the Democratic National Committee and Obama, in spite of the fact that she is the subject of two FBI criminal investigations. One of the investigations is about her illegal use of an unsecured private server to conduct Official Government business and the other is an investigation into the activities of the Clinton Foundation. However Obama’s recent enthusiastic public endorsement of her to be President proves that he has ordered the DOJ to refuse to file any charges against her no matter how strong a case the FBI presents to the DOJ

Many people refer to Hillary as the “devil”, with good reason. I actually began to refer to her that way years ago and then began to hear other people do the same thing. Recently I saw a news clip of one of her carefully choreographed speeches, to a carefully screened audience where she actually pointed out that she, “does not have horns”! It was meant as a laugh line for her sycophant supporters but it told me that her handlers are very much aware of her image problem. My delight at hearing this quickly subsided when I remembered hearing so many people say, “yes I know she is bad, but I am still going to vote for her” and learning that I could literally be verbally assaulted at places like the gym if I dared to say anything negative about her around some people!

I have no idea how many books have been written about her specifically, much less about her and Bill together. When you add the internet writings about her and him to the books there is probably more public information available about them than any couple in history. While some of the published information was written to make them look good or to attempt to overcome negative information, the majority of the writings provide detailed negative information about them. With Hillary running for President the focus has been much more on her than Bill in recent years.

Hillary began her irrational, head first dive into politics during her college years when she became a disciple of Saul Alinsky. For those of you who are not familiar with Alinsky he was the father of the radical community organizer movement in America. Hillary’s senior thesis in college was about him. Obama was also an Alinsky disciple.

Over the years a lot of what has been written about Hillary, from a wide variety of unrelated sources, confirms that she is totally irrational and has an explosive temper. Some of her long, loud, profanity laced, and at times physical, attacks on Bill behind closed doors at the White House were so bad that the Secret Service agents on duty were concerned about how to protect the President from the First Lady.

Anyone who has watched her interviews or speeches, even on a limited basis has to admit that she “changes her story” from one moment to the next (lies).

Hillary’s first job after law school was working for the Watergate Special Prosecutor. She got the job as a favor to a friend. She was fired from that job for lying and evidence tampering. She should have been disbarred and criminally charged. This appears to be the beginning of her lifetime of believing she could say or do anything without any negative consequences.

When some of her activities at the Rose Law firm in Arkansas were questioned critical files mysteriously disappeared. The obviously altered files reappeared on a bed side table in one of the White House bedrooms when the investigation ended.

There was also her extraordinarily successful, one time cattle futures trade.

Six months into Clinton’s first term as President, White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster committed suicide under what many say were questionable circumstances. He was more attached to Hillary than Bill. His primary responsibilities were to set up the Clinton’s Blind Trust, which was not going well, and to be the “keeper” of the Clinton’s pre White House files, including the “White Water” files.  Regardless of what anyone may believe about his death, it is undeniable that Hillary’s Chief of Staff, Margaret Williams literally walked around the Secret Service agent assigned to guard his office until appropriate investigators could get there and removed boxes of files.

“Travelgate” was an irrational and illegal Hillary disaster. She fabricated claims of inappropriate activities and actual charges were brought against the career, White House travel office staff in a failed attempt to award their positions to personal friends. In the process the career, working staff people’s lives were virtually destroyed.

Everything in the White House except for personal things the First Family brings with them is public property. Much of it is very valuable (like the antique vase Hillary broke into many pieces when she threw it at Bill). There is actually a person assigned to maintain a detailed inventory of everything in the White House that is public property. The number and value of the items Hillary took with her when they moved out of the White House may be debated, but it is undeniable that she did remove items that were public property and had to return them.

After they left the White House the Clinton’s immediately set out to clean up Bill’s reputation, establish his legacy, set Hillary up to be President, and amass a personal fortune. Nothing was off limits in their efforts to accomplish all these goals. This is when Hillary first began to make her obsessive drive for PERSONAL money and power (she will never have enough of either).  She immediately began her carefully orchestrated plan to become a U.S. Senator from New York, which was supposed to be her stepping stone to becoming President. Just prior to becoming a Senator (while it was still legal?) she closed a deal for an $8,000,000 book advance.

As soon as Hillary was sworn in as a U.S. Senator she began to do what almost all senators do. She worked at becoming friends with all the other senators, avoided doing anything that may appear to be controversial, fund raised and planned for her presidential run. However, unlike the other Senators dreaming about being President, she was supposed to be preordained. And then another Alinsky disciple came along and took the Presidency from her! But Hillary was not to be denied the Presidency. She simply moved on to a new plan to replace Obama as president and joined Bill in his efforts to turn the Clinton Foundation into an international money machine.

Hillary’s new plan to be president actually worked out better than her initial one. It gave the Clinton’s an opportunity to cut an unbeatable deal with Obama. Hillary became Secretary of State, which added to her resume and allowed the Clinton’s to turn the Clinton Foundation into an international money machine on steroids! In exchange the Clinton’s agreed to help make sure Obama got reelected and Hillary would be assured the Presidency in 2016.

Hillary was now in a position to do anything she wanted to with absolutely no concern about any consequences as long as she did her part to make sure Obama was reelected. This was an absolute “win win” situation for the Clintons and Obama. Obama was assured that he would be unchallenged by Hillary in his reelection bid and he would have her full support for his ideologically driven transformation of America.  She was free to commit massive fraud and treason as Secretary of State and was guaranteed to be the next president.

Here is a small sample of the illegal and treasonous things Hillary did as Secretary of State:

Did not appoint an Inspector General for the State Department while she was in office.

Illegally used her power to facilitate hundreds of millions of questionable/illegal dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Also illegally used her power to facilitate hundreds of millions of questionable/illegal dollars going into Bill Clinton’s pockets for speaking fees and international business deals.

Appointed an unqualified big donor to a sensitive committee.

Refused to use State Department approved communication systems under any circumstances including using an unsecured private server in her home for all official communications.

Everything she did was deliberate and coldly calculated to facilitate and cover up her illegal and treasonous activities regardless of the damage she did to America or how much she put America at risk.

Obama has done what may be unrepairable damage to America economically and put us at an extreme level of risk for more and bigger terrorist attacks here and abroad. HILLARY WILL BE WORSE IN BOTH CATEGORIES!