Business Management 101, Trump Versus Obama! What is the Difference Between Successful Business Managers and Incompetent LOOSER Managers?

One of the most basic rules of business that is taught in introductory classes in Business Management schools is, “The most successful Business Managers are the managers that are always trying to hire their replacements”. The initial response to a college professor telling students this is always one of the following:

  1. A look of obvious dismay on the students face, followed by the question, “If I do that will I not always have to worry about them trying to get me fired so they can get my job”?
  2. A brief thoughtful expression on the students face, followed by an observation, “That makes sense because they will be constantly working to get ME promoted so they can be promoted”.

I still have clear memories of the college professor who explained the “rule” to my entry level Business Management class, and watching the other students in my class react to it. During my entire professional career in Manager and Senior Executive Positions I saw many managers whose management philosophy was clearly described by “reaction” number 1 or number 2 above. I never saw a case where a manager whose management philosophy was described by reaction number 2 who was not successful. Nor did I ever see a manager whose management philosophy was described as reaction number 1 who did not fail miserably while they were in a manager position.

When you think about these two business philosophies, “reaction” number 1 or 2, you will notice there is a simple way to describe successful business managers versus looser business managers. Successful business managers are totally driven to succeed while looser managers are obsessed with protecting their job.

How does this article’s introduction apply to President Trump and Obama? If you look at the two men as a whole, their training and education, their business and people skills, and their work ethic, it is undeniable that President Trump is a textbook “reaction” number 2 manager and Obama is a textbook “reaction” number 1 manager.

President Trump worked to educate himself and build a lifelong resume of business successes. His work ethic is remarkable. He regularly works 18 hours a day, and most of the time seven days a week. Even when he is not “officially” working he is still thinking about work and working at some level. He is constantly evaluating the people around him, listening to them, talking to them, advising them and empowering them. He is totally “success oriented”. He is a text book business professional, over achiever and American Patriot.

Obama’s education and work history was all “me focused”. None of it required any management skills or contributed to the development of any management skills. He is arrogant and self-centered. He has a terrible work ethic, he is lazy. When he was President he preferred to avoid hard decisions and have dinner with the family every day that he was not in “campaign mode”. He cannot be counted on to tell the truth when it does not fit his immediate agenda. He is an absolute text book example of “reaction” number 1. He is totally “me” driven versus being “success” driven. And he clearly dislikes America as it is today.

There have been endless books and articles written about these two men. Here is a small sample of both men’s past actions that confirm that President Trump is a “reaction” number 2 manager and Obama is a “reaction” number 1 manager:

President Trump:

Graduated from a prestigious business college.

Spent a lifetime building one of the most successful, international construction, property ownership and property management businesses in the world.

Works at surrounding himself with the most qualified and successful people in the business world.

Empowers people who report to him to make decisions and carry out all duties they are authorized to do to maximize the performance of their assigned departments or agencies.  Rex Tillerson’s, Jeff Session’s’ and John Kelly’s recent actions on the world stage are perfect examples of President Trump’s “reaction” number 2 business philosophy. Rex Tillerson actually stood in the Korean DMZ and quietly but very firmly stated America’s policy on international relations and keeping America safe.

Opened a very successful dialogue with China’s President regarding Korea and China being a better business partner with the U.S. Not only is the Chinese President taking action to help us with the North Korea crisis, he is communicating with President Trump and other top level Chinese officials are communicating with U.S. officials.


Had his college and law school records sealed, but from what has become public he was not an outstanding student. Nor did he complete courses or engage in any activities that helped him be qualified to do anything other than be a community organizer or “second rate” lawyer.

After law school he spent his time writing a self- aggrandizing book while “pretending to be a law school professor”, working as a “community organizer” and then making his first political move which was finagling a seat in the Illinois State Legislator.

As President he worked at surrounding himself with the most unqualified, ideological, sycophants imaginable. Van Jones is a perfect example of the people Obama surrounded himself with. Jones was a declared Socialist, “9/11 Truther, has a criminal record and had absolutely no qualifications to be Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar”.

Made sure that no one who worked for him at any level would dare deviate from the Obama “current public policy” on any issue.

Mismanaged America’s international relations so badly that no other country trusted us, respected us or feared us while he was President.

During his eight years in office Obama was the perfect person for the hard Left Democratic Party to use to solidify their unnegotiable goal to destroy America and make it part of the “One World Order”.

We have only 18 months until the 2018 midterm elections, but I am cautiously optimistic that President Trump with his staff and Cabinet Secretaries (when he finally gets all of them approved by the Senate), can fix many of the problems in America and insure that America will be a strong Constitutional Republic for many years to come. However, he still needs the support of every Patriotic American who stood up in November 2016 and said, “no more”. We cannot sit down and become silent if we want to keep the America we love and want today’s youth to have the privilege to grow up in it,  live in it and pass it on to their children.

Author’s note: I have researched, written and posted detailed articles about everything I have touched on here and more. You can find them all here on this website.

The Democrat’s Current Attack on America, “RESIST RECESS”! Another Week of the Democrats Loudly Flaunting Their HATRED for America and the Rule of Law!

Resist – The well organized and heavily funded national movement by the hard left and the Democratic Party to “resist” everything Republican and especially everything Trump. The movement’s expressed goal is to bring the Trump Presidency down.

Recess – When Congress is not in session so elected officials can return home and spend time in their district with their constituents.

“Resist Recess” is an organized national effort by the Democrats to be as disruptive as possible regarding everything Republican and especially everything Trump during the current two week Congressional recess.

As I watched, listened to and read various “troubling news reports” this week it occurred to me that there is an obvious correlation between everything President Trump does and accomplishes, compared to the level of hatred and violence openly directed toward him, the Republicans and America! It is also obvious that the hatred and violence are well organized, heavily funded and increasing with each passing week. If you look at my bio you will see that I have been a news and current events “junkie” for decades, and I can say without question, that I never imagined that I would see things in America like what is happening in the streets of America and “reported” on American media today! And the Main Stream Media (MSM) continues to support the increasing public displays of America hating and violence, and help “fan the flames” with little to no attempts to actually “report” facts.

Here is a sample of what has happened this past week:

The title of the protests, “Resist Recess” in itself is undeniable proof that the efforts to destroy the Trump Presidency and push America into the “One World Order” movement are well organized and heavily funded.

The consistency of the “Resist Recess” messaging and activities are proof that the current protests are well organized and heavily funded.

Republican members of Congress are still trying to hold “town hall” meetings in their districts, which is what elected members of Congress are supposed to be doing during the “recess”, while Democrats are leading organized protest! To date, except for “FOX NEWS”, I have seen very little “accurate” reporting about any Republican “town Hall” meetings being disrupted by well-organized protesters because they were led by paid organizers.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters continues to lead “impeach Trump” protests. This from a woman who should be in Federal prison for illegally manipulating Federal bank bailout funds to save a California bank that she and her husband owned stock in and where her husband was a member of the board. Even though there is a lot of video footage of her calling for Presidents Trump’s impeachment, including one where she was yelling from the rally speaker podium, “impeach Barney Fife” repeatedly, she denied calling for President Trump to be impeached on a recent CNN interview?

Bernie Sanders is on a 10 day national speaking tour leading rallies and protests calling for a “political revolution”.

Nancy Pelosi is leading anti-Trump and anti-Republican rallies and protests.

Anti-Trump protesters in Berkeley, wearing masks, violently disrupted a pro-Trump rally   with very little action by the Berkeley police to maintain order (obviously this is standard procedure for the Berkeley Police).  The “masked” protesters even confronted an Army Veteran in a wheel chair calling him “un-American”, because he asked them to please stop desecrating the American flag! In addition to wearing masks some of the protesters were wearing bicycle or motorcycle helmets and other protective gear (they obviously came prepared for violence).

The “Tax Day” anti-Trump protests all over America had similar talking points. It was all about President Trump’s tax returns. When the MSM gave a well-dressed, well-spoken middle aged woman camera time she demanded to see President Trump’s tax returns because, “he was in with Russia and the Mafia and was hiding it”. Another woman said that the Trumps have, “spent more money already than the Obama’s did in four years” (yes those are direct quotes)! Other people said similar ridiculous things at other rallies and I did not see the MSM make any effort to question anyone making such ridiculous statements!

Sarah Silverman, a stand up comedian gave a poorly delivered vulgar speech, directed at President Trump at one of the ”Tax Day” anti-Trump protest, which included a stream of childish name calling.

Bob Beckel was rehired by FOX NEWS earlier this year to share the “liberal seat” on “The Five” with Juan Williams. With each passing week Bob has become increasingly verbally abusive, crass and completely irrational about President Trump and Republicans. On several occasions recently he has become so upset he was a textbook example of a person being “apoplectic” (overcome with anger and indignation). One night recently Bob became so visibly upset that his co-hosts tried to reason with him and calm him down by pointing out that with all the problems in America and the violence happening in places like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan maybe it was time for all Americans to come together and work together to find solutions. This only made Bob even more angry and irrational?  He actually said that nothing would make him embrace Trump or Republicans! This is just one more example of the Democrat’s obsession with destroying the Trump Presidency at any cost.

As noted above, every time President Trump accomplishes anything or says anything publicly, then the hate ratchets up another notch for Trump, Republicans and America!  Accomplishments like the pin point missile strike in Syria, the MOAB bomb drop and the very positive meeting with China’s leader are drawing withering “friendly fire” from the Democrats. After the meeting with President Trump the Chinese CANCELLED a large shipment of coal from North Korea (that was already in transit), replaced the coal order with American suppliers, and moved 150,000 troops with heavy armaments to the China North Korea border.

Apparently “Trump derangement syndrome” is highly contagious and incurable!

We have experienced violent riots and protest in America in the past. I clearly remember the violent L.A.Rodney King riots and the hippie anti-Vietnam war protests, but we have never experienced anything like what is happening in America now. We not only are experiencing an internal war in America, the Democrat’s open hatred for everything Conservative and Patriotic is growing  every week, and so is their willingness to say and do anything to rip America apart!








More Facts That Prove the “United States of America” is NO LONGER “UNITED”!

Over the last few months I have researched, written and published a number of articles detailing how far to the LEFT the Democratic Party, that exist today has gone, and how obsessed the Main Stream Media (MSM) is with the Democratic agenda. I have also noticed that a number of other writers have published similar articles about the “internal war” that is raging in America now and the MSM’s role in this ”war”.

Earlier this week the “L.A. TIMES” published an article about the “division” in America. The article was about the “two medias” in America (Left leaning and Conservative leaning), and how polarized Americans are today along those lines. This polarization of America has actually been growing for many years but reached the  dangerous level that exist in America today during Obama’s eight years in office, with a “frightening” peak during his last two years in office.

It is especially “frightening” for me to see so many people in America today who are openly unpatriotic at best and, in many cases openly treasonous (they hate America and everything about our Constitution and history)!

Every time I open up the internet, watch the news on TV, hear the news on the radio, or read a newspaper or current events magazine, I see or hear a constant stream of “troubling reports” about what is happening in America. These “reports” are about people saying or doing things that I, during most of my adult life, would never have imagined would be happening in America.

We have:

Judges at every level from Municipal to the Supreme Court “legislating from the bench”. Openly creating law versus following it as laid out in the Constitution.

Cities and states creating their own laws in open violation of the Constitution and Federal law.

Some municipalities have tried to enforce Sharia law in their jurisdictions.

Many colleges have allowed, and are continuing to allow violent protest to prevent conservative speakers from speaking on their campus.

Students at Notre Dame (a Catholic University) are protesting V.P. Pence (a devout Catholic) being this year’s commencement speaker because he makes them feel “unsafe”!

College professors are openly teaching liberal anti-American views. A professor in California tweeted about President Trump being hanged and Republicans being killed in response to illegal immigrants being deported. He is still teaching at the college.

A middle school teacher in southern California led violent protest preventing a conservative speaker from speaking on a college campus. No one was arrested and she went on a number of TV shows where she angrily defended her actions. She said that she was exercising her “right to free speech and fighting fascism”. She is still teaching at the middle school.

Republican Congress members all over America who try to have “town hall” meetings in their district are shouted down by protesters that are organized and led by paid organizers.

Democratic groups are filing ethics charges against elected Republicans, at state and Federal levels.

Huge amounts of “outside the district” money is being spent in attempts to elect radical Democrats to replace Republicans in the current Congressional special elections. $8.3 million was spent in the first quarter of this year by Democrats in one Congressional special election in a northern suburb of Atlanta. And this does not count the “soft” money that is being spent in this special election (money that is spent to influence the election that is not given directly to the candidate).

Organized Left leaning groups are demanding that all law enforcement agencies be disbanded!

Organized groups like “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) and Organizing for America (OFA) have been given hundreds of millions of dollars in tax free funding with a stated mandate of destroying America as it exist today. These organizations were given” tax free” status by the Obama Administration.

BLM is banning “white people” from a planned event in Philadelphia on April 15, 2017. When asked about this event policy group leaders stated that it was a planned “black space only” event and that if “white people” wanted to support BLM, “they could do it in other ways”.

Obviously this is just a tiny sample of the well organized and heavily funded attack on our Constitution that is being openly carried out today. However these examples clearly demonstrate what a “frightening” place we have been brought to in America today by the Democratic Party. We are not just seeing a growing lack of respect for authority; we are seeing open, organized hatred for anything that represents any form of authority and the Constitution.

With each passing day I am becoming more convinced that we are rapidly approaching a complete state of anarchy in America, and this is what the Democratic Party wants to happen! And the MSM is not only refusing to “report” what is really happening in America, they are openly denying it, and in many instances supporting the Democrat’s obsession with destroying America!

To quote Congressman Tim Kaine, a supposedly devout Christian and former V.P candidate, “Democrats must be willing to fight Republicans in the streets”. And the Democrats foolishly believe that they can win that fight! Many people in the MSM claim that America is equally split between Left leaning and Right leaning people. I personally do not believe that to be correct. I still think that there are more Patriotic Americans than there are people here who hate America, so I do not think the Democrats will “win that fight”!



The Democrat’s Glaring Double Standard and Obsession with Russia

The Democrat’s Glaring Double Standard and Obsession with Russia

The Democrats love to loudly and repeatedly accuse Conservatives of doing what they themselves are ACTUALLY DOING, and the Main Stream Media (MSM) obsesses with the Democrat’s claims.

Clearly the Democrats and MSM refuse to accept that they lost the 2016 Presidential election and many state level elections. They are obsessed with their insistence that the loss was because of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, rather than Patriotic Americans rising up and rejecting the Democratic agenda for America and MSM’s overwhelming support of the Democrats.

Here are a few random examples of the Democrat’s disdain for America and the Constitution, and the MSM’s dishonest and obsessive support of the Democratic agenda:

A former Obama official, Evelyn Farkas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, said during an interview with MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski on March 2 that she encouraged Democrats in Congress and people in the Obama Administration to “get as much intelligence as you can” on Trump before Obama left the White House. Earlier this week she tried to “walk back” what she said in the interview after she began to be questioned about it and legal experts on FOX NEWS strongly suggested that she should hire a very good lawyer immediately!

Recently multiple sources reported that Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser, was involved in the “unmasking” of President Trump, members of his campaign staff, and members of his transition team when they were “caught up in eave dropping of phone conversations”. She strongly denied this on PBS on March 22 when she said that she, “did not know nothing about it”. When she was “given time” on MSNBC to deny it again so much information had been made public about what she did, that she had to acknowledge that she did in fact ask for “unnamed Americans” to be unmasked” (identified) in various intelligence reports. She insisted this was done only because she needed to know who they were so she “could do her job”. After this “admission” regarding her involvement in the “unmasking” she denied that she had anything to do with the “leaking” of the names. However there are some reports that she may have been spying on the Trump campaign and transition team for months, and was actually keeping spreadsheets on various Trump team communications (and sharing the information with other people). Obama doubled down on this blatant illegal activity two weeks before leaving office by quietly issuing an Executive Order for all this “unmasking activity” to be shared with all U.S. Intelligence Agencies. Does anyone but me wonder why we have as many as 17 intelligence agencies?

The Democrats loudly claim that the Susan Rice story is “fake news” to distract from the real story about Russian intervention in the election. The MSM is aggressively supporting this Democratic position with some MSM media personalities issuing formal “on air” statements that the “Susan Rice story:” is “fake news”! One guest on MSNBC even angrily said that the attacks on Rice were because she “was a woman” and another said it was because she “was a black woman”! These absurd claims have since been repeated by Democrats on other cable news channels!

In spite of all the months of illegal “eaves dropping” of President Trump’s campaign, transition staff and Administration, there has not been any actual confirmation that any of them did anything wrong or that Russia actually influenced the election. In fact all indications are that it was the Democrats who were actively working to illegally influence the election! The FBI and other Intelligence Agency heads testified before Congress that they could not see any evidence of Russia influencing the election. FBI Director Comey testified that the Russians DID NOT give the hacked Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Podesta documents to WikiLeaks. Yet the Democrats and the MSM continue to obsess with the (alleged) Trump “Russia Connection”.

Top staff members at the DNC rigged the Democratic primary against Bernie Sanders. Some sources believe that the DNC documents were given to WikiLeaks by other DNC staff who supported Bernie in an effort to level the playing field. This supports Comey’s testimony that the Russians DID NOT give the DNC documents to WikiLeaks. But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

Bill and Hillary had extensive personal financial ties to Russia during her time as Secretary of State and even after she left office, including ties to SHERBANK, a major Russian bank involved in international deals like the sale of 20% of AMERICA’S URANIUM STOCK TO A RUSSIAN BUSINESS MAN WITH TIES TO PUTIN! THE SALE WAS ARRANGED THROUGH A CANADIAN BUSINESS MAN WHO ALSO MADE A LOT OF MONEY IN THE DEAL, CONTRIBUTED HEAVILY TO THE CLINTON FOUNDATION AND ARRANGED LUCRATIVE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS FOR BILL! But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

When a Democrat FOX NEWS contributor was asked on a FOX NEWS afternoon show on April 3 about the Clinton’s ties to Russia, with the Uranium deal noted above as an example, he loudly denied it. When the Conservative guest on the program responded to his denial, with specific details about the Clintons profiting heavily from the deal, the Democrat literally “screamed” a total denial.

The Clinton’s close associate, and Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesta was a partner in an international consulting firm that had close ties to various Russian individuals and companies. The firm also “employed” a number of other close Clinton associates. But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

Obama spent $350,000 of U.S. taxpayer money openly interfering in Israel’s last Prime Minister Election trying to keep Netanyahu from being re-elected. Obama actually sent some of his former campaign staff to work for the opposition. Obama also helped fund and supported efforts to organize an Israeli/PLO peace agreement (which would have been a disaster for Israel) using US taxpayer money that “disappeared”. But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

Prior to Obama’s re-election he was caught on an open mic telling a Russian diplomat that after he was re-elected he would have more freedom to work with the Russians. But the Democrats and the MSM refuse to acknowledge this.

Most of the reporters at the daily White House press briefing continually obsess about the (alleged) Russian tampering in the election and Congressman Nunes’ trip to the White House to review confidential information confirming President Trump’s claim that he and his team were illegally “surveilled”. The MSM reporters in these press briefings  constantly obsess with these two topics while completely ignoring all other news that may be detrimental to the Democrats (like the current Susan Rice news).

Congressman Nunes has been questioned viciously in the media and in public forums, called a liar and accused of breaking the law regarding his handling of information about the “unmasking” situation. It has recently been made public that Congressman Nunes was actually made aware of this information in early January by a “whistle blower” but the Intelligence agencies “slow rolled” him when he tried to verify it. It was very interesting to me that Congressman Schifft (a Democrat) could not stay away from TV cameras ranting about Congressman Nunes’ actions, the Republican’s “cover up” of the (alleged) Russian connections to Trump and his supporters and the Russian meddling in the election, until Congress Schifft was given access to the information that Nunes saw!!!!!!!! He suddenly lost his desire to spend all his time in front of TV cameras?

4/06/2017 Left Wing groups filed formal ethics charges against Congressman Nunes!

On a FOX NEWS afternoon show on April 5 a former Clinton staffer declared that the problems in Syria are President Trump’s fault. He actually said, “WHERE IS TRUMP”? REALLY? President Trump had been in office 76 days at the time with Democrats “RESISTING” everything the Republicans are trying to do! The Democrats, with the help of the MSM, are becoming increasingly obsessed with taking the Trump Presidency down and destroying America, no matter what they have to do to accomplish this! They view the Trump election as an “unexpected” and highly undesirable obstacle to their final (expected) step in their long push to destroy America’s Constitution and make America a part of a “One World Order”.

Every day now I ask myself, “Can the Democrats get any more deranged?”

Conservatives have 18 months until the 2018 elections to keep standing up and supporting the actual Conservatives in Washington IF WE WAVER WE WILL MOST CERTAINLY LOSE OUR COUNTRY FOREVER!