Obamacare, Just One of Many Reasons Why this Election is Critical

As we get closer to the end of this election more information about the Left’s lies and corruption becomes public every day. These reports include details about rampant voter fraud and intimidation in many areas of the country with the Department of Injustice and Federal Election Commission ignoring the fraud, and actually facilitating it in some instances. Plus there is an endless stream of reports about incompetence, fraud and mismanagement throughout the government including the corruption in the FBI in its deliberate mishandling of Emailgate. With all that is happening and being reported by FOX and other select media, and then being shared on Face Book and twitter, it seems like Obamacare problems and issues are somewhat old news. However, with all that just became public about Obamacare it is obvious that this election will determine if Obamacare is replaced with something better or something worse. “Something worse” is a single payer system, which is government run healthcare like the VA for everyone!

The arrogant indifference to the truth and the rule of law displayed by the Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress regarding the “Affordable Care Act” inception, approval, implementation and administration has been inconceivable from the beginning. To use an old quote, you would “have to be living under a rock” to have missed hearing the lies and insults to the “average American” made by Obama, Democrats and people like Johnathan Gruber. You would also have to be “living under a rock” to NOT be aware of the stream of illegal Executive Orders that Obama issued during the implementation of Obamacare. Some of the most notable lies/insults were:

  • We have to pass the bill to find out what is in it.
  • If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor.
  • If you like your health care plan you can keep you health care plan.
  • We are going to bend the cost of health care curve down.
  • Jonathan Gruber said at a conference about Obamacare, “the law was written to hide crucial details from an American public too dumb to understand.…..” (Gruber is the MIT professor who was involved in drafting the original Obamacare plan).

Of course none of these lies, or any of the other lies told over the years are even remotely true. What I and my wife have experienced since the implementation of Obamacare (and we are not even on Obamacare) is the absolute opposite of what was promised, and our experience has been mild compared to what many Americans have experienced. Our Doctor sold his private practice to the local hospital chain and left the profession, we lost our $1,000 annual preventative care allowance, our deductibles have increased, I have had to wait for approvals for certain treatments, it is harder to get appointments with our new primary care Doctor, our premiums have increased, we have been forced to change carriers every year except this year and our Eye Doctor stopped accepting our current coverage so I have to pay him in cash for my annual checkups (I am over 65  so I am Medicare/United Health Care). Regarding my Medicare coverage, my private medical care coverage provider required me to change to it as my primary coverage when I turned 65. My monthly premium for Medicare has been “means tested” (based on our joint annual income) since I signed up for the plan. What that means is that my monthly Medicare premium, which is deducted from my Social Security check, is $66 more than the normal base cost, and it will increase another $40 on January 1. My wife will be forced into the same situation when she turns 65 next Month.

Regarding premium increases, the Obama Administration now acknowledges that in January there will be a “double digit increase” in monthly premiums. When pressed by some members of the media, the Administration said the increases would “average 25 percent”. According to some reports I saw yesterday and this morning, in some states it will be well over 100 per cent, which basically makes it unaffordable for people and families who are not eligible for Government assistance with their premiums.

In addition to the illegal Executive Orders issued by Obama during the implementation of Obamacare let’s not forget the billions of dollars wasted on the development of state exchanges intended to manage Obamacare in each state, which have already failed or are now failing.

Regarding Insurance carriers who are participating in Obamacare and offering coverage in some states as a secondary partner with Medicare, the numbers are steadily declining and choices are constantly changing. As noted above, the insurance carrier that offered coverage for me as a partner with Medicare has changed every year since Obamacare was implemented except this year. This is another thing the Obama Administration continues to lie about.  The Obama Administration recently bragged about thirteen new insurance providers joining Obamacare in January in various states, but did not mention the 83 carriers that are dropping out of the program on January 1.In some states that will leave only one insurance provider in the program.

And one more new lie is that over 20 million people who did not have insurance before Obamacare was implemented now have insurance coverage. The truth is that the number is actually only 13 million and the majority of those are on Medicaid, which is totally Government (tax payer) funded, and many medical care providers will not accept patients who are covered by Medicaid.

And last but not least, does anyone really know how many people are forced to work part time because their employer will not provide health care coverage or cannot afford to provide it?  Or how many people refuse to work overtime or earn extra income because if they do they will lose their Obamacare subsidy? Obamacare is not only destroying our healthcare system it is hurting our economy badly and limiting some working people’s professional growth!

As I have written in past articles, the choice is clear in this election! Like him or not Trump is clearly the only choice if we want to save our Republic. Note to those of you who are supporting Hillary, look at history. No form of “Communism/Socialism” has been successful since the beginning of recorded history….

p.s. The new Democratic talking point is, “The current Obamacare problems are the Republicans fault because they blocked proposed plan fixes” ! Really?


The “Stench” Coming out of the Department of Injustice is Unbearable


Over the years I have noticed that the DOJ did not always function as the “Department of Justice”. I have written about this in several previous articles. However, in recent months it has become obvious that the DOJ is a totally racial, political, and ideology driven organization and that it is assuring every other Federal agency follows suit (including the formerly highly respected FBI).

I first noticed open racial politics and corruption in the DOJ in early 2009 when one of Eric Holder’s first official acts as AG was to throw out the blatant voter intimidation convictions of the Philadelphia Black Panthers, which happened during the 2008 Presidential Election. This action alone generated a noticeable increase in voter intimidation complaints during the 2010, 2012, and 2014 elections, with no follow up action by the DOJ.

As I paid more attention to what was happening at the DOJ during Obama’s first term it became clear that everything the DOJ did was racially and politically motivated. In October of 2011 a former career DOJ Attorney, J. Christian Adams released his book, “Injustice”. It details how immediately and openly corrupt the DOJ became when Obama was elected.

Here is part of what I wrote about the DOJ in a recent article about voter fraud and intimidation. Under Eric Holder the Department of Injustice ”policy” regarding voter fraud and voter intimidation became, “there is no such thing as voter intimidation or voter fraud if it is against white people”. As noted above, J Christian Adams documents this in his book. Here is one quote from the book, “Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of many DOJ attorneys, DOJ officials have repeatedly chosen not to enforce the law faithfully – and often deliberately take the side of the wrongdoers –in corrupt displays of racial and political favoritism”.

I recently discovered another fascinating book about the corruption of the DOJ. It was published in 2014. It is, “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice” by Sidney Powell. She is a Constitutional, career defense attorney who has successfully argued a number of cases before the Supreme Court. This is a long, detailed and even more upsetting book than the book “Injustice “. As I read it I realized that it confirmed in infinite detail what I had already noticed and written about extensively, which was how quickly the DOJ had become so corrupt and how widespread the corruption is. The only way this was possible was because President Johnson planted the seeds for that to happen but Bill Clinton actually created the “Department of Injustice” during his two terms as President.

In addition to making sure the DOJ was staffed with as many partisan attorneys as he could during his two terms in office, President Clinton also authorized a big hiring push late in his second term. Most of these people managed to stay with the DOJ during President Bush’s two terms because it is practically impossible to fire a U.S. Government employee. Additionally the Bush Administration had to deal with 9/11 happening only 7 months and 21 days after he was sworn in as President. Plus the long term effects of that tragedy as well as the long term effects on the U.S. economy of the “housing bubble bust”.

There is ample data to confirm that “911” and the “housing bubble bust” were in fact the results of Bill Clinton’s policies and actions during his two terms in office. One was how he used the DOJ to force banks to take subprime loans and then signed an executive order in 1995 allowing the banks to package these subprime loans and then sell them as securities. The housing bubble would not have happened without the DOJ being involved.

In her book Sidney Powell writes in detail about how it is not just the DOJ now. The DOJ corruption has actually spread down into every level of our judicial system. Toward the end of the book she writes about how frustrating it had become for her to continue to practice law! It is easy to see how that would be the case with an honest and ethical lawyer when you have U.S. Government attorneys doing things like lying under oath, withholding evidence, fabricating evidence, conspiring with judges to influence cases and getting away with it while refusing to prosecute blatant Federal crimes like the IRS illegal targeting of conservative groups, “Fast and Furious” and NOW “Emailgate”

When you look at every department in the Obama Administration and both houses of Congress, it is obvious that it is not just our legal system that has become so corrupt that it is dysfunctional. None of this could have happened without a totally corrupt DOJ!  It is also obvious that the Clintons have played a major role in bringing us to where we are in America, while enriching themselves and their friends at the expense of people who could least afford it (like the starving and dying people in Haiti).

Trump is certainly not perfect but the alternative is absolutely unacceptable!



The left Stream Media Bias, Complicity, and Corruption

It has been obvious for many years that most of the media is liberal and left leaning. However it was not until Obama’s first campaign for President that much of the media stopped even pretending that it was actually trying to be unbiased in its “reporting”. This past weekend I saw the most blatant example of media bias I have ever seen. The mass media was so obsessed with the eleven year old Trump tape that I had to turn off my TV and leave it off most of the time from Friday night until Sunday night. It was so bad that even Fox was hard to watch since most of their programming features a split screen with people from the Left and Right “debating”. Over the weekend most of what I heard when I did watch Fox was the people on the Left loudly expressing their fake outrage over the Trump tape.

There were two different things that clearly made the media’s obsession with this ONE tape be undeniable proof that they are seriously biased to the point of being unethical if not criminal. First, obviously the tape is distasteful but what about when you compare it to everything the Clintons have done over the last 40 years! And second it is even more astonishing that while the mass media was frantic in its obsession with the Trump tape, WikiLeaks was steadily releasing hacked emails with some of the most damning information released to date about Hillary, Hillary’s Campaign staff, the Obama Administration, and the Democratic National Committee Regarding the Clinton’s history, I have written a number of detailed articles about their lies, scandals, corruption, and now treason and posted them here on my website.

It was not just the broadcast media that was obsessing about the Trump tape. My internet home page is Yahoo. I use it because the news articles featured on it are from a broad mix of publications which allows me a quick look at what is being, or has been published about current events from a variety of print media sources. Every time I went on line during the time frame noted above the main article that popped up was about Trump and the tape, and several of the articles featured below the main article were also about Trump and the tape. The WikiLeaks releases were being totally ignored here too.

Beginning on Monday some media outlets began to report on the information in the WikiLeaks documents while some continue to ignore them. I strongly suspect that if it was not for FOX, twitter, Facebook and a few public forums like iPatriot we still would know very little about the damning information in the continuing WikiLeaks documents release.

When you add the information in the current WikiLeaks documents about the Clinton’s, the Obama Administration, and their staff and supporters’ corruption to the information in previous documents released by WikiLeaks, Gufficer 2.0, and another anonymous hacker group in Washington, it is undeniable that the “Left Stream Media” has been complicit in the corruption.

Regarding the words “complicit” and “corruption”, I choose to use them here because, by definition that is exactly what has been, and is happening.

Some of the Information in the documents in the current WikiLeaks releases detail:

> How the Clinton campaign, The Democratic National Committee, the Obama Administration, and staff and their supporters (including some in the media) conspired against Bernie Sanders to assure that Hillary was the “anointed one”.

> That Hillary had at least some of the debate questions in advance. Members of the media and journalist (I use the term loosely here) were regularly sharing other confidential information with the Clinton campaign and accepting proposed articles and news report from the Clinton campaign to use as their own! And no one has been fired or even suspended!

> The Obama administration, including Hillary’s State Department was illegally arming rebel groups in Libya working through two allies, Saudi Arabia and Qartar, with the arms winding up being used against us and even going to ISIS and other established terrorist groups (details about this are in an email from Hillary) .This confirms why that CIA safe house was in Benghazi and staffed with ex-Special Forces “contractors”. They were sent there to try and regain control of the arms.

> The Clinton campaign staff constantly strategized about how to make Emailgate disappear. When it became obvious that it was not going to disappear, even with help from the “Left Stream Media” who ignored it or minimized it, they turned to the Department of Injustice to bury it.

> The Clinton campaign staff constantly strategized about how to make Hillary look like a warm and likable people person and to hide her obsession with secrecy and her dislike and disdain for people in general.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg of information contained in the continuing WikiLeaks document release, and the previous releases noted above, yet it continues to be ignored and/or minimized by the Clinton campaign with help from the “Left Stream Media”. The typical Clinton response to any of it is to deny, deflect, ignore and then lie and lie some more, which works only because they have the support of a compliant and complicit “Left Stream Media”.

Whether or not you like or support Trump, he is our last chance to save our Republic on November 8!


Voter Fraud, Voter Intimidation and Vote Manipulation

The Liberals on the Left loudly insist that voter fraud does not exist and if it does the number of instances is so miniscule that it cannot influence elections in anyway. That claim by the Left is simply not true. In fact there are so many ways that the voting process can be manipulated that the potential to influence elections is significant. This is especially true when, under the Obama Administration the FEC, IRS, DOJ and every other Federal agency, and some state and local governments and departments actually have an open ”Mission Statement” to influence elections in every way that they can. The DOJ, known as the Department of Injustice during the Obama Administration, not only refuses to prevent voter fraud and vote manipulation, it facilitates it when it benefits the Left. In fact under Eric Holder the Department of Injustice ”policy” regarding voter fraud and voter intimidation became, “there is no such thing as voter intimidation or voter fraud if it is against white people”.  A former DOJ career attorney, J Christian Adams documents this in his book, “Injustice”. Here is one quote from the book, “Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of many DOJ attorneys, DOJ officials have repeatedly chosen not to enforce the law faithfully – and often deliberately take the side of the wrongdoers –in corrupt displays of racial and political favoritism”. A perfect example of this was Eric Holder throwing out the voter intimidation convictions of the Black Panthers in Philadelphia during the 2008 election. They stood outside the door of a polling place in full Black Panther uniform and banged “night sticks” on the side walk while yelling, ‘you ain’t voting here today if you are not voting for Obama”. Their actions were videotaped and a career civil rights attorney who witnessed it said it was the most blatant case of voter intimidation he had ever seen. As I watched the video replayed on the news I saw elderly black people reduced to tears it upset them so much. The results of  Eric Holder throwing out the Black Panther convictions was an increase in the number of open voter intimidation activities being  reported in a number of states in the 2010, 2012, and 2014 state and national elections, with no follow up by the Department of Injustice.

The IRS illegal targeting of conservative groups prior to the 2012 election was so massive that it clearly influenced the election in Obama’s favor. Over three hundred conservative groups (that we know about) were prevented from operating. No organizing, no fund raising, no activity at all. In fact some of the individuals trying to organize a group were harassed individually. One person had their personal tax returns and their business tax returns audited (Federal and state), their business was “inspected” by OSHA, and the BATF audited their business (they had a patent to make a part of a gun but never made one). The woman working to organize the group somehow got a copy of a letter Elijah Cummings sent to the IRS urging them to take action against these groups and filed an Abuse of Power complaint against him, which went NOWHERE!

Unfortunately, as with Fast and Furious and Emailgate, IRS records were openly and illegally destroyed, people lied under oath, people refused to testify before Congress, people refused to produce records, and Obama issued illegal executive orders and then  the Department of Injustice ruled that no one should be prosecuted.

Regarding the illegal IRS targeting of conservative groups, one of the key individuals involved, Lois Lerner originally worked at the Federal Election Commission where it has been documented that she actively worked to illegally influence tight elections between Republicans and Democrats.

Another way the Department of Injustice works to influence elections is its constant efforts to prevent states from requiring ID to register to vote or vote. The Department of Injustice also works constantly to prevent states from purging their voter rolls. As a result some voting precincts have more registered voters than actual eligible voters living in the precinct. It has also been documented that many people are actively registered to vote in more than one precinct. I am absolutely convinced that the only reason to be opposed to voter ID and allowing states to maintain current and accurate voter rolls is a desire to allow voter fraud.

Regarding Voter ID, only 31 states require some form of voter ID. That leaves 19 states and Washington, DC that do not require voter ID. In some of these states you can register and vote the same day! When you can register to vote on line or by mail, and then vote without ID there is clearly a potential for voter fraud.  Recently there were three cases of documented voter fraud. One was in Richmond Virginia where a voter registration office employee noticed a new registration for a dead person that she knew personally. After further investigation it was discovered that 21 fraudulent voter registrations were submitted by a local college voter registration group.  Another was the Washington mall shooter, who was a legal resident but not a U.S citizen. He voted in the last three elections. Washington State uses the honor system to register and vote. Another was the Indiana police raiding the offices of a voter registration group and finding hundreds of fraudulent voter registrations in nine counties.

Another way the Obama Administration influences elections is through legal (?) immigration. People who meet certain requirements such as investing a minimum amount of money in a U.S business that creates or maintains a minimum number of jobs are given a pathway to citizenship for themselves, their spouse and children under 18. The Obama administration has been very aggressive and “loose” with this program Want to guess who these people vote for?

And we also recently saw how the Department of Homeland Security “erroneously” gave over 1900 immigrants (that we know about) citizenship when they were tagged to be deported! Want to guess who they will vote for?

Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton insider and current Governor of Virginia  signed an executive order restoring the voting rights to over 200,000 convicted felons but a federal judge ruled the order illegal. Terry quickly issued a new order. Want to guess who the majority of these people will vote for?

And then we have the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision, which is now the Left’s favorite thing to be furious about.  This decision allowed both sides equal access to certain forms of campaign money. Before this ruling the Left had the support of corrupt union money and happily accepted money from anyone including people like George Soros’ unlimited money. Now they are furious that the Supreme Court ruled that it was free speech for corporations to have  the same ability to be involved in elections as corrupt unions do and an opportunity to legally compete with illegal dollars being poured into elections for the Left (George Soros, etc.).

All you have to do is a goggle search to see what I just wrote about and to see that the Left is absolutely lying to us about illegally influencing elections. Some people believe, and I am one of them, that Romney would have been elected if the IRS had not illegally targeted the conservative groups before the 2012 election. The numbers do not lie.

I firmly believe this Presidential election is our last chance to save America!




!st 2016 Presidential Debate (Also Known as Candy Crowley Times Four)

If you are not familiar with the “Candy Crowley” controversy she was the CNN moderator during the second 2012 Presidential debate between Mitt Romney and Obama. During the debate it was obvious that she was part of a preplanned effort to make Mitt Romney look bad regarding one of his statements about Obama refusing to refer to the Benghazi attack that killed four Americans as a terrorist attack. When Romney brought this up during the debate Obama, with a smirk on his face asked Candy to read back what he said after the attack in a white House press conference. She “just happened” to have a piece of paper on her moderator desk that was supposed to be a copy of exactly what Obama said at that press conference about Benghazi. It was not exactly what Obama said but was so carefully altered that you really had to be paying attention to notice it. Consequently it did accomplish their goal of making Mitt Romney look stupid. I was actually watching the debate and when that happened two things instantly came to mind. One was that I wondered how Candy just happened to have that piece of paper on her moderator desk and the other was that what she read was not exactly what Obama said about the Benghazi attack in that press conference (I watched that press conference too). Unfortunately for Candy some people in the media saw the same things I did and began to publicly ask questions after the debate, which resulted in Candy, a career CNN journalist being forced to resign ”to pursue other interest”. Please note that I use the term “journalist” loosely when referring to people who work at CNN.

Sharyl Attkisson is one of the journalists who exposed Candy Crowley’s involvement in the manipulation of the 2012 debate. She has also written about how the “main stream media” was involved in the cover up of Benghazi and a lot more corrupt and criminal activities committed by the Obama Administration in her book, “Stonewalled”. The book details how she went from being a nonpartisan, award winning journalist to being forced to walk away from her career at CBS under questionable circumstances. Prior to leaving CBS Sharyl  experienced attempts to set her up as a criminal with planted evidence on hacked computers, tapped phones and various other specifically orchestrated efforts to destroy her life because she “would not go along with the rest of the media” regarding reporting on the Obama Administration’s activities. Please note that CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes who is Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications. Ben is one of Obama’s inner circle and was a key player in the writing of the White House Benghazi “talking points” (it was a protest because of an internet video).

Candy Crowley’s actions while moderating the 2012 debate are why the recent Hilary Trump debate is being informally referred to as “Candy Crowley Times Four”. In addition to interrupting Trump repeatedly in a controversial tone, versus rarely interrupting Hillary, Lester Holt asked Trump questions and then interrupted, and literally debated him in a confrontational manner on four specific issues. It was obvious that Holt was following a preplanned agenda to make Trump look bad and Hillary look good:

  • Holt asked Trump about his previous position regarding the Obama birther issue. Trump has acknowledged this was no longer an issue in his mind. When Trump answered the question Holt made repeated efforts to demonize him on the issue.
  • Holt questioned Trump about the status of his tax returns and would not accept any of Trumps replies.
  • Holt argued with Trump about his support of the Iraq war and literally called him a liar repeatedly. Based on Sean Hannity’s , and other people’s public confirmations that Trump did not support the Iraq war Holt was incorrect
  • Holt questioned Trump’s position on “Stop and Frisk”, argued with Trump about it and insisted that “Stop and Frisk” is unconstitutional (it is NOT and has dramatically reduced murders and other crimes where it was used properly).

Holt also failed to ask Hillary any questions about Emailgate, Benghazi, or The Clinton Foundation. He compounded his favorable treatment of Hillary when he did not ask her any follow up questions when she repeated her original lie about using one devise for convenience when Trump brought up Emailgate.

When you consider the facts detailed above and the Obama Administration’s history of lies, manipulation of facts and corruption, with the support of the “main stream media”, it is pretty easy to see why so many people are questioning Holt’s moderation of this debate.

There was also the appearance that Hillary’s campaign had the debate questions well in advance. Both campaigns and the public knew what the debate topics would be in advance but not the specific questions. It seemed clear to me, and a lot of other people, who watched the debate that Hillary’s answers to every question were too quick and too perfect. Historically this has not been typical of her public responses to questions.

The unethical and maybe illegal moderation of this debate was actually not a surprise to me based on the Obama Administration’s history of corruption and the “main stream media’s” history of obsessively supporting the Obama Administration. I am so looking forward to the third and final debate, which is moderated by Chris Wallace and then Election Day!