The Clinton’s Treason

Treason is defined in Section 3 of Article 3 of our Constitution. It says, “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

Some people say using the word “treason” to describe the Clinton’s activities is too harsh. When you look at many of the things the Clintons have done, all for money and power, I do not think that it is inappropriate to use that word. It should also be noted that everything they have done was coldly calculated and in most cases deliberately hidden and lied about when necessary to keep it covered up.

Remember Hillary’s brief press conference at the U.N in 2015 when the fact that she had a secret, illegal server became public?  She said that she chose to use one devise for all her communications, work and personal for “convenience”! Let me repeat that, “one devise for convenience “. We now know that she used multiple private, illegal servers, and as many as 13 cell phones, Blackberrys and IPads (that we know about). There was also at least one note book PC, and thumb drive memory devises with her communications on them, plus various devises that some of her staff used.

To make matters worse all her servers and electronic devises were set up and maintained by a variety of people who did not have a security clearance at even the lowest level! To put it in the simplest of terms, she deliberately chose to expose State Department communications for four years for MONEY, lots of MONEY, all funneled through the Clinton Foundation and Clinton bank accounts. One example is the State Department, while she was Secretary of State, approved the sale of U.S. uranium stock to Frank Giustra, a Canadian billionaire, who resold it to a Russian business interest. While this was happening Bill Clinton traveled around the world with Giustra to give very highly paid speeches. At other times Bill was given the use of Giustra’s private jet to travel to other countries to give highly paid speeches. Giustra was also a huge contributor to the Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons, who supposedly left the White House “dead broke”, now have an estimated net worth of one to two hundred million dollars and the Clinton Foundation is estimated to have taken in around two billion dollars. No one knows for sure because of the “sloppy and incomplete” reporting of the Clinton Foundation.

Regarding the Clinton Foundation’s charitable work, no credible non-partisan charity rating organization will rate the foundation because of the “sloppy and inaccurate” reporting noted above and the minuscule amount of its income that actually goes to charity. One detailed analysis published recently indicated that in 2014 as little as six per cent of the Foundation’s income actually went to charitable organizations and most of that went to organizations the Clintons controlled. Most of the Clinton Foundation money goes to “administration” which means it goes to support the Clinton lifestyle and to their relatives and supporters in the form of bloated salaries, benefits and expenses.

While Hillary was Secretary of State she had two electronic devises destroyed, many others are not accounted for, and then she had tens of thousands of U.S. Government communications destroyed (after they were subpoenaed multiple times). Also I do not recall anyone saying what happened to her original, secret, illegal server? So how could she say that she “chose to use one devise for all her communications as a matter of convenience”?

It is absolutely undeniable that she coldly, deliberately and constantly put sensitive U.S information at risk of exposure to our enemies for FOUR YEARS for MONEY, LOTS of MONEY. When you consider the facts that no one really knows where all her State Department communications are today or who may have them, sensitive U.S information is still at risk today! And the corrupt Obama Administration continues to protect her!

And now we have Hillary openly accusing Trump of being the equivalent of an ISIS officer and giving “aid and comfort” to ISIS based on his rhetoric?

It is inconceivable to me that Hillary is not in Federal prison along with a lot of her staff, and even more inconceivable that she is one of the two top candidates for President of the United States of America! I ask again, how did we get to this place in America?

Hillary’s Obsession with Secrecy and Lies, and Then More Lies

Over the years there have been endless articles and a number of books written about Hillary’s lies, scandals and corruption. I have also written and posted a number of detailed articles over the last few months about her lies, scandals and corruption. Recently I noticed in addition to being dishonest that Hillary has another major weakness. It is an obsession with secrecy, which creates a vicious cycle where she has to lie to cover things up and then lie more to try and keep things covered up. Her collapse at the 911 ceremony is a perfect example of this and confirms that she surrounds herself with mindless sycophants who will obsessively operate the same way. Instead of releasing a statement that she had a mild case of pneumonia and would adjust her schedule for several days, her staff let her physically collapse and then had to watch it played back endlessly on national tv  before they responded to it. This was substantially more damaging to her standing in the polls, compared to simply acknowledging she had developed a mild case of pneumonia. It also made more people aware of, and begin to talk about her lifelong obsession with secrecy and cover ups. Remember her Rose law firm files that disappeared during the “White Water” investigation and then mysteriously reappeared on a White House table when the investigation was closed.

There is an old saying, “timing is everything”. That is absolutely true regarding Hillary’s collapse and her, and her staff’s mishandling of it. It suddenly was less about her pneumonia and more about her mishandling of the situation. It made the media began to focus more attention on her history of this type of behavior. With the current Congressional hearings into Emailgate and the new WikiLeaks, Guccifer 2.0 and an anonymous group’s document release; this could not have happened at a worse time for her campaign.

The recent Congressional hearing into Emailgate was probably the most revealing hearing to date. The State Department aide who worked on the illegal and secret server, Brian Pagliano did not attend the hearing even though he had been served with a Congressional subpoena. The two technicians (who did not have security clearance) from the firm that maintained the server, and destroyed the emails (after they were subpoenaed) repeatedly took the 5th refusing to answer any questions. However a former Clinton aide who worked on the server, and destroyed the phones with a hammer did answer every question without hesitation, including acknowledging that he had full access to the server and did NOT have a security clearance. In spite of the corrupt Obama Administration’s efforts to bury Emailgate, not only is it not going away, it is causing the media to focus more attention on Hillary’s obsession with secrecy and lies.

And then we have the current document releases, noted above which added two more major blows to Hillary’s campaign.  One was the Obama, Hillary DNC “Pay to Play” activities with actual references to “Pay to Play” and a detailed list of big money donors who were rewarded with highly desirable appointments. The second was Colin Powell’s personal emails which clearly confirmed that Hillary blatantly lied about his advice to her and she also lied when she said that he used the same system that she did (a secret and illegal server). Powell also detailed his efforts to get Hillary’s campaign to stop lying about him.  Powell even expressed his assessment of Hillary as being incompetent and dishonest.

This past week was definitely not a good week for Hillary and it is obviously going to get worse with all this new attention on her and her campaign’s obsession with secrecy and lies.

In addition to being a really bad week for Hillary, the events during this past week also served to further focus a spotlight on how unbelievably corrupt  every branch of the Obama Administration is, starting with the President! This is not Russia or some third world dictatorship. This is America and this is not supposed to be happening in America! How did we get here?

I do not know if the Obama Administration, with Hillary’s help has made America so weak that we cannot fix it. However I am certain that four years with Hillary as President will assure that the America we once knew will not exist again, certainly not in any of our lifetimes.











Emailgate is Now a Word

My last article was about Hillary’s lies, scandals, and crimes. It was my intent to write a simple factual case that could be used to ask Hillary supporters how they can continue to support her. The FBI “document dump” last Friday gave new meaning to the term Emailgate and provides a lot more facts that can be used to ask Hillary supporters, “why?”.

Unfortunately for Hillary the Washington habit of releasing potentially damaging information on a Friday before a holiday weekend did not have the desired effect this time. Questions about the FBI’s obviously deliberate mishandling of Hillary’s interview and the entire investigation have been in the news since the Friday afternoon document release and are getting louder by the hour. When you add the information in the recent WikiLeaks documents to the information released on Friday even some of the media that has been soft on Hillary and her supporters are beginning to ask more pointed questions.

When you look at everything that has happened with Emailgate it seems obvious to me that the Clintons and Department of Injustice were determined to make it look like the issue was a “non- event”. When it became obvious that was not possible then their fall back plan was to convince the American public that it was nothing more than a simple case of bad judgement. Remember when the news about her SERVER became public and how Hillary explained it? She gave a brief press conference at the U.N. and said she “chose to use one devise for all her communications as a matter of convenience”. We now know that she used thirteen different Blackberrys and cell phones, and five IPads (none were issued by the State Department and all are unaccounted for except for two that were supposedly destroyed with a hammer by an aide). All this is bad enough but it was not just multiple devises that she blatantly lied about publicly, the devises were being used to communicate through a private SERVER! Plus a notebook PC and thumb drive containing all of Hillary’s communications was “allegedly” mailed to the FBI but “disappeared” in transit.

The way the FBI handled this investigation has proven that the Department of Injustice, under Obama’s direct orders, made sure that no one would be prosecuted for anything related to Emailgate or the Clinton Foundation. No Grand Jury was convened to review the evidence, Hillary’s one interview was NOT recorded (only handwritten notes from the agents who interviewed her) and she was not under oath. Hillary’s attorneys told the FBI that she would not agree to be interviewed if she was sworn in or the interview was recorded, and the FBI apparently agreed to that! Every former FBI agent, former FBI manager, one former FBI Director and other legal experts (like Judge Nap) that I have seen interviewed about the FBI’s handling of this investigation said every aspect of it was in violation of standard FBI  investigative procedures.

Bleach Bit was used to destroy thousands of documents by a technician at the company maintaining her server(s) (with no security clearance) after a conference call with Hillary’s attorneys, after the records were subpoenaed! The excuse given was that the technician was supposed to have done it before the subpoena was issued but he forgot to do it.

At the Candidate Forum on Wednesday, August 7 with Matt Lauer, Hillary angrily replied to an Emailgate question from a retired Naval Intelligence Officer. Her reply was a combination of some of her previous blatant lies and some new ones. She said that all classified documents have a header that clearly identifies them as classified, she did not send or receive any classified documents on her private system, she used an entirely different system for classified documents, and lots of people in Washington used her system or one like it.

During Hillary’s FBI interview she told the agents conducting the interview a “variety” of lies indicating that she did not understand classified document markings and did not recall any classified document training. On at least two occasions since them, talking to the press on her new campaign jet and at the Forum on the 7th, she  clearly contradicted those lies.

One of the best analyses of Emailgate that I have heard was from a commentator who compared Emailgate to Watergate. He said that he was a teenager when Watergate happened but remembers it well and is amazed at how different Hillary is being treated. Watergate was about 18 and ½ minutes of tape recordings of a phone call with President Nixon in the Oval office that were erased. This caused the President to resign, be charged with a crime (he was pardoned by the new President) and put a man in the White House who had never run for the office of President or Vice president, Gerald Ford.

How can Hillary be one of the top two candidates to be the President of the United States of America? THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING IN AMERICA!


Hillary’s Lies, Scandals and Crimes, a Partial List

As noted above, this is just a partial list (in no particular order) of Hillary’s “documented” lies, scandals and crimes. The reason for compiling and posting this list is so I could have a basis for asking her supporters, “How can you, in good conscious support her”? I understand why people like John Podesto, her campaign chairman support her. He is as corrupt as the Clintons. With him, and everyone in the Clinton orbit, nothing matters but money and power, and none of them will ever have enough of either. None of these people possesses even a “grain” of ethics or integrity or give a “tinkers damn” about America as long as they keep getting more money and power. John Podesto is a prime example of “Clinton people”.  He has been a key Clinton associate since Bill first ran for President. He is a partner, with his brother in a very influential and expensive Washington lobbyist firm with international clients, like a giant Russian financial institution. The Clintons are masters at surrounding themselves with people like John.  As noted earlier I do understand how people like John so devoutly support Hillary, but I do not understand how so many people who do not appear to be like John support her?

Hillary became a disciple of Saul Alinsky during her college years.

Hillary was fired from her first job after law school, working for the Watergate Special Prosecutor, for lying and evidence tampering. She should have been charged with a federal crime and disbarred.

Hillary’s Rose law firm files that were critical to the White Water investigation disappeared.

While she was in Arkansas Hillary made an extraordinary profit on a one time cattle futures trade. $5,000 became $490,000 in a short period of time.

After coming to Washington as the First Lady the White House security staff quickly learned that Hillary had an irrational and explosive temper. For many years now getting assigned to her security detail has been considered a form of punishment.

Travelgate was an irrational and illegal Hillary disaster.

Hillary stole expensive artifacts and furniture when they moved out of the White House.

Hillary sought and got an eight million dollar book advance just prior to being sworn in as a Senator.

After losing to Obama, another Saul Alinsky disciple in 2008, Hillary cut a deal with Obama to be appointed Secretary of State for four years and then be his replacement in 2016. And then the lies, scandals and corruption suddenly soared to extraordinary new levels!

When she was appointed Secretary of State Hillary continued to surround herself with totally unethical sycophants at every level. Many with other approved jobs with questionable companies or organizations, while drawing State Department pay checks.

Hillary did NOT appoint an Inspector General for the State Department while she was Secretary of State.

After being sworn in Hillary signed all the required forms regarding State Department communication security requirements and allegedly attended the required training before being issued her required security clearances.

Hillary used State Department funds to buy, and used some state department staff to set up her illegal server(s). But the State department claims it would not approve such an arrangement and had no knowledge that it existed.

Hillary appointed an unqualified big donor to a sensitive committee. He had to resign immediately when this became public information.

Obama has been described by people qualified to make the declaration as a text book pathological narcissists.  I did not think it possible but Hillary is worse than Obama including when she was under oath! There are literally tens of thousands of photos and videos available on-line documenting this. For example, when it became public knowledge that Hilary was using a private server she held a brief press conference at the U.N. and said that she choose to use just one devise for all her communications for convenience. She actually used multiple devises and multiple servers with many different people and companies involved (many without the proper security clearance).

Hillary’s attorneys and their staff had (have?) possession of all of Hillary’s communications without the necessary security clearances or facility security (the State Department actually issued them an approved safe when this became public knowledge).

Hillary’s attorneys used software known as “bleach bit” to permanently destroy tens of thousands of Hillary’s State Department communications.

The same lawyers are representing all of Hillary’s staff that are being questioned about Hillary’s servers and State Department dealings. This is a very unusual and unorthodox arrangement that clearly implies that their answers to questions are being carefully choreographed.

Hillary claimed that they were “dead broke” when they left the White House but after she left the State Department they are worth over one hundred million dollars (no one knows for sure because of their lack of accurate reporting). Much of the money came from questionable business dealings and foreign governments.

The Clinton foundation has taken in over two billion dollars (no one knows for sure how much because of their lack of accurate reporting). Much of the money came from questionable business dealings and foreign governments.

Nonpartisan charitable rating organizations will not rate the Clinton Foundation due to their lack of accurate reporting but estimate only 10 percent of money taken in went to actual charitable work.

When Hillary was Secretary of State the Department worked with the Department of Homeland Security to close active investigations into Muslin groups here in America with possible ties to terror groups outside the U.S. Multiple retired Government agents have stated that these investigations could have possibly prevented  San Bernardino or Orlando. Remember that Hillary’s top aide since she was the First lady is Huma Abedin, a member of CAIR and other Muslin organizations.

Hillary’s State Department calendar is incomplete and missing information regarding meetings with big donors to the Clinton Foundation.

While Hillary was Secretary of State she sought secret information about the E.U planned bailout of Greece when her son-in-law’s hedge fund invested heavily in Greece.

During the Democratic primary election Hillary conspired with the DNC to rig the election against Bernie.

Hillary and the DNC staff coordinated anti-Trump protests.

Hillary obstructed Boko Haram’s designation as a terrorist group while Foundation donors cashed in on the situation

In 2010 Hillary outsourced 5 million dollars in new stemware purchases for the U.S. Embassies to a Swedish manufacturer using a small D.C. shop instead of using Stueben Glassworks in Corning N.Y.

Benghazi. What can anyone say that has not already been said by the survivors? If you have not watched the Benghazi movie yet you should! It is available at any retail store that sells DVDs and through most on-line movie streaming services.

If you have not watched the documentary “Clinton Cash” you should! .It is available free on

And, “I do not recall, I do not remember, I cannot remember, it is all because I had a concussion in 2012 causing me to lose my memory about all these things”.  This was the only way for her to avoid prosecution for literally thousands of Federal crimes, and she wants to be President!

I repeat this is only a partial list. I have written a number of detailed articles about the Clintons. They are posted on my website

As I have written in past articles, I firmly believe that America has been so weakened by the Obama Administration that we cannot survive four years with Hillary as President.

REMINDER! The next President could choose replacements for 3 to 5 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices!!!!!!!!!!!