The Department of Injustice Sues Georgia School System

On July 15, 2015 the DOJ (now known as the “Department of Injustice”) sent a 22 page legal notice to Georgia Governor Nathen Deal and Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens informing them that the Department had determined that Georgia’s GNETS program (Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support) was in violation of the Federal laws against “separate facilities” for different groups of students in school systems. The notice goes into great detail about what they believe are the deficiencies in Georgia’s GNETS program. One of their major concerns is that students in the GNETS facilities do not have “equal access to extracurricular activities like after school sports or clubs”.

According to the Georgia Department of Education website, GNETS was created in 1970. This is how the website describes it: “The Georgia Network for Educational and Therapeutic Support (GNETS) is comprised of 24 programs which support the local school systems’ continuum of services for students with disabilities, ages 3-21. The programs provide comprehensive educational and therapeutic support services to students who might otherwise require residential or other more restrictive placements due to the severity of one or more of the characteristics of the disability category of emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD).”

In other words, GNETS was created specifically to provide an education for students who might otherwise have to be institutionalized!  As noted above these are students who have psychological or behavior disorders that causes them be a potential threat to themselves and/or other students/people. These facilities are usually “locked down” where people have to be “buzzed in and out”, that are operated by dedicated and highly qualified professionals.

So now the Obama Administration and the State of Georgia are engaged in extended and expensive litigation over whether or not the State of Georgia can continue to provide an education for these special needs students, or just lock them up in institutions.  Surely the Obama “Department of Injustice” has other places to spend (waste) our Federal tax dollars?

Is your school system next?

You can read more about the “Department of Injustice”: here:

The original 22 page legal notice is here:







A Look Inside TPP, the Final Stage of the Total Transformation of America

I am  NOT a “closed border” person and I am FOR “free trade”. To be otherwise, in my studied opinion is unreasonable.  However, the more I learn about TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement), the more I am literally horrified about what is in it. In TPP, once again America gets the “short straw”!

When I saw the October 31, 2008 news footage of Obama loudly proclaiming, “We are five days away from fundamentally changing America” I did not have a clue how much America would be changed in eight years! Obama, first with Hillary’s help and now with Kerry’s, is racing to finish his work turning America into a second rate country and making it part of the U.N., “One World Order”. He has taken sides against America with the U.N. and foreign governments (except Israel) at every opportunity. Some examples are the U.N. Agenda 21 Project, the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, the Iran Nuclear Deal (all of these could have entire books written about what is wrong with them), and now TPP. As noted above, I believe TPP is the planned final nail in America’s coffin, right behind the Iran Nuclear deal.

Like everything else the Obama Administration has done, the American public and most of Congress do not know what is in TPP. However, as more information becomes public, in some cases from WikiLeaks, it is like everything else the Obama Administration has done .It is bad for America.

As noted above I am for “free trade”, but for “free trade” to work everyone involved has to be FAIR and HONEST in their trade activities, which is not necessarily the case within this proposed agreement, and it does not even include China. China is a major trading partner, is a member of WTO (World Trade Organization) and is the all-time UNFAIR trader in the world. This is another topic that could easily fill an entire book on its own. Basically this is how China and other trade cheaters do it. They manipulate the value of their currency against the American dollar so their goods are cheaper in the U.S. and our goods are more expensive in their country. Their farming, harvesting and manufacturing operations are not usually bothered, by overwhelming government agencies that are enforcing so many regulations that they cannot function efficiently.  So China and other countries can pollute at will and abuse their workforce at will with low pay, and unsafe working and living conditions. And it seems that other countries always out maneuver our trade negotiators in any and all trade negotiations. Consequently, as noted earlier, the American people get the “short straw” in every international deal, TPP included.

In addition to not being “fair and balanced” with American interest, TPP also turns over some of our basic rights to a TPP Authority!  Things like what type of Tuna fishing nets can be used to fish for Tuna, and how to label cans of Tuna, would be decided by this TPP Authority. Under TPP, America could no longer make and enforce its own laws and regulations regarding a number of things regulated by TPP. However TPP is not the worse trade agreement being negotiated by the Obama Administration.

The worst trade agreement being negotiated today is TISA (Trade In Services Agreement”. If you have not heard of TISA, you are not alone. According to a WikiLeaks document TISA is a “Secret” agreement being negotiated by up to 50 countries. It is an agreement regarding the trade of information and services including, among other things, the transfer of “people”, which basically overrides U.S. immigration laws! The way it would work is a company like Goggle, or an international hotel chain could move certain employees from its businesses in effected countries in and out of America, and other countries as they desire. In addition to all the abuse and corruption that already exist in our immigration system under Obama, this is one more reason all the big tech companies, and most of the big international companies pilled on to support and throw money at Obama in 2008 and 2012, and are now doing it for Hillary. They want the unrestricted exchange of information and technology and cheap foreign labor with no Obamacare requirement.

Now we know for sure why Obama and his Liberal Democratic supporters are frantically pushing for “Trade Promotion Authority” (fast-track trade negotiating authority) for the Obama Administration, which is due to be voted on by Congress soon.

Remember, Hillary helped Obama do what he did to America during his first term while selling America out for Billions of dollars for herself, Bill and their foundations. If Hillary becomes President a big chunk of what jobs we have left in America will disappear forever!

If you want to know more about what our real unemployment rate is, what our actual economic situation is, and what a disaster our immigration system is, you can find detailed articles about these and other related topics on my website,






Obama’s Lies, Scandals and Corruption (a Partial List)

Since it is now less than 90 days until America chooses a new President, it seems important to me to focus on just how inept and corrupt the Obama Administration has been. And then ask the question, “Can America survive a 3rd term of the Obama Administration”?

As noted above this is only a sample of the lies, scandals, and corrupt activities that we have seen during the past 7 and ½ years. Everything listed below (in no particular order) has been researched, documented and written about extensively by a number of people, including myself so I will not provide a lot of details here (there have actually been entire books written about  some of Obama’s scandals and corruption):

  • Obama promised, “My administration will be the most transparent administration in history”. It has been the most secretive.
  • Obama uses every Federal agency to regularly violate the Constitution and go around Congress to carry out his agenda. An example is Obama going around Congress and using the EPA to initiate and carry out his “war on coal”.
  • Breaking News! The “Department of Injustice” overrode three different FBI field offices and closed the Clinton Foundation investigation. They are not even pretending to be honest now!
  • Breaking news! It has been confirmed that the Obama Administration has been altering intelligence reports to make it look like the Administration’s war on terror has been more effective than it actually has been.
  • One of the “Department of Injustice’s” first actions was to drop the voter intimidation convictions of the Philadelphia Black Panthers.
  • The “Department of Injustice” issued an internal policy, “There is no such thing as voter intimidation or voter fraud if it is done by people of color”.
  • “Fast and Furious” is conceived and executed.
  • Eric Holder lied to Congress repeatedly about “Fast and Furious”.
  • Obama illegally used executive privilege to seal “Fast and Furious” records.
  • “Obamacare” is “passed” by a Democratic controlled House and Senate without being read, and with blank pages. It was actually put together by a special interest group with some members that had questionable resumes.
  • Obama repeatedly illegally used Executive Orders to modify Obamacare.
  • There was massive fraud in the implementation of Obamacare with no action taken by the Administration.
  • In November 2013 the Obamacare website was only 30 % built at a cost of over $600 million when it was budgeted for $94 million.
  • The Obama Administration gave a LA school district $990,000 to teach school children how to go home and educate their parents about the benefits of Obamacare.
  • The Obama Administration spent millions promoting Obamacare.
  • During Obama’s 1st term there was a major expansion of the Food Stamp program with no action taken to prosecute some of the companies hired to administer the program who were committing fraud
  • During Obama’s 1st term there was a huge expansion of the “Free Phone” program with distribution contracts going to major campaign donors and no prosecution of obvious fraud in the program. This was repeated after Obama’s re-election.
  • The Obama Administration Illegally took over the auto industry and illegally reorganized it to take care of the unions at the expense of shareholders, secured lenders and non- union workers.
  • The Obama Administration Illegally terminated automobile dealerships and created illegal dealership monopolies for chosen friends and supporters.
  • The Obama Administration illegally spent billions of dollars on ill-conceived green energy projects that were all massive failures (but trusted supporters were bailed out in the process).
  • The IRS illegally targeted hundreds of Conservative groups.
  • Erick Holder appointed a radical Obama supporter in the “Department of Injustice” to lead the FBI investigation into the IRS targeting of Conservative groups.
  • Obama said in an interview with Bill O’Reilly “there was not even a smidgen of corruption there”, before the IRS “investigation” was done
  • The IRS, BATF and OSHA illegally targeted Conservative group leaders.
  • Obama created a “shadow” government made up of White House Czars.
  • Obama and others in his Administration continually brag about saving the economy, when we are in the longest “none” recovery from a recession in American history.
  • Immediately after his re-election Obama said, “Now we will reward our friends and punish our enemies”.
  • Obama and others in his Administration continually brag about the record low unemployment rate, when we have one of the highest percentages of Americans unemployed or underemployed since the great depression.
  • Obama and others in his Administration repeatedly say, “We are reducing the deficit at the fastest rate since the end of WWII”. The Federal debt will exceed $20 trillion before the end of this year.
  • Obama issues a record number of illegal Executive Orders.
  • Obama has signed a record number of Federal prisoner pardons and he still has over 5 months remaining in office.
  • Obama claims that he was a Constitutional Law Professor.
  • Obama makes Illegal recess appointments.
  • The “Department of Injustice” used “Operation Choke Point” to target gun and other industries that the Obama Administration does not like.
  • During his first term Obama begin to establish a “Federal Police Force,” which has been expanded during his 2nd
  • The Obamas have taken a record number of expensive vacations and Obama has played a record number of rounds of Golf.
  • The Obama Administration has issued a record number of Visas with little to no follow up or enforcement by DHS.
  • Benghazi happens and is covered up.
  • The Syrian “Red Line in The Sand” is announced and ignored.
  • The overall U.S. national defense capability is the lowest it has been since prior to WWII while running up a Federal deficit of $20 trillion
  • The Obama Administration enables voter fraud by using the “Department of Injustice” to prevent states from using voter ID laws and attempting to clean up their registered voter list.
  • The IRS and “Department of Injustice” Illegally targeted Republican candidates in tight national races and then destroyed the evidence.
  • Secret service agents illegally accessed Representative Jason Chavis’ personnel records with no disciplinary action taken.
  • The Obama Administration turned the Border Patrol agents into “baby sitters” while “manipulating” the deportation numbers.
  • The Obama Administration ignored a court order to remove the illegal deep water drilling restrictions in the Gulf. Instead of removing the restrictions they replaced them with more restrictive orders.
  • The Obama Administration allowed massive fraud in the black farmer discrimination claims program.
  • The Obama campaign took illegal donations in his 2008 and 2012 campaign.
  • The Obama Administration refuses to use the term “Islamic Terrorist”.
  • The Obama Administration labeled the Fort Hood terrorist shooting as “work place violence”.
  • Obama placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key Federal Government positions.
  • The Obama Administration systematically destroys the lives of bona fide “Whistle Blower’s”.
  • The “Department of Injustice” illegally targeted members of the media, and their families.
  • The Obama Administration signed deals with the UN and foreign Governments and then claimed they were not treaties, which require Congressional approval.
  • Hillary, the IRS, Clapper, and Holder lied to Congress on a regular basis and destroyed records.
  • The State Department, under Hillary, spent $623,000 in a failed attempt to get people to “like” the State Department’s Face Book page.
  • The State Department interfered with an IG investigation into claims about sexual misconduct in the Department.
  • The “Department of Injustice” payed people to go to Florida to protest when Zimmerman was not originally charged.
  • Obama is illegally emptying GITMO.
  • The Bergdahl trade was illegal and extremely ill conceived.
  • Obama continuously generates racial divide by actions like his administrations involvement in the Zimmerman case and saying things like, “The police acted stupidly” regarding the arrest of Henry Gates, a professor friend.
  • A black Muslim extremist who was working in the DHS as a purchasing agent for guns and ammunition had a website advocating a race war and the slaughter of white, gay and mixed race people. He was put on paid leave when Fox News exposed him.
  • Obama enacted a new, illegal phone tax through the FCC to raise money to provide internet service to “every school child in America”. The program, like all of Obama’s programs, failed miserably but the tax is still in effect.
  • Obama’s long UN speech on 9/24/13 claimed that the world is a safer place than it was 5 years ago.
  • The White House and the State Department are caught illegally and foolishly altering press conference tapes.
  • The “Department Of Injustice” altered the transcripts of the 9/11 calls made by the Orlando shooter to remove references to Islam and terrorism.

As noted above this is only a partial list. I saw an internet post during Obama’s first term where the author had taken the time to keep a journal and actually listed Obama lies verbatim. It was six pages long, single spaced with around 35 quotes per page. Obviously after 7 and ½ years this post could be many pages longer. However, I feel sure what I have listed here is adequate proof that this is the most inept and corrupt administration in American history. I firmly believe that a Hillary Administration will be just as bad, and Obama has left us too weak to survive another 4 years of the same ineptitude and corruption.

There are only two viable choices for President. The “third party” candidates cannot possibly be elected. Vote and CHOOSE wisely!




















As We Count Down to the Election the Mainstream Media, Democrats, and rino Republicans are Coming “Unhinged”

No lie or fabrication is off limits as the Mainstream Media, Democrats. And rino Republicans try to stop Trump’s march to the White House.


This was an Esquire headline on Wednesday 8/03:

A Mutiny Is Brewing on Trump’s Nuclear Submarine

The captain has lost his mind, and they’re scrambling below deck

The Daily Beast on 8/04:

Election Over

Other headlines or reports:

Trump is sick.

Trump is unstable.

Trump is going to quit. (really!)

The Republicans are getting ready to replace him.

Trump is out of control and  ”mailing it in”.  “He is so out of control that his staff is suicidal”.

The desperate GOP is planning an “intervention” with Trump.

The GOP is running out of time to fix Trump.

Rino Republicans are publicly endorsing Hillary and saying Trump is too dangerous.

Trump has a long history of “stiffing” contractors and people who work for him and has been sued for it many times .Kimberly Guilfoyle and Monica Crowley, both accomplished attorneys totally debunked this accusation on Bill O’Reilly recently.

Trump is crashing in the polls while Hillary is getting a strong “bounce”. Based on the turnout at Trump’s campaign events versus Hillary’s events, I do not believe the polls are accurate.

I wrote about poll accuracy last week. For many years I have noticed that they have not been accurate. I believe there are two reasons for this. One is that some pollsters deliberately skew the results in an effort to influence an election. The second and main reason they are not accurate is the increasing lack of a reliable list of people to be polled who accurately reflect the voters. This is the result of the rapidly increasing number of voters who no longer have a telephone land line. They use cell phones and many of them use the phones to screen their calls to avoid telemarketers (and pollsters). An increasing number of these people also refuse to join groups like political parties or give out their phone number. There is also an increasing number of people who will not acknowledge who they are supporting politically, or will lie about it to avoid controversy, a risk of being ridiculed by family or friends or possibly being black listed at work. Consequently polls today are a good indicator of trends but they do not accurately predict results. Trump is a good example of this. He got more votes in the Republican primary than any Republican candidate in history, even with 16 qualified opponents initially, some of them staying in the race until late in the primary process, yet the polls have consistently shown him to be losing to Hillary.

Recent fund raising reports also indicate the polls are not accurate. Hillary, with her massive national organization and the Democratic Party’s help, raised $90 million in July. Only $63 million goes to her. The rest goes to the Democratic Party for other candidates. Trump, without a massive national organization, raised $80 million, mostly from small donors.

This morning I heard a new word, “Palinize”. It is a reference to the main stream media trying to do to Trump what they did to Sarah Palin.


Jake Tapper was practically “fawning “ about the DNC as he did his nightly report one night during the convention. All the rest of the mainstream media did the same constantly, during and after the convention.

Juan Williams on the “Five” loudly stated that the “RNC was a disaster”. I am still hearing that from the Left every day.

Obama, during a White House joint press conference with the P.M. of Singapore, bluntly said that Trump is not QUALIFIED to be President. This came from a community organizer with a 7 & ½ year record of lies, failure, and corruption? He said the same thing about Romney.

During a pentagon press conference Obama warned Trump about the classified briefings and said Trump needs to be “Presidential”!

As of 8/01 network news channels mentioned Pat Smith’s appearance at the RNC one time, Khizr Khan’s appearance at the DNC 55 times.

The New York Times did not report on Chris Wallace’s Hillary interview on 7/31.

The Media is ramping up its attacks on Trump’s wife.

Quote from Pat Caddell about the media and the Polls. “This is what the media is willing to do, to try to elect her,” Caddell said. “This poll (Reuters) is nothing but a part of a media offensive. In the 45 years since I was a child, in top-level presidential campaigns, I have never seen the media on such a jihad, and so involved in hiding facts, and not following up. This is a crisis of democracy, what the press is now doing.” Note: Caddell has been a Democratic “operative” his entire adult life.

The Obama administration and other Democratic administrations are ramping up their efforts to elect Hillary by direct action or by pandering to special interest groups:

Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia restored, by executive order, the voting rights of 200,000 convicted felons.

Jeh Johnson signed an order giving legal status to everyone in the U.S. who says that they came here after 2012 from Syria. This allows them to get a driver’s license and be eligible for welfare (with a driver’s license you can register to vote).

California is issuing driver’s licenses to illegals.

The DOJ (Department of Injustice under Obama) continues to battle states over voter ID laws.

Obama is stepping up his efforts to pardon/commute the sentences of prisoners in Federal prisons (214 on august 2}.

Special interest groups are so emboldened by Obama, Hillary, and the Democrats outreach to them that they are growing in size, the number of groups is increasing and their demands are becoming even more unreasonable.  There is now a “Black Lives Movement” that claims to be an umbrella group for all the other “Movements”, like BLM and they just issued their “platform” of demands. It includes things like slave reparations, the decriminalization of drug and sex crimes (and consequent release of people in jail for these crimes), and the elimination of police departments.

Every day we learn more about how incompetent, lying and corrupt the Obama Administration is. $400 million to Iran that they claim was not ransom. The BATF is ILLEGALLY maintaining gun owner personal information (preparing for gun confiscation?).  Obama is pardoning Federal prisoners at record rates, and he still has 5 months left in office. Look at Bill and Hillary’s record. Hillary will make things even worse in America.

Obama did say one thing that turned out to be true. On October 31, 2008 Obama said, “we are five days away from fundamentally changing America”.

Expect the Trump bashing and fawning over Hillary to ramp up and the “noise” from the special interest groups to get louder everyday between now and the election.

This election will be decided based on voter turnout. Choose wisely and VOTE!