Turmoil in the Democratic National Committee and the New American Revolition

Late in the week, before the Democratic National Convention, WikiLeaks released copies of hacked Democratic National Committee emails reconfirming that key Committee staff members actively worked to assure Hillary was the Democrat nominee (isn’t attempting to rig an election a Federal crime?). Due to the size of the document release analyst believe more damaging information will be discovered over the next few days.

The day before “day one” of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), disaster strikes as information about the Democratic National Committee’s activities become  “news” with some media. Turmoil erupts inside and outside the convention hall. The number of protesters increase and they become loud outside the convention hall and Debbie Wasserman Shultz is pressured to resign as Democratic National Committee chair. She agrees to resign after the convention and will only officially open and close the convention. Hillary blames the problems on Russian hackers, ignoring the criminal actions of the Democratic National Committee staff. Hillary also claims in a TV interview that she had no knowledge of the Committee staff’s efforts to rig the primary election for her. Hillary publicly announces her support for Shultz and then doubles down by announcing that she has hired Shultz to be co-chair of her national campaign.

Two new polls show Trump taking a noticeable lead over Hillary.

Day one, before the convention opens, the protests get bigger and louder outside the convention hall and Shultz is booed off the stage at a breakfast meeting with her home state delegation! Shultz is forced to totally withdraw from any role in the convention. Clinton campaign spokesman attempts to ”spin” the committee staffers actions in TV interviews by only talking about the alleged source of the released emails being Russian. WikiLeaks announces it will release more hacked emails before the general election, including some from Hillary’s PRIVATE SERVER! The protest outside the convention hall get bigger and louder by the hour and the Democrats doing interviews inside the convention hall continue to “foolishly” ignore the turmoil all around them while trying to “spin” what a great convention theirs will be, as opposed to how bad the Republican convention was. Classic example was Juan Williams on the “Five” loudly declaring how “disastrous” the RNC was. For many years now I have been constantly amazed at how resolute the people speaking for the Democrats are at sticking to the Democratic talking points for the day. It does not appear that everyone is buying the “spin”, including some of the media that usually goes out of their way to support Hillary. The Democratic National Committee is totally silent. The DNC attempts to officially open with loud shouting matches happening between various factions. Some speakers, like Senator Warren were booed and heckled as they spoke. It looks like it is going to be a rough week for Hillary and the Democrats, especially the Democrats supporting Hillary.

Day two of the DNC starts off like day one. Bernie and Hillary supporters engage in another shouting match at a breakfast meeting and the protestors outside are still active and loud. The fence around the convention center has to be reinforced due to protestors climbing it. Bernie supporters still refuse to endorse Hillary and are still trying to replace her. Even though Hillary gave BLM representatives speaking slots at the DNC a BLM protest march is happening outside the convention hall with a “Hillary Delete Yourself” banner carried in the front row of marchers. Newly released emails show that Shultz’s replacement, Donna Brazile  (one of the most racially divisive women to ever sit before a TV camera, for years on the Sunday morning show “Georgia Gang”)  was also critical of Bernie. Hillary is officially “coronated”. A large number of Bernie supporters leave the convention hall and join the protestors outside the hall. BLM protest outside the convention hall are also getting bigger and louder. A BLM protest leader orders all white people to the back of the group and says, “This is a black and brown movement”. Bernie supporters burn an American flag outside the convention hall. Geraldo Rivera is surrounded, verbally abused, doused with water from behind and physically removed from a BLM protest by a very large black man. I still do not see any American flags in the convention hall? The Democrats and main stream media still claim that the “RNC was a disaster”.

Day 3 at the DNC. Trump holds a morning press conference ,no prepared notes, no questions off limits in Miami. During the press conference he challenges the media to get Hillary to do a press conference. She has not held a press conference since December 2015, and that one was scripted and controlled. He also made a joke about Russia finding Hillary’s missing 30,000 emails. To quote Charles Krauthammer this was a neat trap that the Hillary campaign immediately fell into, followed immediately by most of the “main stream” media. They foolishly continued to try and “spin” the allegation that it was the Russians who hacked the systems, while trying to ignore what was in the released documents. And then they really “took the Trump bait” and began to accuse Trump of creating a national security issue by encouraging a foreign power to hack into systems that had sensitive documents in them (confirming that Hillary improperly stored and transmitted sensitive national security documents?).

Apparently the DNC has now been publicly called out enough on the internet to force them to put two American flags in the convention hall. New reports say that the Democratic National Committee staff that tried to rig the election for Hillary violated campaign finance laws. Jill Stein visits the DNC and talks to Bernie supporters (Her party will influence the General Election). More leaked emails and voice mail recordings confirm that the DNC controlled access to Obama, Hillary and other top Democrats based on how much money donors raised/donated. Pepper spray is used on protestors trying to scale the convention hall fence. Protestors use bolt cutters to force access to a secure area inside the fence with some being arrested by the Secret Service. A protestor stomping on a burning U.S. flag catches their clothes on fire and is burned bad enough to require hospitalization. There is still no mention of ISIS. Complaints from residents in the convention hall area about, noise, trash, vandalism, illegal camping, nudity and other crud behavior by the protestors are increasing daily.

Nancy Pelosi makes her ridiculous “GGG” (God Guns and Gays) statement on live TV and repeats it again later that afternoon. She said that the reason Hillary has a problem with the white male vote is because, “uneducated white males in America vote against their own economic good because of their feelings about “God, Guns and Gays”.

Leon Pennetta’s speech backfires while he tries to promote Hillary’s ability to handle all the problems in the world. As he goes through a long list of war torn countries and unstable governments it becomes obvious that Obama’s foreign policies have created a very unstable world, with Hillary’s help for four of his eight years. At one point some state delegations interrupted him with loud chants, “no more wars”.

Bill Clinton almost frantically tried to portray Hillary as the most qualified, successful and accomplished person in history, plus being on a level of care and giving to people that is above and beyond Mother Teresa’s. I wondered what he would do if anyone ask him the simple question that no one else has been able to answer yet, “can you name one positive thing she actually accomplished during her four years as Secretary of State?’.

Bloomberg’s speech is a total Trump attack.

Joe Biden’s entire speech was a Trump attack that should have been beneath the office of Vice President of the United States of America.

When Tim Kaine opened his VP acceptance speech with a “shout out” to his son who just deployed with the Maries the audience was shockingly unresponsive. He used most of the rest of his speech to attack Trump.

Obama repeated what Bill said about Hillary’s extraordinary qualifications and accomplishments, then repeatedly patted himself on the back as he listed each of his administrations remarkable accomplishments (which were not true)  and then spent the rest of his speech making ridiculous claims about Trump.

Day 4 of the DNC begins with Rudy Giuliani reporting that uniformed police officers were not allowed inside the convention hall during the convention. This was so unbelievable to him that he spent the last two days investigating and confirming that it was indeed a convention rule. This is textbook Hillary. Just ask any Secret Service agent and they will tell you that getting assigned to Hillary’s detail is actually a form of punishment.

Regarding the uniformed officer ban inside  the convention hall, I wrote in one of my articles recently about Hillary changing her position on major issues more often than she changes her pants suits. The night after Giuliani and Fox made the uniformed officer convention hall ban public a woman uniformed officer came to the podium to call for a moment of silence for slain officers. Immediately, during the moment of silence people in the audience began to yell “black lives matter”.

Jesse Waters attempted to interview Convention attendees about their position on “Sanctuary Cites” and “Kate’s Law”.  Their behavior and responses were despicable, even though they knew they were on camera.

The high point of day 4 seemed to be Lanny Davis popping up in front of any TV camera or microphone he could find to tell anyone who would listen about how he has known Hillary since law school and what a great, warm, kind, loving, giving person she really is. With all the attack Trump speeches (some of which were actually sophomoric) and Lanny’s last minute efforts to humanize Hillary, it appears that they are worried about her electability.

Clearly the final analysis of this DNC shows that it was undeniably un-patriotic, anti-military, anti-police, with an attack Trump and Republicans theme. It can only be described as unethical and worse, un-American! This convention did not bring the Democratic Party together, much less America.

As noted above Hillary changes her positions on issues more often than she changes her pants suits. “Presto” on the last night of the convention, just before Hillary’s acceptance speech, U.S. Flags, chants of U.S.A., a hero soldiers Muslin parents and a retired Four Star General endorsing Hillary appear at the convention (some in the audience attempted to shout down the General and the veterans on stage with him by chanting, “no more wars”).

Based on what is happening in the Democratic Party, the continued existence of some “never Trump” Republicans, the disenchanted Independents and the surprising number of “New” voters all confirm a rising level of anger in America and a willingness to express it. Turmoil in the U.S. electorate is definitely growing.

History has proven repeatedly that when the level of anger in a population reaches a certain point the population “revolts”. It appears that the “revolution” we are beginning to see will not be a “quiet” one. For many months now, everywhere I go I hear people talk, at times loudly and angrily, about politics. Places like the Gym, Dr. and hospital waiting rooms, the place where the locals stop in the morning for a cup of coffee and a biscuit and at other retail businesses. There has always been some level of political discussion in public places but I have never seen it at this level and certainly not as polarized. Many of these people are unshakable in their beliefs and a surprising number, of all ages insist they are going to vote for the first time in their lives (the blue collar males in this group and their spouse/family members are overwhelmingly Trump supporters). Hopefully this “Revolution” will not involve guns, but I am not sure that will be the case based on the level of anger and volatility I am seeing and hearing every day.

Regarding polls, for many years I have noticed that they have not been accurate. I believe there are two reasons for this. One is that some pollsters deliberately skew the results in an effort to influence an election. The second and main reason they are not accurate is the increasing lack of a reliable list of people to be polled who accurately reflect the voters. This is the result of the rapidly increasing number of voters who no longer have a telephone land line. They use cell phones and many of them use the phones to screen their calls to avoid telemarketers (and pollsters). An increasing number of these people also refuse to join groups like political parties or give out their phone number. There is also an increasing number of people who will not acknowledge who they are supporting politically, or will lie about it to avoid controversy, a risk of being ridiculed by family or friends or possibly being black listed at work. Consequently polls today are a good indicator of trends but they do not accurately predict results. Trump is a good example of this. He got more votes in the Republican primary than any Republican candidate in history, even with 16 qualified opponents initially, some of them staying in the race until late in the primary process, yet the polls have consistently shown him to be losing to Hillary.

When I look at everything that happened this week I am even more convinced that Trump will be President, maybe by a vote in the U.S. House like I wrote about last week. Regardless of what Bernie, Gary Johnson, or Jill Stein do the election will come down to Hillary or Trump and Hillary cannot be President! America is on its last step into Socialism/Communism and there is no doubt that Hillary will take us there. I wrote about this here: http://www.onlymakessense.com/ideology-and-extremism-in-american-politics-today/. In November vote and, like him or not, vote for Trump!

Together Obama, Hillary, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are going to put Trump in the Whitehouse

As with most Democratic societies America basically has a two party political system. Other parties have participated in our national elections from time to time with minimal effect in most cases. Ross Perot was a rare exception to this situation when he took more votes from President Bush (41) than he did from Clinton.

All indications now are that candidates for parties other than the Democrat and Republican parties will have an even bigger effect on this election than Ross Perot did in his run for President in 1992. The current levels of divisiveness, turmoil and anger in America are so high that we will probably see Presidential candidates from the Libertarian and Green Party prevent the Democrat and Republican party candidates from getting 270 Electoral College votes, so the President will not be chosen during the general election. The Obama Administration has deliberately brought us to this place in America with his “Divide and Destroy” strategy for “fundamentally changing America”. I covered the Obama “divide and destroy” strategy in detail in my article last week.

Since Hillary became the pre-ordained Democratic Party candidate the levels of divisiveness, turmoil, and anger in America have increased. She is one of the most divisive candidates in history. On an almost daily basis I hear or read reports of her saying things that are simply not true, and in some instances are irrational. As an example a recent video she made to be played at a meeting of hard Left Progressives. In the video Hillary said that in her first 30 days in office she will issue executive orders and use Government agencies to limit money in politics, which is unconstitutional.  She will also propose a Constitutional Amendment to limit money in politics (apparently she does not even understand how you amend our Constitution). I have followed her political career over the years and I have been amazed every time I heard someone say something like, “yes I know she cannot be trusted” or, “yes I know she is a bad person”, “but I am still going to vote for her”. Or even worse when I hear people angrily deny that she is a liar or cannot be trusted. I detailed how Hillary’s behavior has been questionable during her entire adult life in a recent article.

I am even more amazed that the two leading candidates for President of the United States of America, Hillary and Trump both have unbelievably high ”unfavorable” ratings.   This simply does not make sense on the Republican side since we started with a field of 17 candidates with many of them being highly qualified Presidential candidates. Like Hillary, many people see Trump as a divisive candidate. His emergence as the Republican Party nominee has also fueled an increase in the levels of divisiveness, turmoil and anger in America. However, as I watched Trump in recent weeks and now at the RNC, I am getting much more comfortable with him being president, especially as I see the people he seems to be relying on for advice and support. Recently I heard someone say, “Trump cannot be a micro-manager when you consider how large and widespread his business interests are”. That made a lot of sense to me and reinforced my interest in seeing who he appoints to key positons in his administration. I am especially interested in seeing who he appoints as Attorney General! I am sure it will be someone like Chris Christy and I am so looking forward to seeing the criminal ideologues that have turned the DOJ into the “Department of Injustice” leave the Department like rats deserting a sinking ship. The DOJ and the Supreme Court are key reasons why Hilary cannot be President!

Regarding the RNC, the choice of speakers, and their passion on the first day was outstanding! There were several times when the camera scanned the audience and I saw a lot of people with tears in their eyes, and I must admit there was a time or two when I felt emotional, especially when Sean Smith’s mother was at the podium.

The second night of the RNC carried the convention theme to the next level. Trump sailed to an easy victory in the final nominating process, Chris Christy reinforced my hope that he is the next Attorney General and Donald Trump Jr. sounded a lot like a successful future President. As I have watched all of Trump’s adult children during the campaign I have been very impressed at the poise and grace they all have in public and what a close knit family they are. That tells me a lot about the real and private Donald Trump.

Night 3 at the RNC. Patriotism is alive and well in America!  Laura Ingram NAILED IT!  Single mother of three adopted kids and successful. Her story is working class blue collar to success in America if you are willing to be ethical and work for it. Attempted flag burner (communist party member) arrested for attempting to “incite a riot”! Yea for the Cleveland police and all the law enforcement agencies that are helping them!!!!!!!! What an amazing job they have done!

Great closing night! Great convention!  This convention was a perfect example of how professional business people do things. Great job by the city of Cleveland, especially their Law Enforcement people! Let’s see if the DNC and Philadelphia can match it?

With Hillary and Trump being the Democrat and Republican nominees, and Bernie (an avowed Socialist) almost being the Democrat nominee, it opens up the possibility for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to have an impact on the Presidential election process. Note: Johnson publicly acknowledges that he regularly smokes pot and Stein is even more “deranged” than Bernie

Gary Johnson’s record as Governor of New Mexico is mixed. He had some success and some failure over his 8 years in office. He has been totally unsuccessful in his past presidential efforts. However he is a favorite of many Millennials. Millennials are loosely defined as being between the ages of 18 and 34 and are now the largest segment of the U.S. population. I recently had a conversation with a young man who is intelligent, highly educated and has a good job and work history. He does not advocate “free stuff” and he strongly supports Gary Johnson. He even went so far as to say that if Johnson is not elected he is going to give up on politics! I think he is one example of how diverse Millennials can be. This diversity is one of the reasons that I believe Johnson and Stein will have a major effect on this election. Johnson is currently polling high enough to almost earn a spot in the Presidential debates and is slowly moving up. Getting a spot in the debates would dramatically increase his strength in the general election.

Jill Stein is the “Green Party” candidate. As noted earlier she is even more “deranged” than Bernie. Here is the opening statement of her “Power to the People Plan”, which is posted on the party website. The details of this plan are posted on that website below the opening statement. They are frightening and irrational.

“My Power to the People Plan creates deep system change, moving from the greed and exploitation of corporate capitalism to a human-centered economy that puts people, planet and peace over profit.

It offers direct answers to the economic, social, and ecological crises brought on by both corporate political parties. And it empowers the American people to fix our broken political system and make real the promise of democracy.

This plan will end unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe; build a sustainable, just economy; and recognize the dignity and human rights of everyone in our society and our world. The power to create this new world is not in our hopes, it’s not in our dreams – it’s in our hands.”

Her plan reminds me of the “UN Agenda 21” plan for “One World Order” (recently renamed “New world Order”). Unfortunately it looks like many of the “free stuff Bernie” voters will move over to support her. She even issued a statement saying that she would step aside if Bernie would take her place on the Green Party ticket, which he declined, I expect grudgingly. If enough Bernie supporters and Hollywood environmentalist move over to support her she also could earn a spot on the Presidential debate stage, which would dramatically increase her standing in the general election.

If the diverse Millennials split their votes among the four candidates, like it appears they will, it will prevent Hillary and Trump from getting 270 Electoral College votes, which will send the Presidential and Vice Presidential election to the U.S.Congress.

We just got two more reasons why most Bernie supporters will support candidates other than Hillary or simply not vote. The reasons are her selection of Kaine as her running mate and the latest wikileaks document release. Kaine is an “establishment” Democrat with strong ties to Wall Street and the new wikileaks documents reconfirm that the DNC  rigged the Democrat primary for Hillary. Bernie supporters are planning to protest at the DNC this week.

This brings us to the Electoral College, what it is and why we have it. It is a process, not a place. The Founding Fathers were faced with an unworkable situation regarding electing a President and Vice President. At the time of the Constitutional Convention America had 13 large and small states spread over an area from the top of the Eastern sea coast to the bottom, with an estimated population of 4,000,000. There were very little means of transportation or communication between the states. There were also no national political parties and political campaigning on a national level was not even in anyone’s thought process at the time. The Electoral College was created during the Constitutional Convention in 1787 to overcome these problems. The electoral votes were also “weighted” so the smaller state’s desires were not constantly overwhelmed by the larger states. The Electoral College process was amended by the 12th Amendment in 1804 to make it more workable with the rise of national political parties. Many people question why the Electoral College exist today and would prefer a simple popular vote process for electing our President and Vice President. It would take another Constitutional Amendment to make this change, which will not happen in today’s political environment. So to be elected President in America a candidate must earn enough popular votes, especially in  key states, to earn 270 Electoral College votes.

If no Candidate earns 270 Electoral College votes, the U. S. House of Representatives will elect the President and the U.S. Senate elects the Vice president.

The US House of Representatives chooses the President with each state having only one vote (the representatives do not get an individual vote). The House will consider only the three candidates who got the most votes in the general election.

The US Senate chooses the Vice President with each Senator casting a single vote for one of the two candidates who got the most votes.

Regardless of what happens to the House and Senate in this General Election the Constitutionally required time period for them to choose the President and Vice President means it will be the current Republican House and Senate that elect the President and Vice President. Trump will be President and Pence will be Vice President.

Remember, the next President will choose replacements for 3 to 5 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices! That will determine what America will be like for future generations.







The Obama Strategy: Divide and Destroy

There is an old saying that almost always proves to be true, “timing is everything”.  Regarding Obama’s legacy it is absolutely true. He could not have stepped into politics at a more perfect time to accomplish his primary objective in life, which was to “fundamentally change America”. Everything was in place and there was unlimited support for him to accomplish his goal at a level far beyond his wildest dreams. I am sure that Obama, the text book pathological narcissist, probably believes that he single handedly accomplished the destruction of America as we knew it. He was the public face of the “transformation of America”, but it was not him alone that accomplished it.

President Johnson actually began to lay the foundation for “where we are in America today” in the 1960s. He was a master politician whose every move was politically motivated. His civil rights programs were carefully calculated with one objective in mind, to dramatically expand the permanent Democrat voter base.

Fast forward to Jimmy Carter, who unwittingly added another plank to the foundation, that President Johnson started building. The “plank” was the CRA (Community Revitalization Act).  However Carter was so inept that the Act had no effect during his one term as President (that was not the case with Bill Clinton).

Next, fast forward to Bill Clinton’s two terms as President. This is where the real foundation for Obama’s “fundamental change” was actually put in place. Obama could not have accomplished his goal at the level that he has, without Slick Willie’s actions when he was president (I am sure that Obama would never admit that). Like President Johnson, Clinton was a master politician. Everything he did was carefully calculated and politically motivated. Most of Clinton’s legacy remained in place throughout President Bush’s time in office primarily because of 9/11, which happened 7 months and 21 days after President Bush was sworn in (with the weakest national defense capability imaginable, thanks to Clinton’s policies). President Bush was way too busy rebuilding our national defense capabilities, fighting terrorism and then dealing with the collapse of the U.S. economy caused by the ‘housing bubble bust” to spend any time trying to root hard left ideologues out of Government agencies. Note: The housing bubble was created by Clinton  and then put on steroids by him in 1997 when he issued the executive order making it legal to package the sub-prime loans and sell them as securities (this is what ultimately destroyed the U.S. economy).

And then along comes Obama. “Timing is everything”!  The most corrupt and America hating President in history is sworn in during a very difficult time in America, which could conveniently be blamed on President Bush (43) regardless of the facts. Obama did inherit the aftermath of 911 and a near collapse of our economy. However, instead of trying to fix America’s devastating problems Obama and the Democrats began to use them as justification to “change” America to be more to their liking.

It should also be noted that during President Bush’s last two years in office the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate were controlled by the Democrats, which continued during Obama’s first two years in office. What this means is that President Bush was prevented from accomplishing anything by a veto proof Congress during his last two years in office and Obama could have basically done anything he wanted to during his first two years in office (all he got out of that monopoly was “Obamacare”).

As I watched Obama during most of his first term I was shocked at how inept he seemed to be, how absolutely arrogant he was, how much disdain he had for the rule of law and how much he despised the U.S. Constitution. It was late in his first term that I began to realize that he was somewhat inept but was actually intelligent. It was his total arrogance that made him less effective at achieving his goals, not a lack of intelligence. This absolute arrogance also made it harder for his “handlers” to figure out how to work with him to accomplish his/their objectives. It was late in his first term when Obama, his sycophant supporters and his “:handlers” began to come together and Obama’s “Divide and Destroy” strategy began to come together.

Thanks to Bill Clinton and Democrats in Congress (with little to no objections by rino Republicans) Obama inherited government agencies that were, at least to some degree ideologically driven. Immediately after he was sworn in Obama and his liberal supporters started building on this Clinton legacy. Early in Obama’s first term it was undeniable that the DOJ had become the most criminal DOJ in history. Immediately after that the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) and the IRS joined that list. Later in Obama’s 1st term it became obvious that every Federal Government agency was staffed with and being run by Left leaning Ideologies intent on carrying out Obama’s agenda. This included the FCC (Federal Communication Commission), the FEC (Federal Election Commission), the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), DHS (Department of Homeland Security) and every other Government agency. Think about the total power all these agencies have when they are all focused on the same illegal agenda!  This is especially true with Obama, his “handlers” and his supporters being fully aware of this power and taking full advantage of it. The 1st And 2nd Amendments were and are their primary targets. When these fall none of the other Amendments will matter. One example of this is the Democratic National Committee 2016 party platform. One “plank” in the platform specifies that the DOJ should pursue Federal criminal charges against “climate change deniers” (ignore the 1st Amendment)!   

We are now 7 and ½ years into Obama’s time in office and America could not be more fractured than it is now. Not only is America openly divided on almost every issue imaginable, the divisions are literally at extremes. All indications are that during his last 6 months in office Obama will be even more aggressive in his obsessive drive to “fundamentally change America”.

Here are a few specific examples of Obama and Democrat Ideological “divide and destroy” actions.

Race relations. There is no denying that the Obama administration has deliberately and constantly worked at driving wedges between various ethnic groups in America. “Divide and destroy” for maximum effect has been especially obvious here. Obama has taken every opportunity to denigrate Republicans and the police and push the mythical “white privilege” theory. He regularly has Al Sharpton attend meetings at the White House and even met with the BLM (Black Lives Matter) group organizers at the White House. Obama has perfected the “never let a crisis go to waste” rule and never misses an opportunity to stoke racial divide and tension. Saying things like “The Cambridge police acted foolishly” and “Travon Martin could have been my son” before the facts are known are typical automatic responses from him in situations like these. In many ways Obama has literally taken us back to the worst parts of the 60’s.regarding racial tensions.

The economy. GDP growth is practically none existent, we have an unimaginable level of public debt and we have the largest percent of the American work force unemployed or under employed since the Depression. Yet the Obama administration loudly brags about how he has “healed “the economy and created millions of jobs (we need about 225,000 net new jobs each month for the unemployment rate to stay the same. We had only 38,000 net new jobs in May but the Obama Administration announced that the unemployment rate dropped from 5 % to 4.7%).

Gun control. Obama and the Democrats are obsessed with and will say and do anything to destroy the 2nd Amendment. The truth and facts regarding gun violence and terrorist acts on American soil are simply an inconvenience to them that is ignored or loudly denied.  “An unarmed population is a compliant population”.

Voter registration. Obama and the Democrats are obsessed with registering voters by every means imaginable. A non-partisan voter watch dog group in Texas found that in numerous cases there were as many as 5 registered voters with the same address and in many cases the address did not actually exist or was an address where 5 adults could not be living. Obviously Conservatives oppose this type of “shotgun” voter registration. There is only one reason to be obsessed with doing “shotgun” voter registration, that is freedom to commit voter fraud.

Voter I.D. Obama and his supporters are obsessed with refusing to require any form of voter I.D. to vote. They loudly proclaim that it is deliberate voter suppression while they openly use every government agency to suppress the conservative vote and work at destroying the 1st Amendment (DOJ, IRS, FEC, FCC). You must have some form of state or federally issued I.D. to do almost anything in America. Conservatives support voter I.D. because they believe voting is a sacred and Constitutional right that should be protected, one person one vote. There is only one reason to demand that people be allowed to vote without I.D, that is freedom to commit voter fraud. Democrats, including Obama’s DOJ have filed countless suits trying to prevent states from requiring voter I.D.

Purging Voter list. Registered voter list have hundreds of people who are over 100 years old and have not voted for many years, decades in some cases. The lists also have many other people who have not voted for many years (they died or moved away). Consequently the lists can have more registered voters than the total population of legal voters in the voting district. Conservatives believe that registered voter list should be accurate and current. They should contain only legal voters in the voting prescient. There is only one reason to oppose purging ineligible voter names off the registered voter list, that is freedom to commit voter fraud. Obama and his supporters oppose purging voters list. Obama’s DOJ has filed law suits to prevent states from purging voter list.

Gerrymandering. Look at a voting precinct map. They usually make no sense geographically. They are laid out specifically to predetermine the party, and in some cases race of the official elected in that district. Gerrymandering is used by both parties but is a favorite practice of the Democrats with the DOJ making sure the Democrats win in any contested situations.

Political Correctness is another favorite tool of the Obama Administration. More proof that the Obama Administration hates the 1st Amendment.  An elderly and disabled couple I know was openly harassed in a Walmart parking lot because of the bumper sticker on their van.

SEIU (Service Employees International Union).  This is an openly Socialist union organized by a radical community organizer, who was one of the original organizers of ACORN. He was eventually forced out of ACRON (not charged with a crime) because he embezzled over a million dollars from the group. No surprise that this union rose to a level of national prominence during the Obama Administration.

If you look at everything the Obama Administration has done it becomes clear that it has been totally focused on executing its “divide and destroy” strategy to “change America”. It is also clear that Obama is very close to achieving his objective. A level of anger and fear is visible in a wide variety of America’s demographic groups. A level that I never imagined would exist here. This level of anger and fear is so strong in some of these demographic groups that we are already seeing incidences of individual and group anarchy and will probably see a dramatic increase in these incidences during the next few months, and even more after that.

This review of Obama’s presidency and prediction of what his legacy will actually be is certainly not all inclusive but I firmly believe it is accurate. If you question anything I said in this article “goggle” it and go to my website, www.onlymakessense.com and read the related, detailed articles.

I am not sure that America can be saved now. .If Hillary is elected in November I am almost certain it cannot be saved!  Remember the Supreme Court. During the next President’s term replacements for 3 to 5 of the 9 Judges will be appointed!




Obama, the Most Corrupt and America Hating President in U.S. History

Obama was elected for two reasons. One was the color of his skin, the first black U.S.  President, history was made. The second was that the America haters recognized that the timing was right for them to destroy America and he was the perfect “tool” for them to use to do it!

Last week I wrote about Hillary’s life of corruption and that she had never been charged with a crime. Obama also has a history of corruption, has never been charged with a crime, will never be charged with a crime and was elected to be President twice.  Obama has one other thing that Hillary does not have. Hillary does not care about anything but money and power. Obama, in addition to an obsession with money and power, absolutely hates America and everything about it. This last thing is what makes him the perfect “tool” for the people who are intent on destroying America, and as noted above the timing was right. Under Obama we have become so Politically Correct (PC) we cannot function, our economy is destroyed, our allies do not trust us, our enemies laugh at us and taunt us, our Government functions at a minimal level at best, lawlessness is rampant, especially in many of our major cities and even in most Federal Government agencies, and our state of readiness militarily is at an all time low. If you think I am overstating any of these issues Goggle it and then read the rest of the articles on this website. This will be the 27th article posted on this website. Each one of my previous articles details a part of how we got to this place in America.

The America haters have actually been steadily chipping away at the very fabric of American life for about 50 years. All their efforts have been carefully orchestrated with time on their side. They were perfectly willing to experience a minor setback from time to time as long as they got what they wanted in the end. And then along came Obama, an America hating man totally without a conscious. Everything he has done as an adult confirms that.

Let’s begin with Obama’s college years. Where are his college records? Why are they sealed? What are they hiding? Who spends a fortune (of other people’s money) having their college records sealed and keeping them sealed?

After college Obama claims that he was a Constitutional law professor. In fact he was only a part time lecturer who spent most of his time writing a book about himself.

Obama was a Saul Alinsky disciple and close friends with Bill Ayers. Some sources say that it was Bill Ayers who actually made Obama’s book readable and ready to be published while Obama became a community organizer. Saul Alinsky was the person responsible for creating the destructive community organizer movement in America. Bill Ayers was a member of the radical ”Weather Underground”  group in the late 60’s and  early 70’s. He went underground to escape prosecution for his part in several terrorist bombings the group did, re-emerged and became a tenured college professor!

During all his time in Chicago after college Obama sat in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s extremely radical, “God Damn America” church almost every Sunday.

Obama’s first step into politics was when he “finagled” an Illinois Senate seat, where he did very little except plan his next move to the U.S. Senate.

After Obama made it to the U.S. Senate, he again did very little except plan his Presidential run. When he did make a speech or vote it was always an anti-Bush media show.

During Obama’s first Presidential run every America hater pilled on and threw truckloads of money at him. And the main stream media enthusiastically signed on. “Fundamentally Change America” became their Holy Grail. Ethics, rules, facts or laws were not to be an impediment in any way.

As soon as he was elected Obama openly displayed a level of arrogance that is not fitting to the office of the President of the United States of America. During his first term, in one of his extremely rare bi-partisan white house meetings Obama said to John McCain, “elections have consequences, I won”. Immediately after his second election he moved from “fundamentally changing America” to “we are going to punish our enemies and reward our friends”.

After Obama was sworn in his promised “most transparent administration in history” became the most secretive and blatantly corrupt administration in history.

Obama appointed total sycophants to every presidential appointed position in the Federal Government, preferably as America hating and lacking in ethics as he was. He even created some new positions like a lot of new White House Czars. Some of the Obama administration’s appointments have actually been members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Many state and local governments and Democratic Party organizations immediately followed Obama’s lead (Baltimore).

Throughout his two terms Obama continued to appoint people who he could depend on to blindly carry out his agenda, including illegal recess appointments. Additionally there is no end to the budgets, maximum allowable salaries and even bonuses for everyone who successfully plays Obama’s game (VA and IRS are examples). If anyone fails to publicly and blindly do what Obama wants they are “out” instantly. If anyone displeases Obama he does not hesitate to throw them “under the buss”. And God help a “whistle blower” no matter what the situation, in spite of specific Federal laws protecting them.

As President nothing is beneath Obama or his supporters in their efforts to destroy America. The list of “scandals” during Obama’s two terms is actually many pages long. Below is a brief explanation of some of the most corrupt Obama Administration actions.

A totally agenda driven and corrupt DOJ was created shortly after Obama began his first term. This was critical for the Obama Administration to do as it pleased with no fear of being questioned, let along anyone being charged with wrong doing. This began with the blatant voter intimidation convictions against the Philadelphia Black Panthers being thrown out by Eric Holder.

Obamacare was illegally implemented and changed with multiple illegal executive orders.

”Fast and Furious” was an illegal, poorly conceived, poorly managed, extremely costly, secret operation run by the DOJ and BATF. It was designed to discredit Federally Licensed Firearms dealers in order to set up an opportunity to take the first steps to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

The IRS illegally targeting conservative groups was a deliberate attack on the 1st Amendment. This massive and lengthy operation was a calculated and successful attempt to dramatically influence Obama’s re-election.

“Fast and Furious” and the IRS targeting operation were both orchestrated and covered up at the highest levels of the Obama Administration, especially at the DOJ. Eric Holder repeatedly lied to Congress about both, changed his “story” on multiple occasions and refused to turn over relevant documents. In fact he was so arrogant and dishonest in his interactions with Congress that he was charged with contempt (which had no effect on him since he is the chief law enforcement officer in America). Obama attempted to protect Holder and various records about these illegal activities with “executive orders” (which have been ruled illegal).

Operation “Choke Point” was another DOJ operation that was launched secretly using bank regulators to try and force banks to refuse to do business with industries the Obama Administration did not like. Firearm, coal and precious metals businesses were their specific targets. The effort was intended to shut down these industries by denying them banking services. Another agenda driven attack on the 1st and 2nd Amendments!

During his 1st term Obama began to establish a Federal police force (armed police that report to the Federal Government). They are armed and their uniforms and vehicles have “Federal Police” identification. Government agencies like the IRS are spending millions of dollars on guns and ammunition and designating employees who can become part of a Federal police force. The Federal Reserve refers to its security staff as Federal Reserve Bank Police. Their uniform I.D. is “FRB Police”.

During Obama’s 1st term in office his administration spent untold millions of dollars buying up and stock piling ammunition. This was a twofold operation. One objective was to have an unlimited supply of ammunition for the “Federal Police”. The second was to prevent U.S. Citizens from stock piling ammunition. For many months ammunition dealers were limiting the amount of ammunition a customer could buy (if they had any stock at all of some calibers). The Obama Administration also stopped selling surplus military ammunition to dealers and even stopped selling used bullet brass to bullet manufacturers to prevent them from producing bullets.

The Obama Administration’s auto industry” take over” was another massive and illegal operation. It openly violated a number of long standing Federal and state trade and DMV laws. They even went so far as deciding which dealers were terminated, without proper notice, and who got to keep dealerships based on their political affiliations and especially who supported and donated to Obama’s campaign. They literally created illegal monopolies for certain brands in some large geographic areas. Terminated dealerships were left with new vehicles on their lots that they could not legally sell to the public. And of course the unions were protected from being negatively financially impacted at the expense of secured lenders.

When the Inspector General for the Department of Agriculture found that hundreds of “Food Stamp” vendors were committing massive fraud the investigation was shut down with no action taken.

After Obama’s re-election the “Free Cell Phone” program was expanded by over a $100,000,000 with distribution contracts going to big Obama donors.

Under the Obama Administration “Legal Immigration” has basically been turned into a massive graft and corruption program to expand the Democratic donor and voter base.

Under Obama Illegal Immigration has been mismanaged and corrupted so it can be used as a political wedge issue by the Democrats to expand their donor and voter base.

Based on immigration alone you need over 100,000 net new jobs each month for the unemployment rate to stay the same. In May we only had 38,000 net new jobs yet the Obama Administration proudly announced that the unemployment rate fell from 5 to 4.7 percent!

Under Obama our economy has been destroyed. The 1st quarter GDP growth rate was only .005 (one half of one percent). We need a minimum of 3 percent to meet America’s expanding needs.

Our national debt is about to reach an inconceivable level of 20 trillion dollars ($20,000,000,000,000)! At some point in time we will not be able to pay the interest on this debt, let alone pay it off!

The “climate change fantasy” is an integral part of Obama’s corrupt administration. Billions of dollars were illegally given to green energy projects that failed immediately but benefited big donors, insider trading on green energy projects was rampant, and the EPA and other Government agencies took illegal steps to hurt the coal, oil and gas industries. And now the DOJ is planning to bring federal charges against “climate change deniers” using the Rico organized crime statues!

Under Obama we now have the worst level of national defense we have had in decades (even worse than it was under Bill Clinton). Every branch of our military is understaffed, underequipped, and run by political ideologies at every level. All the career patriotic warriors have been forced out from the top Generals to the line officers and senior NCOs.

Benghazi. While men were dying there was a meeting/conference call, which Obama did not participate in, with half the meeting time dedicated to developing the video story. NOT a single piece of military equipment moved while the brave men were fighting and dying except for one, hours into the battle, and it went to Tripoli, not Benghazi. The only help they got was a group of CIA folks who took it upon their selves to basically commander a plane in Tripoli to get Benghazi during the fight at the Annex (one of them was killed). BUT IT WAS ONLY 51 DAYS TO Obama’s RE-ELECTION AND HE HAD SINGLEHANDEDLY DEFEATED TERRIOSM….

As noted above this is only a partial list. Do not forget the Iran deal, Gitmo, the Bergdahl trade, and other Obama Administration actions that have damaged America and put us at increased  risk of attack here and abroad.

The real shame in all this is that it was all coldly calculated and deliberately executed with a compliant Congress, including rino Republicans!




Hillary’s Life of Emotional Instability, Pathological Lies, Misdemeanors, Felonies and Treason

It is hard to imagine how one person could do so much wrong and never once be charged with a crime. Even worse she was elected to the U.S. Senate, was nominated to be Secretary of State and confirmed to be Secretary of State by the U.S. Senate. Now she is about to be “anointed” the President of the United States of America by the Democratic National Committee and Obama, in spite of the fact that she is the subject of two FBI criminal investigations. One of the investigations is about her illegal use of an unsecured private server to conduct Official Government business and the other is an investigation into the activities of the Clinton Foundation. However Obama’s recent enthusiastic public endorsement of her to be President proves that he has ordered the DOJ to refuse to file any charges against her no matter how strong a case the FBI presents to the DOJ

Many people refer to Hillary as the “devil”, with good reason. I actually began to refer to her that way years ago and then began to hear other people do the same thing. Recently I saw a news clip of one of her carefully choreographed speeches, to a carefully screened audience where she actually pointed out that she, “does not have horns”! It was meant as a laugh line for her sycophant supporters but it told me that her handlers are very much aware of her image problem. My delight at hearing this quickly subsided when I remembered hearing so many people say, “yes I know she is bad, but I am still going to vote for her” and learning that I could literally be verbally assaulted at places like the gym if I dared to say anything negative about her around some people!

I have no idea how many books have been written about her specifically, much less about her and Bill together. When you add the internet writings about her and him to the books there is probably more public information available about them than any couple in history. While some of the published information was written to make them look good or to attempt to overcome negative information, the majority of the writings provide detailed negative information about them. With Hillary running for President the focus has been much more on her than Bill in recent years.

Hillary began her irrational, head first dive into politics during her college years when she became a disciple of Saul Alinsky. For those of you who are not familiar with Alinsky he was the father of the radical community organizer movement in America. Hillary’s senior thesis in college was about him. Obama was also an Alinsky disciple.

Over the years a lot of what has been written about Hillary, from a wide variety of unrelated sources, confirms that she is totally irrational and has an explosive temper. Some of her long, loud, profanity laced, and at times physical, attacks on Bill behind closed doors at the White House were so bad that the Secret Service agents on duty were concerned about how to protect the President from the First Lady.

Anyone who has watched her interviews or speeches, even on a limited basis has to admit that she “changes her story” from one moment to the next (lies).

Hillary’s first job after law school was working for the Watergate Special Prosecutor. She got the job as a favor to a friend. She was fired from that job for lying and evidence tampering. She should have been disbarred and criminally charged. This appears to be the beginning of her lifetime of believing she could say or do anything without any negative consequences.

When some of her activities at the Rose Law firm in Arkansas were questioned critical files mysteriously disappeared. The obviously altered files reappeared on a bed side table in one of the White House bedrooms when the investigation ended.

There was also her extraordinarily successful, one time cattle futures trade.

Six months into Clinton’s first term as President, White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster committed suicide under what many say were questionable circumstances. He was more attached to Hillary than Bill. His primary responsibilities were to set up the Clinton’s Blind Trust, which was not going well, and to be the “keeper” of the Clinton’s pre White House files, including the “White Water” files.  Regardless of what anyone may believe about his death, it is undeniable that Hillary’s Chief of Staff, Margaret Williams literally walked around the Secret Service agent assigned to guard his office until appropriate investigators could get there and removed boxes of files.

“Travelgate” was an irrational and illegal Hillary disaster. She fabricated claims of inappropriate activities and actual charges were brought against the career, White House travel office staff in a failed attempt to award their positions to personal friends. In the process the career, working staff people’s lives were virtually destroyed.

Everything in the White House except for personal things the First Family brings with them is public property. Much of it is very valuable (like the antique vase Hillary broke into many pieces when she threw it at Bill). There is actually a person assigned to maintain a detailed inventory of everything in the White House that is public property. The number and value of the items Hillary took with her when they moved out of the White House may be debated, but it is undeniable that she did remove items that were public property and had to return them.

After they left the White House the Clinton’s immediately set out to clean up Bill’s reputation, establish his legacy, set Hillary up to be President, and amass a personal fortune. Nothing was off limits in their efforts to accomplish all these goals. This is when Hillary first began to make her obsessive drive for PERSONAL money and power (she will never have enough of either).  She immediately began her carefully orchestrated plan to become a U.S. Senator from New York, which was supposed to be her stepping stone to becoming President. Just prior to becoming a Senator (while it was still legal?) she closed a deal for an $8,000,000 book advance.

As soon as Hillary was sworn in as a U.S. Senator she began to do what almost all senators do. She worked at becoming friends with all the other senators, avoided doing anything that may appear to be controversial, fund raised and planned for her presidential run. However, unlike the other Senators dreaming about being President, she was supposed to be preordained. And then another Alinsky disciple came along and took the Presidency from her! But Hillary was not to be denied the Presidency. She simply moved on to a new plan to replace Obama as president and joined Bill in his efforts to turn the Clinton Foundation into an international money machine.

Hillary’s new plan to be president actually worked out better than her initial one. It gave the Clinton’s an opportunity to cut an unbeatable deal with Obama. Hillary became Secretary of State, which added to her resume and allowed the Clinton’s to turn the Clinton Foundation into an international money machine on steroids! In exchange the Clinton’s agreed to help make sure Obama got reelected and Hillary would be assured the Presidency in 2016.

Hillary was now in a position to do anything she wanted to with absolutely no concern about any consequences as long as she did her part to make sure Obama was reelected. This was an absolute “win win” situation for the Clintons and Obama. Obama was assured that he would be unchallenged by Hillary in his reelection bid and he would have her full support for his ideologically driven transformation of America.  She was free to commit massive fraud and treason as Secretary of State and was guaranteed to be the next president.

Here is a small sample of the illegal and treasonous things Hillary did as Secretary of State:

Did not appoint an Inspector General for the State Department while she was in office.

Illegally used her power to facilitate hundreds of millions of questionable/illegal dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Also illegally used her power to facilitate hundreds of millions of questionable/illegal dollars going into Bill Clinton’s pockets for speaking fees and international business deals.

Appointed an unqualified big donor to a sensitive committee.

Refused to use State Department approved communication systems under any circumstances including using an unsecured private server in her home for all official communications.

Everything she did was deliberate and coldly calculated to facilitate and cover up her illegal and treasonous activities regardless of the damage she did to America or how much she put America at risk.

Obama has done what may be unrepairable damage to America economically and put us at an extreme level of risk for more and bigger terrorist attacks here and abroad. HILLARY WILL BE WORSE IN BOTH CATEGORIES!