The Clintons Versus Obama. Why Hillary Can Never be President!


There has been a lot written about these three people and their lifetime in the Democratic Party; however there has not been that much written about how different they are individually. A close look at the history of each of these people confirms that they have similar ideologies, personal interest and desires but they also have “extraordinary differences”.  All three have personal agendas and are self-absorbed. However all three are very different regarding their personal agendas, how committed they are to their agendas, how far they will go to carry out their agendas and how self-absorbed they are

Let’s start with President Clinton, otherwise known as “Slick Willy” (with good reason) by many people who liked and supported him and many people who disliked him and opposed him in every way while he was in office. A perfect example of this is what Dick Morris said about him after Bill left the Whitehouse, ”he is a scoundrel, but a likable scoundrel”. His references to Hillary’s likeability were the exact opposite. Dick Morris is a well know author and Bill’s campaign manager during both of his successful Presidential campaigns.

History will probably refer to President Clinton as one of the smartest and “slickest” politicians in American history. He is a man who always seemed to be driven, maybe even obsessed, with two things, votes and being “popular” with everyone. Throughout his political career he could, and did move to the Left or Right of center politically any time he sensed public opinion changing on any subject, and he did it successfully (hence the nick name “Slick Willy”). He did this for votes for himself and his party, but also to feed his insatiable need to be “popular”. He was truly a politician who needed to be a “people’s man”, of his well-known weaknesses is his inability to control “certain personal impulses”.

“Slick Willy” also had the uncanny ability to skirt rules, ethical standards, and even laws with little to no bad publicity or ill effects. A perfect example of this is how he created the “housing bubble” which ultimately destroyed the U.S. economy (I wrote about this in detail in a recent article, “I Am Going to Put My Husband In Charge of the Economy”). The only times he experienced any significant ill effects for his actions being unethical or illegal were when he failed to control his unacceptable “personal impulses”. And even with his blatant misconduct regarding these “personal Impulses” the American people, in general seem to have forgotten about that now.

The bottom line for President Clinton is that he did do significant long term damage to America during his time in office. However I believe history has shown that he did it for the reasons detailed above, for votes for himself and his party and to be “popular with the people”. Even with these desires driving his actions and thoughts while he was in office he never did anything to indicate that he had any malice toward anyone and certainly none toward America.

Obama does embrace the same Left leaning Ideologies as the Clintons. However that is where the “similarities” end. As a person he is the absolute polar opposite of “Slick Willy”. One of the most glaring differences is how they feel about people in general. President Clinton has a “need” to be popular with the people. Obama has an even stronger “need” to be an “Imperial or Supreme Ruler” that is on a level well above everyone else in every way!  According to Charles Krauthammer (who is an accomplished Psychologist) Obama is an extreme example of a “pathological narcissist”.  His obsessive use of the two words “I’ and “My” are text book symptoms of this mind set.

Unlike President Clinton, Obama’s ideology is extreme with no willingness to negotiate or modify his positions. He also has little to no regard for rules, ethics, or laws. He actually revels in flaunting his Administration’s total disregard for them. Three recent examples of this are the White House editing tape of a joint press conference with Obama and  the French President to remove the French President’s use of the two words “Islamic terrorist”, the State department editing out eight minutes of a video tape of a press conference about the Iran nuclear deal (they publicly stated they cannot determine who ordered that  to be done), and Obama loudly and publicly endorsing Hillary when she is supposed to be under two Federal criminal investigations. Note the first two examples are clear violations of Federal records keeping laws.

President Clinton surrounded himself with people who would give him sound advice and he had a willingness to have meaningful discussions with them about issues. Obama only tolerates brain washed sycophants around him who will endlessly stroke his insatiable ego and insist that everything he does is absolutely correct.

Obama openly has no regard for the long term damage his actions are doing to America and the world. In fact practically everything he says and does indicates that he has a deep seated and open malice toward America and everyone who does not embrace him as being a “Supreme Ruler”. He even flaunts an arrogant indifference to the Democratic Party that he is supposed to be leading, the party that elected him to the office of the President of the United States of America.

The only thing Obama does have in common with President Clinton is the appearance of being an extraordinarily gifted campaigner. However even this is completely inaccurate. President Clinton is a natural born politician and spent his entire adult life perfecting those skills. Obama is nothing more than an extremely self-centered and ideological “actor“ who is really good at reading a teleprompter (in front of carefully screened audiences)  and role playing while misleading the public about his Administration’s accomplishments..

Two simple examples that will illustrate what I just wrote about Obama are the just released May jobs report and the 1st quarter U.S. GDP growth rate! There were only 38,000 net new jobs created in the U.S. last month. Yet the Obama Administration proudly announced that the unemployment rate dropped from 5 per cent to 4.7 per cent at the end of May! This is so absurd that it is insulting (read my previous writing, “What is the Actual Unemployment Rate in America?”). The U.S. 1st quarter GDP growth rate was only .005 (one half of one) percent yet Obama continues to loudly proclaim what a great job he has done with the U.S. economy. In my recent writing, ”The U.S. National Debt Versus GDP Crisis” I detail how much long term damage the Obama Administration has actually done to the U.S. economy..

Here are two quotes from Obama that also illustrate what I wrote about him above. One is what he publicly said to John McCain in one of the very rare partisan Whitehouse legislative meetings he hosted during his first term, “Elections have consequences. I won”. The second is when he was reelected. He publicly said, “Now we will reward our friends and punish our enemies”.

And last but not least we have Hillary, otherwise known by many people as the “devil”. On the surface she does pretend to embrace her husband’s ideology and love for people. However a careful look at her history reveals that her nickname, the “devil” is well deserved.

Like her husband, Hillary moves to the Right or Left of center regarding her policies. However, unlike her husband, she does it more often then she changes her pant suits. is obvious to the most casual observer that she is doing that purely for political reasons. This makes her the opposite of her husband regarding her ability to be an effective campaigner.

Unlike her husband Hillary is not a people person. In fact she is one of the most unlikeable and anti-people individuals imaginable. She is so nasty toward people around her that being assigned to her Secret Service detail is considered to be a form of punishment. People on her staff or Secret Service detail who make the mistake of saying “Good Morning “ to her in private are usually subjected to a harsh “F… Y….” (According to a number of internal sources she regularly uses the “F” :word in private).

Hillary does resemble Obama in her desire to surround herself with brain washed sycophants. However she is such a poor “people person” that she is not as effective in accomplishing this as he is.

Hillary also resembles Obama in her total disregard for rules, ethical standards and laws and her tendencies to be a “pathological narcissist”. However, unlike Obama, she does make some effort to hide that. There are endless examples of this throughout her life. They are all a matter of record for anyone who wants to take an open minded look. One was her first job right out of law school. She was hired to work for the Watergate special prosecutor. She got the job at the request of a family friend. She was fired from that job for lying and evidence tampering. She should have been prosecuted and disbarred.

When you look at Hillary’s entire adult life it is obvious that she has failed to accomplish much of anything except to demonstrate that her total distain for the truth and the rule of law is deeply ingrained in her DNA. Her history also indicates that she is obsessed with only two things, absolute power and endless personal wealth. She will never have enough of either.

President Clinton and Obama both did long term damage to America, but in somewhat different ways and based on different ideologues and personal interest. However Obama has done, and is still doing more damage, in more different ways than any President in history. A careful look at Hillary indicates she could be more disastrous for America than either one of them by simply adding to the damage done by Obama.

Obama and Hillary are both devoted Saul Alinsky disciples!

Is it November yet?



The Left’s Deliberate Lies, Disgusting Dishonesty, and Insulting Disrespect

In most of my writing in the past I have referred to Obama as President Obama out of respect for the office of President of The United States of America. Based on his reactions to the Orlando Massacre, and his “kool aid” drinking supporter’s similar reactions, I cannot, will not do that again! They have not only been blatantly dishonest in their comments and actions, they have been insultingly disrespectful to the victims and their families and friends. Regarding Obama specifically he has been described as being “petulant” and behaving in a manner that is beneath anyone who occupies the office of President of the United States of America. Unfortunately this sort of behavior is “Standard Operating Procedure” for Obama and most of his supporters, but their behavior this week finally crossed a line that cannot be ignored. Even some of the people who usually insist that Obama can “do no wrong” and some members of the usually compliant media have acknowledged this.

It has been abundantly evident this week that the Obama Administration’s policy of “never let a crisis go to waste” has been in full effect. And to make matters worse, they no longer appear to make any effort to disguise their obsessive pursuit of absolute and permanent power, which requires the destruction of our Constitution.

Obama did multiple press conferences and speeches to rant about Republicans and guns. To quote Trump early in the week, “President Obama is madder at me than the terrorist”.

Obama did not even call the Governor of Florida to offer his condolences or offer any Federal assistance that was needed. The Governor is a Republican.

When Obama and “crazy uncle” Joe Biden did finally go to Orlando Obama used the occasion to rant about guns and Republicans. Sometimes I wonder if Obama actually has a conscious.

For those of you who are not fully aware of it there are more than enough gun laws on the books NOW to make America much safer. However if they were properly enforced it would negate the deliberate and blatant lies the “Left” constantly spew in their  obsession with eliminating the 2nd Amendment. It is important to note here that the 2nd Amendment is not all the “Left” wants to destroy. However it is the only thing standing in the way of the destruction of the rest of the Constitution (think about that for a moment…). I do not recall who said it but there is a famous quote, “an unarmed population is a complaint population”.  After the 2nd Amendment is destroyed then we will lose the 1st. Amendment. Remember the attempts to eliminate the 1st Amendment on certain college campuses recently? After the 1st and 2nd Amendments are eliminated then the rest really do not matter!

Regarding specific “Deliberate Lies, Disgusting Dishonesty, and Insulting Disrespect”, there are so many undeniable examples of these it would take a long book to discuss them. I will include just enough specific examples here to make my case, in no particular order.

A Democrat state representative in Florida gave a live televised press conference before the bodies were recovered, or even identified to rant about guns!

The Democrats in Congress loudly interrupted a moment of silence for the Orlando victims to grandstand about gun control and walked out of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. This was obviously planned and coordinated for maximum media coverage.

The Democrats illegally filibustered in the Senate to demand gun control legislation be considered. Again it was obviously organized and coordinated for maximum publicity.

As noted above we already have all the guns laws on the books that we need. There are Federal limitations on purchasing guns from a licensed gun dealer anywhere outside the state where your legal residence is located. It is illegal to purchase a gun for someone else. ALL gun sales made by licensed gun dealers require valid, verifiable ID and an electronic background check (there is NO gun show loophole here). A licensed firearms dealer cannot sell you a gun over the phone or internet or ship a firearm directly to you if you are not a licensed dealer (there is NO internet sales loophole here). Multiple purchases of guns at the same time or in a short period of time are a red flag on the electronic background check system. Felons cannot legally purchase or possess firearms. There are variations of some of these regulations state by state and in some cases in municipalities within states but as you can see it would be easy to reduce illegal gun possession and gun violence if our government wanted  that to happen. Two perfect examples of this are all the criminals walking around with guns. “Stop and frisk” and hard jail time would solve that problem. Another is the illegal cross state gun sellers the “Left” loves to scream about. Red flags from electronic background checks for multiple purchases would solve that problem. As previously noted if the Government did these simple things it would lose the basis for its efforts to destroy the 2nd Amendment.

So you think it is OK to deny gun rights to people on the “no fly list”? That is another cheap shot at shredding the 2nd Amendment!  Apparently anybody in this administration can put anyone they want to on the “no fly list”. Ask Steve Hayes about that and how hard it is to get off the list. He is a prominent Fox News contributor and columnist who is frequently critical of the Obama Administration.

It is an undeniable fact that incidences of gun violence are consistently higher in states with the most restrictive gun laws, Chicago is an extreme example of this but Obama and his supporters constantly state (deliberately lie) that the opposite is true!

The AR 15 and similar weapons are not “weapons of war” or “automatic assault weapons”. They are a legal civilian version of the M16 which is a “weapon of war”. The M16 has a “selector switch” that allows it to be fired continuously (automatically) as long as the trigger is depressed. It is illegal to possess any “automatic” weapon in the U.S without a Federal permit which cost tens of thousands of dollars and is practically impossible to get.

When Democratic U.S. Congressman Grayson from Florida, who in my studied opinion is certifiably insane, was interviewed by a reporter last week he said that the weapon the killer used “fired 700 rounds per minute” which is impossible for any firearm!  To my knowledge the reporter did not question his insane claim. Note, the M16 when used in combat on automatic fire tended to jam if the 20 round clips they used had more than 18 rounds in them!

A retired FBI agent reported that he was investigating the mosque where the killer was radicalized but his investigation was shut down by multiple directives from the Obama Administration, including the State Department while Hillary was Secretary of State.

The killer was allowed to continue his killing spree for an extended period of time. He could have killed as many as he did, or more with a wide variety of legal weapons. How about a pump shotgun with 3 inch magnum buckshot loads and//or multiple six shot revolvers with heavy loads? He even made numerous phone calls and Facebook connections while he was inside “Pulse” methodically killing people.

The killer was investigated by the FBI on multiple occasions but was still allowed to buy weapons legally and even keep his armed security guard license. How will more gun laws fix that?  Simple answer is they will not! If the Obama administration had not been so obsessively P.C. and had enforced the laws on the books, this tragedy could have been prevented. Obama, Hillary and their supporters are responsible for this tragedy. (See my recent article about Political Correctness).

The Orlando police finally used an armored vehicle to break into “Pulse”, rescue live victims and take down the killer. In 2015 Obama issued an executive order preventing law enforcement agencies from getting surplus military equipment because he wanted to prevent the “militarization” of the police. What if the Orlando Police did not have that armored vehicle and the protective gear?  How many more, including police would have died? One of the police officers who went in to take the killer down took a high powered bullet to the head and lived because he was wearing a military style bullet resistant helmet.

Have you ever been to a European country? I have been to most of them on working trips. Do you know what was the first thing I noticed on my first trip to England ?  When I got off the plane at the airport in London I saw two man teams of heavily armed, swat team style officers with a guard dog on a leash patrolling the airport, and this was in the early 1990’s! I also saw terrorist attack warning systems in the department stores in London!  We do not have that in America because we are legally allowed to own firearms.

Do you think the 2nd Amendment cannot be destroyed to make us be like Europe? It can. It happened in Australia over one incidence because the voting majority was concentrated in the cities and was majority liberal. The first stages of this happened in Colorado for the same reason!

I am a “former” Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer. “Former”  because during “Slick Willy’s” first term he instructed his AG, Janet Reno to eliminate as many FFLs as she could any way she could. She happily complied by having the BATF execute ‘unannounced inspections” of FFL holders they suspected were not full time retail operations. These “unannounced inspections” basically became something that resembled “Gestapo” raids on private residences of people who held valid FFLs at that address. As soon as I became aware of these “unannounced inspections” I “voluntarily” requested the cancellation of my FFL and submitted all my records to the BATF, which unfortunately included a complete inventory of all my personal firearms, including all those I had before getting the FFL. Mission accomplished!

The efforts to outlaw certain firearms and make gun manufacturers and dealers liable for damages when guns they sold were used in crimes also began when “Slick Willy’s was President. These efforts were obviously intended to shut done the firearms industry. Hillary strongly, publicly supports this and “changes” to the 2nd amendment. Obama also used  the DOJ to try to shut down the firearms industry by forcing banks to stop doing business with them under “Operation Choke Point” and to destroy the 2nd Amendment through “Fast and Furious” (see my article, “The Department of InJustice”).

As I have detailed here a President who is willing to do anything, regardless of its legality, to achieve their personal agenda can usually get away with it if they have a compliant media and an opposition party that will not step up and oppose them (sound familiar?).

What is openly happening in America now is a deliberate and determined assault on the Constitution. Obama has about 215 more days to finish destroying America.

We have one chance to save what is left of our Republic. Even if you do not like the available options in November, choose America!

You may read my other writings on my website

Fifty Years in America. How the Obama Administration has been Able to Make America be so P.C. that it is Dysfunctional

Until I began to study this subject I did not think about  “Political Correctness” being a powerful political tool for many decades until it clearly began to be used that way in America. It actually has roots in Marxism and Communism. There are references to it being used by Marxist and Hitler to brain wash people into not just believing in their Ideology but to ”rise up” and fight for it. Ideologues, young people, and the “have nots” were the usual target audiences (sound familiar?).

This is not the first time I have noted and written about how America began to be manipulated in the 60’s to become what we are today. There did need to be changes made in America during the 60’s. There was, and still is a lot of focus on racism in the South at that time. This was highlighted by Bull Conner, the Commissioner of Public Safety in Birmingham, Alabama. He ordered the use of fire hoses and police attack dogs to deny civil rights to people of color, including children. However, open discrimination of one form or another was taking place all over America at that time. This made America an easy target for the ideologues that believed they had a mission and were willing to go to any extreme to carry it out. Bill Ayers is a perfect example. He was a co-founder of the “Weather Underground” in the late 60’s. This was a radical off shoot group of the “Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)”. The new group was Communist ideology inspired and willing to, and did use violence to attempt to achieve their goals. When the FBI linked them to several bombings in the U.S. Bill went into hiding. He resurfaced later and became a tenured college professor! In recent years he has appeared on shows like Megyn Kelly’s, where he admitted to being part of that radical group and their activities and said that he “did not do enough”. He recently did a live television interview during one of the first violent riots at a Trump rally.

Unfortunately people like Bill Ayers are not solely responsible for America becoming so “P.C.” and dysfunctional. Many of the people who were elected or appointed to positions of authority in America have played a much larger role in this frightening transition. The Obama Administration, especially Eric Holder and the DOJ have aggressively put the final nails in our Republic’s proverbial coffin. As they do this they are openly as lawless as Bill Ayers and his “Weather Underground” was, and flaunt it to a mostly compliant media and a political opposition that makes little to no effort to stop them. I detailed this in my recent writing, “The Department of injustice”.

As I noted earlier, the roots of this transition sprouted in the early stages of the “non-violent” civil rights movement in the 60’s. Unfortunately the protests were not always non-violent. The Watts riot in 1965 was one of the first to be extremely violent. This was followed closely by the protests against the Vietnam War by peace activist on many of our college campuses and the hippie generation in some of our major cities. Soldiers who were coming home on leave or returning from active duty were booed and harassed if they were seen in public wearing their uniform. The “”SDS” and subsequently the “Weather Underground” came out of this unrest and civil disobedience. As a college student during the late 60’s I saw some of this first hand and more played out on the evening network news.  As I think back about that now I cannot remember a time since then when America was not experiencing some form of protest or organized civil unrest focused on a wide variety of real or imagined injustices.

The organized protest during the Obama Administration have shown an increasing tendency to use violence to try and achieve their goals or simply because they can do it with little to no fear of prosecution. To these people the 1st Amendment is only useful for trampling on the 1st Amendment rights of people they do not agree with!  A clear example of this is speakers who are invited to speak on college campuses that are shouted down by ideologues who do not agree with their views. Or speakers that are disinvited by college administrators before they speak due to student protest against them on campus.

In the 60’s and 70’s many of the organized protest did seem to have at least some semblance of reason or meaning behind them.  As I look at many of the protest today I actually find it hard to understand how the protesters, including their “leaders” and/or “spokespersons” could be so irrational and unreasonable. People like Sandra Fluke, a student at a very expensive law school leading a national Democratic supported movement demanding free birth control for everyone because, “the students at her law school could not afford to pay for them”. When many of these people are interviewed by someone that actually has real questions they cannot answer even the most simple questions. Here are two examples. An “Occupy Wall Street” spokesperson who could not begin to explain what the movement was about while the police made no effort to control the illegal protest or stop the open destruction of public and private property. A spokesperson for the “Million Student” protest group that is demanding free college for everyone who stated that the “Government had the money to pay everyone’s tuition”. When pressed regarding where the Government would get the money she replied that she had never been elected to any office so she did not know and it was not her responsibility to know.

Unfortunately in today’s political environment irrational thinking and unreasonable demands by organized groups seems to be the norm, not the exception. This has peaked during Obama’s presidency. He and his liberal supporters have been so obsessed with making America become P.C. that they have taken our country to the point where we are experiencing a collapse of authority and the destruction of 1st amendment rights. As a result of this we are seeing an increasing use of violence by special interest groups and the law enforcement community’s increasing refusal to enforce our laws. And to make matters worse, at times the people in positions of authority publicly blame someone other than the protestors (like the San Jose mayor blaming Trump for the violent protestors at his rally). And then they compound the problems by making excuses for not stopping openly illegal behavior (San Jose police chief) and in some instances actually enabling the violent behavior (Baltimore).

And now we have Orlando, June 11/12, 2016, and I saw a Democrat state representative hold a press conference before all the bodies had been recovered or identified, and blame it on GUNS, BULLET MAGAZINES and GUN SHOW LOOPHOLES! Unfortunately for her these ridiculous and untimely accusations had nothing to do with this act of terror. The shooter was a state licensed armed security guard since 2007, in spite of being investigated by the FBI as a security risk in 2013 and again in 2014! Not a mention by her of radical terrorism even though the terrorist called 911 to express his loyalty to ISIS!

Now it is Monday, June 13th and it is obvious that the “Do not let a crisis go to waste” policy of the Obama Administration is in full effect. Obama, Hillary, Bernie and every Liberal that can get close to a microphone is loudly calling for new gun bans, blaming the NRA and refusing to even say the words “Islamic Terrorist” or “Radical Islamist”. As noted above this cold blooded killer was a declared “Radical Islamist” and had a “current”, state issued, armed security guard license which requires an initial Federal back ground check which must be repeated on a periodic basis.

The Obama Administration is so P.C. obsessed with refusing to use terms like “Islamic Terrorist” or “Radical Islamist” that it was recently revealed that the White House edited video tape to remove the part where the French President used the two words “Islamic terrorist” during a joint press conference with Obama (which is a clear violation of Federal records keeping laws).

We do not need to return to the days of Bull Conner: but we desperately need to return to the “rule of law” in America, not a final rush into anarchy!

We must save what is left of our Republic in November!

The U.S. Department of “Injustice”

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) began with the Judiciary ACT of 1789 which created a one man, part time Attorney General. It obviously has been changed many times since then and expanded to the point that it is now a huge government bureaucracy. Like all government bureaucracies its actions have been influenced at times by political ideology. However, I am not aware of it being referred to as the “Department of Injustice” until recent years. There has been a lot written and reported about the Department over the years including a book titled, “Injustice” by a former career DOJ attorney, J. Christopher Adams. In the book he documents how completely the DOJ became a partisan department under President Obama.

As I read about the DOJ under Eric Holder over the last few years I began to wonder how it became so politically and ideologically driven so quickly. As I researched the subject I discovered why it was able to become such an effective tool for the Obama Administration so quickly. It was because Bill Clinton staffed it with leadership and a deep base of left leaning ideologues during his two terms in office. He did that so he could use the DOJ to push his personal and political agenda items. Bill just did not do that as blatantly as President Obama has. I wrote about one way President Clinton did this last week in my article “I Am Going to Put My Husband In Charge of the Economy”. In that article I detail specifically how President Clinton used the DOJ to push his home ownership agenda and earn the DOJ its first references as the “Department of Injustice”. In addition to creating the housing bubble through new CRA rules, enforced by the DOJ, there were also the questionable last minute pardons that Eric Holder, the Assistant Attorney General at the time, wrote up and processed for President Clinton.

In addition to making sure the DOJ was staffed with as many partisan attorneys as he could during his two terms in office, President Clinton also authorized a big hiring push late in his second term. Most of these people managed to stay with the DOJ during President Bush’s two terms because it is practically impossible to fire a U.S. Government employee. Additionally the Bush Administration had to deal with 9/11
happening only 7 months and 21 days after he was sworn in as President. Plus the long term effects of that tragedy as well as the long term effects on the U.S. economy of the “housing bubble bust”.  Some of the Left leaning Ideologues that did leave the DOJ during the Bush Administration quickly returned when President Obama was sworn in and Eric Holder was appointed as the Attorney General. In addition to the Left leaning Ideologues that  the new AG inherited, he immediately began to replace as many of the non-partisan career attorneys who  worked there as he could with people that he could count on to go along with his and President Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally change America”. This effort to replace people who he could not count on to be partisan especially applied to people in positions of authority. Non-partisan people that they could not immediately push out or replace were subjected to intimidation and harassment by other employees and supervisors.

With the appointment of Eric Holder as the (AG) the enforcement of President Obama’s agenda items took off immediately and with an absolute indifference to the rule of law the DOJ is sworn to enforce and protect. This management ideology did not change with the appointment of Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder. She proved that recently when she testified before Congress about the DOJ’s plans to try to silence “climate change deniers” by bringing charges against them using the Federal RICO statues! This is a deliberate attack on the 1st Amendment.

One of Eric Holder’s first specific, agenda driven acts as AG was to throw out the voter intimidation convictions against the Philadelphia Black Panthers. A veteran civil rights attorney who witnessed their blatant acts of intimidation outside a Philadelphia polling location stated on the record that it was the worst case of voter intimidation he had seen in his career. This act alone indicated how agenda driven this administration was going to be.

And then they moved on to much bigger partisan agenda items! Two of these were “Fast and Furious” and the IRS targeting of non-profit conservative groups. “Fast and Furious” was intended to set up an opportunity to take the first steps to destroy the 2nd Amendment and the IRS targeting of conservative non-profit groups (an attack on the 1st Amendment) dramatically influenced voting efforts during the 2012 elections. Both of these were orchestrated and covered up at the highest levels of the Obama Administration, especially at the DOJ. Eric Holder repeatedly lied to Congress about both, changed his “story” on multiple occasions and refused to turn over relevant documents. In fact he was so arrogant and dishonest in his interactions with Congress that he was charged with contempt (which had no effect on him since he is the chief law enforcement officer in America), and President Obama attempted to protect him and various records about these DOJ activities with “executive orders” (which have been ruled illegal).

Operation “Choke Point” was another DOJ operation that was launched secretly using bank regulators to try and force banks to refuse to do business with industries the DOJ did not like. Firearm, coal and precious metals businesses were their specific targets. The effort was intended to shut down these industries by denying them banking services. More agenda driven attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendments!

Another way this administration uses the DOJ to push their favorite agenda items is to quietly encourage special interest groups to file suit against various government agencies over rules or regulations they do not like. This allows the DOJ to enter into financial “settlements” with the special interest groups who brought the suits and for the agencies to re-write the rules or regulations in question to fit the Obama Administration’s agenda (without consulting Congress).  Clearly the Obama Administration does not see a need for our Republic’s system of government with a Constitution and, the 3 coexisting branches of government, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.

The examples listed above are only a few of the constant stream of partisan, and in most cases illegal actions coming out of the Obama DOJ. In fact the DOJ has been so flagrant and dishonest in its partisan and agenda driven actions that a district court judge in Texas recently issued an order that said, The Obama administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is “unethical” and “intentionally deceptive”.  He found the DOJ attorneys to be so dishonest that he also ordered the DOJ to establish annual “Ethics Training” programs. This is not the only time this DOJ has lost cases or been reprimanded for sloppy or dishonest activities.

The only way to stop this calculated and deliberate destruction of our Constitution is to change which party occupies the Whitehouse in November!