I Am Going to Put My Husband in Charge of the Economy


If you are on the left side of our political system you probably cheered when you heard Hillary say that. For the rest of us our reaction was the absolute opposite because we remember what happened to America based on his economic policies when he was President!  Just one example is how he used the “Department of Injustice” to enforce his home ownership ideology which resulted in the long term destruction of the American economy. The “Department of Injustice” will be the subject of one of my future articles.

I know some people will loudly protest what I just wrote about President Clinton’s economic policies. They will say that we had balanced budgets and a thriving economy during his time in office. We did have some balanced budgets but that was the result of a Republican led house forcing a government shutdown twice and refusing to let President Clinton use it to his advantage politically.

And yes, we did have a false sense of a “thriving” economy during part of President Clinton’s Administration. However this was not necessarily a result of his economic policies. This was partially the result of the “dot com bubble” which was stock market driven and the “housing bubble” which was deliberately created by the Clinton Administration.

There was also the “peace dividend”. President Clinton, with the help of Congress drastically cut spending on national defense and intelligence to help reach the balanced budget agreements.

The “dot com” bubble was the first of the two bubbles to “bust”. This happened late in President Clinton’s second term and caused a lot of people to lose a significant portion of their retirement funds, myself included and a huge hit to our economy.

The damage done to our economy by the “dot com bubble bust” was insignificant and temporary compared to the absolute and long term destruction of our economy caused by the ”housing bubble bust”.  Yes, the “housing bubble bust” did happen during President Bush’s (43) presidency but he did not create the bubble. He actually tried to rein in Fannie and Freddie, the mortgage banks with the largest sub-prime loan portfolios, before the economy crashed. However the banking regulators who testified before various Congressional committees about the need to tighten bank lending practices were literally shouted at by various Left Wing Ideologues like Barney Frank and Maxine Waters.

Here is how the housing bubble was created. During the Carter Administration the CRA (Community Revitalization Act) was passed by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Carter. However it had little to no effect on the home mortgage or small business loan industry because lenders simply refused to make loans to people who did not meet minimum credit qualifications. This changed early in Bill Clinton’s first term. He used the Attorney General, Janet Reno and the “Department of Injustice” to force banks to make loans to people who did not qualify for them. Their approach was simple. The banking regulators, working with Janet Reno and her staff, looked at bank loan portfolios based on a new set of CRA guidelines to determine if the banks violated “Fair Lending Regulations” or were guilty of “Redlining” (not making loans in certain geographic locations or opening branches in these areas).


The regulators even modified how they reviewed a bank’s lending practices. They started ignoring all basic loan application requirements used by all financial institutions at that time. They reviewed all applications submitted to a lending institution based on one criterion, applicant’s annual income. They ignored basic loan review requirements like the applicants credit score, net worth, other outstanding debts and time on their job. If a person was turned down for a loan while someone else with the same income was approved, then the ethnicity and address of the two applicants was reviewed. If the person who was turned down was a minority and/or lived in what was considered an “underserved area” the bank was charged with a violation of the CRA. In fact under the new CRA regulations banks were actually mandated to use “flexible underwriting standards” to qualify more low income and minority borrowers for home and small business loans.

In 1995 President Clinton authorized the “securitization” of sub-prime mortgages. This made it legal for these high risk loans to be packaged and sold as “securities”. This kept the sub-prime loan business going for years and allowed the housing bubble to grow to such a level that its “bust” did so much damage to the U.S. economy that we are still struggling to overcome it. And to make matters worse the Obama Administration continues to blame everything on President Bush (43) and the banking industry, while making ridiculous claims about what a great job his administration has done fixing the economy. It is also aggressively working to restart the sub-prime loan business!

Forcing banks to meet these new government sub-prime loan goals resulted in the total destruction of the banking industry as we knew it prior to the “housing bubble bust”. There are NO locally owned and operated banks where I live now. Everyone who bought stock in their locally owned and operated banks lost everything they had invested in that stock. Not to mention the thousands of people who worked at these banks who lost their jobs, many worked at these banks their entire adult lives. And to make matters worse our locally owned and operated banks were replaced with banks owned and operated by giant bank holding corporations that continually merge and/or buy each other out while continually reducing bank services and locations (and jobs).

President Clinton did not create the housing bubble all by himself. He had literally thousands of Left Leaning Ideologues in all branches of Government and a number of special interest groups, including “criminal” groups like ACORN, helping him every step of the way. But he was the “Captain of the Ship” who initiated the program and made sure it was carried out.

One last bit if irony, to my knowledge no one involved in this vast ideological conspiracy at any level has been charged with a crime or even sued for anything related to their involvement in this process. Except for people like the Officers and members of the Board of Directors of my locally owned and operated bank who were sued by the FDIC for “making bad business decisions involving questionable loans”!

We have one last chance to save our Republic, at least what is left of it in November. Choose wisely!

The U.S. GDP Versus National Debt Crisis

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the monetary value of all the finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. National Debt is the total dollar amount that a Government has in outstanding debt. This article is a comparison of the 2015 U.S GDP to the U.S. national debt on December 31, 2015 and how that affects the U.S. economy.

The United States 2015 year end National Debt as a percent of the U.S.2015 GDP was 104.17 percent (total GDP divided by total National Debt). Another important GDP percent is the annual GDP growth rate. Why is the National Debt, as a percent of annual GDP, and the annual GDP growth rate important? Because they are undeniable indicators of how healthy the U.S. economy is now, will be in the immediate future, over the next few years, and to some degree, long term.

How are these two percentage numbers “undeniable economic indicators”?

First, if national Debt as a percent of GDP is over 100 percent it means that if the U.S. Government took ALL of the goods and services produced in the previous year and converted them to U.S. dollars the amount of money generated would NOT pay off our national debt!

Second, a 3 per cent annual GDP growth rate is considered by most economists as the minimum annual growth rate necessary to meet the minimum needs of the expanding U.S. population.

Both of these economic measurements indicate the U.S. economy will be even weaker on December 31, 2016. The projected National Debt will be over $20,000,000,000,000 (yes that is the correct number of “0’s) by December 31, 2016 and the Obama Administration has presided over an economy where the monthly GDP growth rate has not exceeded 3 percent a single month during his time in office and has actually been less than that during many of his months in office. The GDP growth during the 1st Quarter of 2016 was only 0.05 percent, which is extremely weak by any measurement.

It is even more concerning when you consider that our Government managed to accumulate this much debt, and continues to add to it while the national Interest rates have been at historical lows for years. Imagine what our National Debt annual growth rate will be when interest rates increase?

An interesting side note to this situation is that at one point during his presidency President Obama and key members of his staff were bragging to the media that, “we are reducing the deficit at the fastest rate since the end of WWII”, and no one called them out on it!

How did we get here? It is simple, our U.S. Government continues to spend more money than it generates year after year after year. This is in spite of the fact that it is the only Government entity in America that has the legal authority to endlessly print its own money and borrow money with no limits by issuing and selling U.S. Treasury Bills, Notes and Bonds.

What is even more frightening is that the growth in our National Debt has happened on a continuing basis (as noted above) with national interest rates at historical lows for years and our National Defense budgets being slashed every year for the last few years.

Here is a small sample of the  slashed National Defense budgets:

The U.S. Army has been reduced to about the size it was in 1940. In addition to the huge “Reduction in Force” orders, the lack of adequate funding has also created a situation where two thirds of our active duty military are not prepared or equipped to be deployed.

Our Marine aviation unit’s budgets have been cut so deeply that the pilots in a squadron that is scheduled to be deployed have only been able to log one hour a month of training time when the minimum requirement is 10 hours. The maintenance personnel in this unit have been working 18 hours a day to try and keep their aircraft flying. They are working schedules like this because they must cannibalize some aircraft to keep others flying.

A B1 bomber squadron with 20 planes only has 9 that can fly.. They do not have the parts to repair the other planes. Some of the planes have over 10,000 hours in the air

An F16 squadron that just returned to the states has been scavenging parts from planes displayed in museums in an effort to try and keep their planes flying.

42 years ago the U.S. Navy had 70 Admirals and over 7,000 ships. Today it has more Admirals than ships. This ridiculous “top heavy” situation exist in every branch of our national defense system. The “Reduction in Force” orders that have been issued and carried out generally applied to the career line officers and NCOs who were the back bone of our military, not the top brass.

What if we suddenly experience a national emergency? (Sound familiar? Bill Clinton and 9/11).

While they were continually slashing National Defense spending the Obama Administration, with the help of the Ideologues on the “Left”: and the rino Republicans in Congress was constantly increasing government spending in virtually all other government departments. Here is a small sample of areas where Government spending has steadily increased:

The U.S. Government work force has steadily increased with many of the new employees not being qualified for the jobs they were hired to do. Some even had “Do Not Rehire” stamped on their personnel files! This situation is aggravated by the fact that the productivity rate of most U.S. government employees is much lower than the productivity rate of employees in non- government jobs. Why should you make an effort to do your job well when it makes no difference on your performance evaluations or annual salary or wage increases, and you CANNOT be fired?  Look at the V.A. as an example.

There are significantly more Czars in the Obama Administration than in any previous administration. Plus they all have staffs and annual operating budgets. In most cases the President can appoint Czars without Congressional approval.

The Obama Administration has significantly more staff members who earn the maximum salary of $175,000 per year than previous administrations. In addition the administration has a significant number of staff members who earn around $171,000 per year. The staff members who earn less than $175,000 per year do not have to be accounted for on the annual list of staff members who earn the maximum allowable annual salary.

The annual budgets for food stamps, free cell phones, and many other “Government Assistance” programs have increased significantly during the Obama Administration.

Bottom line is that our government is operating like a family that continuously over spends on its credit cards while buying a house and new car that it cannot afford to make the monthly payments on!

Regarding people buying a house that they cannot afford to make the monthly payments on, that is the subject of a future article on massive Government corruption and how it destroyed our economy.

We have one chance to save our “Republic”, at least what is left of it in November. Get informed and CHOOSE wisely!

Information for this article was compiled from a variety of internet articles, books, and broadcast and cable news reports.

The information in this link seemed to sum up my observations perfectly: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/05/12/congressman-pens-deeply-disturbing-confessions-in-scandalous-tell-all.html



Term Limits and Special Interest

Sent to me by a friend who found it on the internet, origin unknown but appropriate:

“All politicians should be limited to two terms…..

One in office and one in prison.

Works in Chicago”.

Based on everything I have read and been told over the years the Founding Fathers saw elected office as a patriotic public service especially on a national level. In fact they were concerned about elected officials becoming professional politicians. This is evidenced by Benjamin Franklin’s reply to a woman who asked him a question as he exited Independence Hall with the announcement that they had agreed on a final proposed Constitution for our new country. She asked, “What have you given us Sir, a Republic or a Monarchy?” Without hesitation he replied, “A Republic Madam, if you can keep it”. To me this confirms that the Founding Fathers feared the concept of a national government run by career politicians. Every time I read anything about or think about our Founding Fathers I am amazed at how brilliant and far sighted these men were. The fact that such a diverse group of men agreed on a document this significant and Benjamin Franklin’s reply to the question is the evidence. As I wrote this article a comment by Jaun Williams in his recent book, “We the People” really resonated with me. It was a reference to our Founding Fathers and what their reaction would be if they could walk the streets of America today.

Every day I am literally stunned when I see the American flag trampled on (here in America!), hear people shout down free speech at our colleges and universities, or hear people publicly say things like what Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg said about our Constitution. In a televised interview she advised the people trying to form a new Egyptian government that they “should not use the US Constitution as a model for their new constitution”.  This is a life time member of the Supreme Court of the United States of America publically saying that our Constitution is “bad”! How did we get to this place in America?

I think the answer to my question above is simple. It is that too often money and power bring corruption. All you have to do is turn on the news, look at a newspaper or open up your internet browser to see endless examples of corruption and mismanagement of public funds on every level, local, state and national. In my local paper I periodically see reports of local officials or their staff members committing fraud or outright theft. At the state level it is even worse and on the national level it dominates the news way too often. Unfortunately this is becoming the new “norm” where the only thing that matters to the ideologues on the “Left” and the rino Republicans is what is in their personal best interest. To these people what is morally and ethically right, is in violation of applicable regulations, and in some cases outright illegal does not matter. Here are a few examples:

Obama’s public denigrating objections to the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision. This from a man who publically committed to accepting matching funds (with its restrictive fund raising regulations) for his first presidential campaign but then ignored the commitment and  went on to break all campaign fund raising records with no concern for any related ethical or legal regulations regarding campaign fund raising. This included his campaign headquarters refusing to use approved software which would eliminate illegal donations from the same donor or possible foreign donors and the CEO of Goggle staffing, paying for and managing a team of high end technicians to “mine” data and maximize campaign donations and election efforts. Loud public objections to the “Citizens United” decision have now been adopted by every ideologue on the “Left” including Hillary. It seems massive infusions of cash from any source are only OK when it is to their benefit!

A commissioner with the Federal Elections Commission recently ruled that Harry Reid could keep all the money left in his reelection campaign fund and use it to fund a “transition office”. It seems that “loose” regulation of unspent campaign funds is common by the FEC, especially under this administration.

The Bernie Sanders family and “other people’s money”. In the past Berne’s wife and daughter were paid annual salaries out of his senate reelection funds with questionable job titles and duties. Bernie’s wife was also involved in questionable financial transactions involving millions of dollars when she was president of Vermont College.

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen have been indicted for accepting inappropriate gifts from a wealthy donor. The charges indicate these gifts appeared to be in exchange for special favors from the Governor that benefited the donor’s business ventures in the state.

Obviously this list of examples could be endless with people from all political parties or no real political affiliation, but I think these examples illustrate how broken our political system is today.

What can you do about it? Short term, get informed and get involved. We have ONE chance left in November to keep our Republic, at least what is left of it today. Vote and CHOOSE wisely.

Long term you should support efforts to make significant necessary changes like term limits. Here is a group working to do that, www.termlimits.org. Go there and click on the “Article V” tab.



Various internet news reports articles, and broadcast and cable news reports.

‘Citizens United ‘ is a U.S. Constitutional Law case dealing with the regulation of campaign spending by organizations. The U.S, Supreme Court  held (5–4) that the First Amendment  prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by a nonprofit corporation. The principles articulated by the Supreme Court in the case have also been extended to for-profit corporations, labor unions and other associations.

Newsmax article: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/Bernie-Sanders-Accused-Campaign-Money-


Turmoil in America’s Two Party Political System

Almost every news outlet including print, internet, broadcast and cable say that the current Presidential primaries are not like any other primaries in the history of America. Everything that has happened in the primaries in the last few days confirms that conclusion and compelled me to update, expand, rewrite and repost one of my previous posts, “Turmoil”.

For the first time, at least in modern history “big money” donors and the main stream media are NOT determining who the final Presidential candidates will be. In fact their attempts to influence the primary elections are driving increasing numbers of voters to support the unconventional candidates. Some of these voters are becoming fanatical in their support of these candidates.

Some of the historically unprecedented primary results so far are:

Seventeen qualified Republican candidates officially entered the race.

The one remaining candidate in the Republican primary is one of the seventeen original candidates who spent the least money during his campaign.

Jeb Bush and his supporting PACs spent over $130,000,000 but he was one of the first of the seventeen Republican candidates who was forced to drop out of the race due to ridiculously low and steadily declining poll numbers.

A 74 year old lifelong declared Socialist with little to no actual work experience that qualifies him to be President of the United States of America (sound familiar?) is still in the Democratic primary and will be all the way to the Democratic convention. He has accomplished this without any super PACs supporting him or doing any major fund raising events.

Without super PACs, big dollar donors, or major fund raisers Bernie Sanders has raised more money than Hillary in a number of recent months and spent dramatically less money than her on his campaign.

Hillary is supported by big dollar PACS and donors and has been doing big dollar fund raisers on a regular basis. Consequently there is substantially more money being spent on her campaign than there is on Bernie Sander’s campaign but she is still losing to him in key states including Indiana on May 3.

The Democratic National Committee clearly chose to “anoint” Hillary as their nominee and believed she would cruise to an easy victory in November. It is now obvious that they were completely unaware of the ”anger” in America today and are still trying to ignore it. The Republican Party leadership’s failure to be aware of this “anger” was even more consequential than the Democrats. But unlike the Democrats, the Republicans are now grudgingly acknowledging the “anger” and trying to figure out how to deal with it, win the election and save their party.

When you take a closer look at what is happening in the primaries for both parties it is clear that neither one can expect to have a “happy” convention or a candidate who has an “open road” to the general election. Even with Trump being confirmed as the Republican nominee on the first ballot at the Republican convention, I still think it is not going to be a “happy” convention. There are just too many “never Trump” Republicans.

The FBI investigations into Hillary’s use of an unapproved private server to conduct State Department business and the Clinton Foundation’s operations during her term as Secretary of State are both moving forward rapidly. Regardless of what happens with these investigations they could create a situation where Bernie Sanders becomes the Democratic nominee at their convention or someone else steps up to run for President on the Democratic ticket or as a third or fourth party candidate.

Recently the investigation into Hillary’s private server appears to have moved forward dramatically. Marcel Lazar, a Romanian  hacker has been extradited to the US for hacking into President Bush (43) and other people’s e-mail and Facebook accounts. He is also being investigated for hacking into Hillary’s private server (which he has admitted to doing). In a jail house phone interview with Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge he discussed how easy it was to get into her server and that while he was inside it he could see that a number of other hackers were, or had been in the server. Internet security experts who are knowledgeable about the investigation were also interviewed as part of Catherine’s report. They stressed that Lazar’s claims have not been confirmed yet but could be true. They also said that if his claims are not true it was probable that a number of hackers did gain access to the server due to its lack of available and required security systems.

It has also been widely reported that the FBI and Judicial Watch (a non- profit Government watch dog group) are, or will be interviewing Hillary and her former State Department staff regarding her use of the  private server while serving as Secretary of State (Judicial Watch based on a recent Federal judge’s order). Even if President Obama prevents the Department of Justice from pursing criminal charges against her or any of her staff members Judicial Watch will not let the investigation be buried if criminal action is confirmed.

Another interesting thing that has been reported regarding the status of the investigations into Hillary’s private server is that her former staff members are all being represented by the same lawyer. This is an unusual arrangement and implies to me that Hillary is paying their legal fees and is trying to control what they say and prevent any of them from “rolling over” on her and/or the other staff members. Whenever Hillary and her staff are interviewed it will be under oath and the interviews will be recorded. If Hillary or any of her staff answer the same questions differently Hillary’s entire defense will collapse.

Many Bernie Sanders supporters still say they will not vote for anyone else, including Hillary.

Some Bernie Sanders supporters still say they will vote for Trump if Bernie is not the nominee.

Many Trump supporters still say they will not vote for anyone else.

Some Trump supporters still say they will vote for Hillary if Trump is not the nominee.

Many anti-Trump Republicans still say they will not vote for any presidential candidate if Trump is the party nominee or will vote for a write in candidate.

There are increasing numbers of groups and individuals who are making public threats of violence if Trump is a Presidential candidate in the general election. There are also increasing numbers of groups and individuals who are threatening violence if Trump is not a candidate.

Many people say they have never voted before but are registering and voting in the primaries for this Presidential election. They are voting solely as anti-establishment voters. Most of them will only vote for their choice for President which means that they will not vote for anyone else running for any national or state office, especially incumbents.

With all this turmoil we could have a huge voter turnout or a really low voter turnout in the general election in November with the votes split among more than two Presidential candidates. If Trump is the Republican nominee and there is not a viable third party candidate in the race immediately after the Republican convention a group of anti-Trump Republicans is planning to run a candidate in key states. With a viable third party candidate running in the general election it is probable that no Presidential candidate will win a majority of the votes. If a candidate does not win a majority of the votes the US House of Representatives will elect the President and the US Senate will elect the Vice President based on the Twelfth Amendment (ratified June 15, 1804).

The US House of Representatives would choose the President with each state having only one vote (the representatives do not get an individual vote). The House will consider only the three candidates who got the most votes in the general election.

The US Senate would choose the Vice President with each Senator casting a single vote for one of the two candidates who got the most votes.

Another interesting side effect of the “turmoil” surrounding the Presidential candidates is how it could affect the other people running for office on national, state, and local levels in the general election in November and ultimately the Supreme Court. This election has the potential to completely change the political structure of our country for generations.

Over the last few years I have been constantly reminded of what Benjamin Franklin said to the woman who asked him a question as he exited Independence Hall after it was announced that the Founding Fathers had reached an agreement on a proposed Constitution for our new country. She asked, ”Well Doctor what have you given us, a Republic or a Monarchy?”  With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A Republic Madam, if you can keep it.”

Get informed, get involved, and choose WISELY in November. I firmly believe this is our last chance to avoid the “total transformation of America” President Obama promised in his 2008 election campaign.



Information in this article was compiled based on a number of internet articles, internet news reports and broadcast and cable news reports.

The book “Injustice” by J Christian Adams.

The information posted above regarding the House and Senate electing the President and Vice President was summarized using information from a much more detailed writing. You can use the link below to see the original writing.




Illegal Immigration

This quote is inscribed on a plaque on the base of the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”.

We are a nation of immigrants. In the past we welcomed them. They assimilated into our society and became a part of the greatest nation on earth. There are three key words here, ”immigrants”, “welcomed”,  and “assimilated”. These words do not seem to be used in Immigration discussions today?

Immigration has become such a controversial subject now that when we hear the word “immigration” we immediately think about “illegal immigration”. The situation has become so politically driven that it literally seems like we as a nation cannot solve any of the problems associated with legal or illegal immigration. The ideologues on the Left  (with help from rino Republicans) are determined to use legal and illegal immigration to further their own “self-interest” regardless of the long term damage to America and the millions of lives that are negatively impacted every day by their actions.

Illegal immigration into the US happens two ways. One is legal immigrants who become illegal when they overstay their visa or do not use their visa for the purpose it was issued. One example is people who come here on a student visa but take jobs from Americans, usually at lower wages than would be paid to an American. In fact legal immigration has become so corrupt and mismanaged that some experts on the subject believe that the majority of the illegal immigrants in America originally came here legally. I detailed and documented this in my recent post, “Legal (?) Immigration”.

How our Government tries to manage Immigrants who cross our borders without our approval has also become so politically driven that it is totally corrupt and mismanaged. When you add these illegal immigrants to the legal immigrants who become illegal each year the actual number of illegal immigrants living and working here is probably closer to 20,000,000 than the 11,000,000 the Obama administration claims are here. And the number gets bigger each year due to increases in visa programs.

Under the Obama administration we now have:

“Catch and release” policies where people who are caught trying to cross the border are simply turned back. Does anyone actually believe these people will not keep trying until they make it across and stay? Another is people who are apprehended and released with an order to appear before a judge for a deportation hearing, without checking to see if they have a criminal record here in America!  Does anyone actually believe these people will show up for a hearing to be deported? Even if they did the deportation courts are so backlogged that it will take years to clear the cases already on the books.

Young illegals who are encouraged to come here by the 10,000’s of thousands. When they get here they are housed, get medical attention and then are released to the custody of relatives, who are probably here illegally. When any of these “young illegals” show up at a public school that school is required by law to take them and attempt to educate them without asking any questions, even if they do not speak any English. If you look closely at the news footage of these  ”young illegals”  you will see that many are teen aged boys (young men). Some reports say there is a high incidence of these young men being members of Hispanic gangs or drug cartels.

Sanctuary cities, which is something that I find hard to believe has become so prevalent in America! These are cities that openly refuse to follow federal and state laws regarding illegal immigrants, even those with long, violent criminal records here in the US. Not only do these cities do this, they flaunt it because they know the Obama Administration will not do anything about it. Additionally President Obama has publicly stated that he will veto any legislation by Congress that attempts to address this issue. This is not just happening in declared sanctuary cites. I was eating breakfast at a fast food restaurant one Saturday morning with two Sheriff Department deputies in the booth next to me. One of the deputies was a sergeant and shift supervisor. The sergeant got a call on his radio from another deputy who had made a traffic stop in the north end of the county. There were five young illegals in the car, some with no ID, no one with a driver’s license, some under 16 years old. Ultimately the sergeant told the deputy (loudly and profanely) to tell them to turn around and never try to come back to this county again. I could not resist asking him about how he handled the situation. He calmly explained that some prominent Hispanic people in the county met with the (elected) sheriff and informed him that they would file harassment charges against him if his department prosecuted people whose only crime was being here illegally. In this case they also ignored the fact that the driver was guilty of driving without a driver’s license and most likely without a valid car registration or insurance.

Regarding my reference to illegals that have a violent criminal record being released, this happens on a regular basis, sometimes with horrible results. Here are two well documented cases:

Kate Steinle was killed in a random act of violence while standing on a pier overlooking the San Francisco bay with her father. Her father held her while she died begging him to help her. She was pregnant with her first child. Her murderer was Francisco Lopez Sanchez. He had been deported five times and had numerous drug convictions. He had recently been released from Federal prison to Customs Enforcement who then turned him over to the San Francisco County Sheriff Department. Instead of holding him for deportation the Sheriff Department released him. He randomly gunned Kate down with a stolen gun while high on drugs.

Edwin Ramos was an illegal from El Salvador and member of the violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang. He had a long criminal record (including felony weapons charges). In June 2008 in what can only be described as an act of unprovoked violence he murdered Tony Bologna and his two sons while they were sitting in their car at a traffic light in San Francisco.

While most of us feel compassion for the illegals who are only seeking a better life for themselves and their families, we as a country simply cannot afford to allow the current situation to continue. The illegals add to our already overloaded social safety net programs, dramatically add to the cost of operating our public school systems and hospital emergency rooms and take jobs from those in America who need them the most.Take a look at the unemployment rate in America for young men and men over 50 of all races who do not have a good education or job skills, especially young black men.

Bottom line is that our Government does not know how many people are here illegally, where they are, or what they are doing and is not doing anything to attempt to solve these problems. In fact the “Left” has done everything possible to make the situation worse so they can continue to profit from it politically. President Bush (43) and his staff worked with Congress to put together an immigration reform bill in 2007. There were compromises from all sides but the administration had enough committed votes from both parties to assure passage in both houses of Congress. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi deliberately killed the bill to keep it from passing so they could continue to use immigration as a wedge issue with voters.

And then there are the “REFUGEES”! That will be the subject of another future post.

We have ONE LAST chance to save America in November! Get involved and choose wisely.


Information for this writing was compiled from a variety of internet news articles, cable news reports and published  books including, “Sold Out” subtitled, “How High-Tech Billionaires and Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasils Are Screwing America’s Best and Brightest Workers” by Michelle Malkin and John Miano , “CON JOB” subtitled “How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering  And Racial Division by Crystal Wright (conservativeblackchick.com), and,  !ADIOS AMERICA! .subtitled, “The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hell Hole” by Ann Coulter.