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Posts on this site will be about Conservative vs Liberal, politics, news, business and current events. The posts will be developed using research and common sense by a man who has become passionate about knowing what is happening in the world around him. My objective is to share information with people about important issues they must make decisions about that will affect their lives on a long term basis.

When developing posts I will reference data sites and use links where appropriate while working very hard to avoid overwhelming you with data site references or too many distracting links.

There will usually be a minimum of one new post per week with updates to prior post when appropriate to keep them relevant.

If you comment on a post please be factual, reasonable, and respectful. If you are not your comment will be DELETED.

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About me:

I have always been an avid reader. I grew up reading Field and Stream, Progressive Farmer, Loius L’Amour books and W.E.B Griffin books. During my early adult years I actually read every book written by these two authors. In my early thirties I began to develop an increased interest in history and current events and began reading nonfiction books exclusively. My posts are based on research, with references where appropriate, and all of my life experiences, personal and professional.

I am a college graduate, retired senior executive, hunter, conservationist, Veteran, strict Constitutionalist, Certified Master Diver, “Former” Federal Firearms License holder, and a Concealed Weapon Carry permit holder since 1971.

I first became active politically, as a conservative when Jimmy Carter was President. I became even more active when Bill Clinton was elected. I have Libertarian views on some issues that affect our daily lives, however on fiscal issues I am a hard right Conservative. This includes all financial transactions by all levels of all US Government entities.

You may contact me privately at

I also post on this public forum, “One Political Plaza”. My profile name there is “Hardwork1”.

I also post on this public forum, as “Hardworking1”.